"This is ridiculous. Back when we started this, we could just assassinate anyone we found inconvenient. We weren't mere government operatives; we actually did things! We intimidated politicians, we forcibly disarmed unruly peasants, and we had the president of the CoB kiss our feet! Now that we have to worry about sanctions... we've obviously had to calm down a bit" Chika Sakagami I, former Head of the Sakagami House, 90462 CE

The Sakagami House is a Human noble house descended from The Takanashi Family which governs the Saka-Lowuks Entente. The organization was founded by Chika Sakagami I (formerly Chika Takanashi IX) during the Tenshi Dispute in 87918 CE. Currently, the family operates as an official aristocracy within the nation, as one of the few official aristocracies in the Local Group with any actual power.

The House is made up of three divisions. The Human Sakagami Division, The Orcubor Ailgin Division, and The Legion (a member of the species called Legionnaires). The Organization as a whole can appoint any individual from these Divisions to the position of monarch. This monarch essentially operates as the head of the family as well as the leader of the Entente.

The Organization

The organization itself functions somewhat similarly to the Takanashi Family. However, they speak a different language, they don't emphasize profit, and they actually have to govern rather than just influence politicians to maintain power.

The Monarch

The monarch is selected by a two thirds vote of every single adult within the House. The Legion gets exactly 20% of the votes. Ten percent of the choice goes to the people of the Entente. The monarch could hypothetically be anyone, but the votes have always been a Sakagami, The occasional Orcubor, or the Legion. In times of crisis, The Prime Minister of the Entente would become the monarch (if the monarch is killed or otherwise unfit to serve) until a new one can be appointed, however, this provision has never been used.

The monarch has various powers, most of which involve the approval of high level decisions and appointing others to high-level positions. The monarch could remove anyone from a position of power they please, however, as per tradition, a trial is held as to why the official is being removed.

Currently, The monarch is Ruby Sakagami VI. She was very popular with the citizens of the Entente and got over 78% of their vote. Overall, she was able to get the Legion to support her, and had 84% of the total support.


Since the introduction of the Orcubor to the House, no individual has been inducted into the family. They have all been born into it. There is not even a procedure for inducting new members.

There are:

  • 203,673 Humans
  • 17,999 Components of the Legion
  • 15,764 Orcubor

Code of Conduct

The Legion and Orcubor speak in the language of the Sakagamis. Their language is simply called Entente Noble, as they are the only ones that actually use it. This language is descended from the Japanese that the Takanashis were required to speak.

This is coupled with various other practices to differentiate the family from mere commoners. They include, monogamy, formal speech at all times, maintaining a pure genome, and preventing genetic drift from "natural" humans. Although various monarchs or other powerful individuals are permitted to giving themselves more unique appearances.

The Legion has also made changes to how it operates. Since it is relatively similar to humans in terms of biology, it has altered some of it's components to be more pleasing for humans to view.

The Orcubor, being entirely incapable of interacting with humans directly, usually live on their own stations and have no other choice but to do all communication with the rest of the House remotely. Their relatively small population requires new Orcubor to be introduced into the Ailgin House every so often.


The House has a large amount of passive investments seized from the Takanashi Family when the two split. They own many of the nebulae, stars, and clusters once controlled by the Takanashi Family. These assets, while immense, pale in comparison to the immense profits of Takanashi Antimatter, prompting the House to grow their wealth by other means for the sake of competition.

The House has began to diversify it's investments, creating hundreds of products it sells to the masses. One could argue that it's young children are even products, finely tuned to be the ideal celebrities or to be the ideal aristocrat (all of which is to ensure a positive public image).


Chika Sakagami I, founder and first Head of the Sakagami Dominion

The War for All is iffy at the moment, so I will be skipping over that for the time being


Finally, in 87913, Chika I lead those loyal to her to victory. She had her supporters seize over two-thirds of the Takanashi Family's assets, only barely being prevented from absorbing Takanashi Antimatter. What's more is that they had the majority of the Takanashi's fleets now under their control. They left the war-torn Milky Way for the Carina galaxy, a small satellite of the Milky Way named for the Carina Nebula. The galaxy, while a part of the UFSS, was mostly empty, making it a peaceful location to flee to. There they renamed themselves to the "Sakagami House" in honor of Yukari Sakagami.

When the war ended, they found that many of the galaxies near to them were mostly empty. They bought up large numbers of stars with the stipulation that the government could have people settle in these stars if need be at any time. They agreed to develop the infrastructure of these stars as well, construction thousands of Dyson Swarms in the Carina Galaxy and many in the Milky Way.

Sakagami Domain

The Sakagami Domain was a relatively short-lived area of systems controlled by the Sakagami House. The area was a special-autonomous zone of the UFSS, given special privileges due to the House's contributions to the galaxy. The region was what is known as a "Corporate Controlled Zone," an area of space temporarily ceded to a corporation as payment for a service they provided for the government. They formed a front company called Sakagami Dominium to own the They were allowed to levy taxes and impose tariffs as a means to make money but were still obligated to follow the laws of the UFSS.

Overall, the region was most profitable. For the 750 years, they had control over the area, they made almost double what they had invested into the galaxy. They posed ads for settlers to come to the galaxy, marketing it as a place of "freedom" and "innovation." They were able to get people to come, have them circulate money amongst themselves, and then pay taxes. They had to hire police-forces to maintain order, but they were given large numbers of surplus ships to help defend the territory in case of attack.


