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The Saikanians are a native people of the world of Saikan, from the Lewis Nation known as the Union. They colonized the planet from Tarsus and Isso, and was one of the early colonized worlds of the Union. Some say even it was the third or fourth world to be colonized. This is unclear as the first records make Saikan one of the first 10 colonized worlds of the Union, but it's exact order is out for speculation. Refugees from the Slave Revolts of the Empire seemed to have settled the planet in 35 230CE but officially, the Union took it under its protection in 35 450 CE.

The early inhabitants encountered a very tough world. Saikan is a desertic planet with very peculiar features that make survival very harsh. However, it is said that slaves from Amaram, a desert world of the Empire travelled here and choose this world as a reminder of their original homeworld. This made them somehow adapted to the conditions of the world, assuring other settlers survival.


The Saikanian origins are diverse, many say that the original settlers, moved to Saikan from arid colonies of the empire, as they were perfectly suited for the enviroment in Saikan. At the same time, other from the more lush worlds that came to form the original Saikanian population prefered to settled in other areas such as the poles, the Neromoth savanna or the fertile Minoida.

Officially, the settlement began when the Union openned up a scientific and migratory outpost in the years following the Great Slave Revolt. Due to it's closeness to other central planets, it is believed that human inhabitants already moved here before the outpost was founded from nearby Isso and Tarsus (which were the main far away travel stop overs). As well as this two planets, its location was widely unknown among imperials but some slaves on the revolutionary side. Many decided to head here when the war ended. Saikan was not a mayor destination, but a secondary one, most likely through other main destination points (like Isso or Tarsus). Nevertheless, Saikan remained very scarsly populated until the outpost was founded (with a population estimated to be around 10 000 to 20 000 people máximum, and peaking to 1 million after the founding of the outpost).


Most of this societies live out of herding, which means that nomadic livestyle is common. However, due to the harsh enviroment and the scarcity of water in many regions of the Planet, sedentary people are also very much common. Cities concentrate on areas with Water and some degree of posibility to mantain a food source.

Saikanians cover themselves.Either their faces or their heads or both and gloves are not rare to protect themselves from radiation. They are known as survivers from people of the Union and very much regarded as tough and proud people.

The gift parasite has granted them special powers, unparalleled to those found in other parts of the Union. This is because the Parasite evolved in a humid planet and is not used to the lack of water. Because of that, the gift parasites of Saikan have been forced to adapt to the harsh conditions on the planet, giving special survival abilities to those inhabiting this planet. Because of this, the natives have a set of special abilities that have impacted the culture they have, making them distinct to other unionist citizens across the Union.

Social differences

Many Saikanians are different from each other depending on the region of Saikan where they evolved. Although they shared common grounds in many aspects of their cultures, such as the different dialects, clothing and other things, they also are very distinct according to the place they inhabit. Some areas are more arid than others, some more mountainous and others more fertile.

The Aramanai Saikanians

Desert crossers, the few humans who live here usually are based on the outskirts of the desert with some inhabiting the few inner oasis that can be settled. They are usually nomadic and move along the desert. They are the only ones that can cross the Aramanai desert and survive, so anyone trying to cross it would need a local guide. They are always covered in clothing and considered water as one of the most sacred things. They speak a very distinct dialect of Saikanian, known to be hard to understand. This culture is one of the least numerous but one of the hardest and most prepared for survival in all of Saikan.

The Keleka Saikanians

The Keleka, much similar to the Aramanai Saikanians, are based on the Rocky desert of Keleka. They have a tribalistic structure and are known to be able to find food at easy in the desert as well as water. They have camps and are nomadic. They are as well herders and dress in red or brown.

The Neramoth Saikanians

Known as the most well off out of the Saikanians, they have adopted the Unionist Language and have relagated the use of the Saikanian language (which in turn derives from the Unionist language). They have among the Saikanians, the ones with most contact with the rest of the nation across the galaxy, which means that they are exposed to tecnologies and other influences from outside. They have the largest population out of all Saikanians and are known as

The Huilo Saikanians

The Huilo inhabit the region of Huilo. This people are known for wearing blue clothing. They speak a distinct dialect of Saikanian which is usually known for its elegant pronunciation and used for songs and chants. They have possession of many mines and wear gold and silver garments since long time ago. They inhabit the arid mountains of Rudei or as nomadic people across the arid desert.

The Umun Saikanians

The Umun are very much related to the Aramanai Saikanians but are more sedentary and do live in the rocky canyons of Umun, in large suspended cities on the rocky walls of the Canyons. They speak a distinct dialect closely related to that of the Aramanai but with more inteligibillity with other dialects of Saikanian due to trade, frequent contact with other Saikanians, and also due to massive influx of refugees from other regions of the planet during the Imperial-Unionist War. While their cousins live for herding, they are based on trade and mushroom/tuberculus cultivation in the depths of the rocky caves. The region became crowded as it is thanks to the flock of refugees from other areas of Saikan during the Imperial-Unionist War. This means that the Saikanians from other regions have influence the culture and speech of the region.

The Minoida Saikanians

The Minoida Saikanians are a populous and warlike people, known for dressing in green and base themselves in agriculture and commerce. Larger cities exist here and the Minoidan Saikanians are populous and numerous. The exporting of water is one of their largest commercial gains. The Minoidans however are seen as bland by other Saikanians as they are "One of the Blessed people" due to the land they lived in. Historically, the Saikanians here arose from settlers that came from non-arid/harsh worlds, but rather from lush ones. This was area was the only one they knew to make a living of.

As the Saikanians from Neromoth, they live in high contact with the outer world, that means the rest of the Union and thus have access to higher technologies and cultural exchanges and thus have built a more elegant civilization than their peers. They use more the Unionist Language which is widespread in the region. However, Saikanian local dialect remains as a home language.

The Alikai Saikanians

This people are scarse, and live in the peaks of the Alikai region. Known as "The Ghosts" or "the Cultivators" due to their white clothing or their breeding of Gift Parasites. They live in small communities, mostly clan base, and dwell across the sands and the lonely mountains. Many are priests. For some reason that science can't explain, the Alikai Saikanians have a very high rate of "born with the parasite" people. This means they also have a higher rate of them in the Priesthood. Many have left the world and serve outside. Several of the High Priests of the Union, the top rulers of the Nation came from here.

The Meikri Saikanians

Much as the people from Neromoth or Minoida, they live at high altitudes and have access to water easily. This makes them seem bland to other Saikanians who live in more arid regions. The Meikri however are expose to more volcanic activity and thus are known by their peers as "The People of Fire" or "The Tribes of Fire". This people usually wear also red and black clothing and have a peculiar dialect, usually consider strong and fearful. This people are however, also seen as strong wilded and brave warriors. Many moved to the region of Umun during the attack of the Empire of Mankind, due to the fierce opposition they presented to the invadors.

The Oipeka Saikanians

The Oipeka are known as farmers, and have access to water and large fungus cultivations. Herds also live here pleasantly and the Oipeka are known for their peaceful nature. They have a funny dialect however, and are consider lesser by other Saikanians sometimes due to their radically different enviroment. It is arid but at the same time cold. They were mostly brown clothing covered in fur from the animals they herd.

The Rateka Saikanians

"The Water people" as they are known, they live in the southern pole and although agriculture doesnt flourish as well as in Oipeka, the north pole, it does have some amount of importance. The most important resource however is the water that forms in the region that is exported all across the world, allowing for the survival of many in Saikan. The Rateka have a peculiar culture and dress as well in White and Brown fur from the animals they herd.