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The Saihera system is a star system in the halo of the Florathel Galaxy. It is comprised of a red dwarf, Saihera and 9 planets (and 1 dwarf planet) , two of which (Suloom and Dimostah) have native multicellular life. The system has a high metallicity, leading to large iron cores for many of the terrestrial planets in the system.

System hierarchy

Saihera: An M1V red dwarf and the centre of the Saihera system.

  • Zihate: Zihate is a small, tidally locked dwarf planet, popmarcked with many craters. The sunlit side is glowing red hot from all that heat emanating from Saihera.
  • Catrona: Cabrona is the least massive and the closest in of the 5 gas giants in the system. Its clouds are covered in a thick blue haze that makes it harder to study the planet.
  • Suloom: One of the most interesting planets in the system, Suloom has terrestrial life all over its surface (A rare sight in the halo), colouring some parts of its surface a shade of purple.
  • Kobani: The fourth planet from its star, Kobani is another gas giant, in the habitable zone of Saihera. It looks quite blue, due to a large quantity of methane in its atmosphere. Several habitats have been installed in its clouds and are popular tourist destinations.
  • Dimostah: Just like Suloom, Dimostah has life. It is a rocky planet covered in large oceans of water mixed with several hydrocarbon compounds. Life evolved on Dimostah early on in its history, eventually evolving into Saiherans, intelligent and conscious beings.

These Saiherans would eventually become spacefaring and made the Kingdom of Saihera, but it would become unstable and start a galaxy-wide war known as the War of Saiheran Succession. The damage done by this war would be repaired soon.

  • Vorblik: By far the most massive planet in the system, Vorblik is a greyish-blue gas giant with 6 distinct bands and small rings. Surprisingly, no major moons orbit this gargantuan world, but it has played a crucial role in shaping the Saihera system. It's the main reason why Suloom and Dimostah have life, as it sent many comets towards the inner system, and these helped life take hold on these worlds.
  • Shinuxuan: The seventh planet from Saihera, Shinuxan is a frozen wasteland covered in craters. It has an extremely thin atmosphere made entirely of carbon dioxide and a strangely low gravity for its size, likely because it is mostly composed of ice.
  • Netraikon: Netraikon is quite the oddity of a world. Its atmosphere is very thin for a planet of its type (A T-class world) and it is covered in an ocean of liquid methane, giving it a brownish colouration.
  • Kidai: A distant ice-giant planet, Kidai is the second-last planet orbiting Saihera. It is of a light blue-green colouring, with methane and water clouds circling around it. Kidai has a strong magnetic field which induces different clearly separate bands of different gases.