After the 750 years were up, the galaxy was still mostly empty. The House filed for an extension but was ultimately denied. They withdrew from the territory they did not explicitly own and stopped earning money from it. They simply sat on their wealth after this. The next several heads just did not have the ambition to expand further or make more money.

The Legion

This was when the Legion decided to step in and take advantage of this situation. The Legion had a lot of capital, influence, and prestige, so it offered to buy 33% of the House's possessions for itself. Rather than simply taking the possessions and moving on, they also offered the House a deal. The House could "keep" all of these possessions if they inducted The Legion into the House. After nearly a decade of deliberation, the House reluctantly agreed. The price ended up being 120 Quintillion C-Units for the three galaxies.

This deal was simply the Legion injecting large amounts of cash into the House's accounts in exchange for uninhabited galaxies. At first glance it seemed like the Legion made a horrible deal. However, the Legion didn't care about making a return, it wanted power. Being a literal noble, directly ruling three galaxies, and all while being close to it's home world made this an excellent deal for the entity. It increased it's soft power and prestige even more within the region.


While the house was struggling to remain afloat, the Takanashis were making large amounts of profit. The post-war economic boom experienced by the local group did wonders for them. This motivated the House to attempt to catch up to the now wealthier Takanashis.

They invested their newly found capital into millions of smaller corporations, projects, and organizations. Most of these were within The Lowuks Entente to gain influence there, as it was the nearest nation to them. With the help of The Legion, they were finally able to start making profit again.

The Orcubor

A select few of the Orcubor, a race from the Lowuks Entente, noticed the increase in soft power of the House. They noticed that they were going to become much more powerful than the Entente and realized it would be advantageous to join them rather than the remaining in the dying entente.

They took the opportunity to strike a deal with the House. However, unlike the Legion, they decided to be try to make money off of the deal rather than just gain prestige. Ha Nn Ailgin, the de facto leader of this group of Orcubor, met with Kazuto Sakagami II (the monarch at the time) and politely asked to be let in. A transcript of his major points are included below.

"Misanthropy is very common these days, humans are often hated for their aggressive nature. Your astonishing seizure of power from your predecessors the Takanashis as well as your recovery from the war show that. I personally respect that, but many species simply do not understand what it means to be truly strong. They complain about being mistreated, yet they bend to the slightest bit of pressure, you know? Now, The Legion also knows what it means to be strong. They are one of the smartest minds that has ever existed. Although hive-mind is not technically correct, it is still a major reason why many distrust the Legion. It seems many species distrust what is superior to them. This is why I came before you today. Us Orcubor have no reputation, we require big suits, and we can easily propagate studies showing a docile nature. Quite frankly, we would be a huge asset. We can make many species trust your great organization. All we want is a mere one percent of the stake in your organization. A minuscule fraction of what you'll make from allowing us to join..."

Ailgin's eloquence very quickly allowed him and his companions (10057 total) join the House in 190564. His statements all turned out to be factual. Many species originally weary about doing business with the House soon lost their weariness and the House's profit grew. This only further increased their soft power in the Entente. Aliens felt more comfortable interacting with those they can relate with (amusingly, a fire elemental is more relatable than a hive mind or a human).

This group went on to be known as the Ailgin House of the Sakagamis. While most certainly the least significant house, it is by far the most represented one. When most think of the Sakagami House, they usually picture Orcubor and then the humans that really run the show.

The Entente

After the boost of revenue from incorporating the Ailgin House, The Sakagami House slowly began gaining influence within the Entente and elsewhere. In 195924, the Entente asked to be bailed out by the Sakagamis do to their failing economy. The Sakagamis asked for the status of Nobility rather than interest for these loans.

Almost a century later, in 196021, the Sakagamis, lead by Mikuru Sakagami II, dismantled the largely unpopular government of the Entente and installed themselves as the ruling class in a largely peaceful manor. Since the people of The Entente were not too fond of the idea of being ruled by humans and a hive mind, they decided to make the nation a constitutional aristocracy. There is a prime minister and parliament, but the majority of power lies with the House.

The House united their possessions with the Entente, reformed economic practices, and started to legitimately rule. Unlike the Takanashis, they directly ruled a country rather than simple manipulating politicians.

Monarch List

Unlike the Takanashis or other nobles, the monarchs usually don't stay in power for long. Not because they are overthrown, but because the culture of the House usually makes staying in power for many millennia more taboo.

Name Starting Year Ending Year Time
Chika Sakagami I 87918 90465 2547
Rikka Sakagami III 90465 90755 290
Tsukin Sakagami II 90755 91000 245
Goruden Sakagami 91000 91789 789
Yukari Sakagami IV 91789 91955 166
Kazuto Sakagami II 91955 92066 111
Oible Ailgin V 92066 92789 723
Lanoe Sakagami VI 92789 92812 23
The Legion 92812 93007 195
Aoi Sakagami II 93007 93269 262
Aoi Sakagami IV 93269 93471 202
Puroshion Sakagami 93471 94012 541
Legoshi Sakagami 94012 94751 739
The Legion 94751 96000 1249
Mikuru Sakagami II 96000 96127 127
Lori Sakagami V 96127 96722 595
Hajime Sakagami I 96722 97116 394
Hain Ailgin 97116 97754 638
Momoko Sakagami XI 97754 98181 427
Kurome Sakagami 98181 99256 1075
Chino Sakagami II 99256 99744 488
Ryuji Sakagami I 99744 99999 255
Ruby Sakagami VI 99999 Present 1
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