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Sakhra is one of the two moons of the desert world Sonoran, located in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. It is the smaller moon between it and Malakbel, the other moon of Sonoran. It is a part of The Sonoran Union. It was settled shortly after the formation of the Sonoran Union, and was used primarily as a trading center, and as a low-gravity military training base. It also possesses a Communications relay, which allows it to help maintain contact with other systems.


Sakhra has an uneventful history, remaining as a moon of Sonoran until the arrival of Humans from the Empire of Mankind after being stranded in Verpletter. After the two species formed a union, the moon was settled in order to assist in the settling of the home solar system, and to help train people for off-world colonization.

Over time, the world became one part military base, and one part trade centre, being a central hub for taking in imports and sending out exports to all various manner of solar systems and allied species, as well as providing connections between orbital stations, the Orbital Fleet, and various settlements around Najima and neighbouring star systems. Sakhra has become a major world within the Union due to these factors.


Sakhra's population live in a series of underground systems, and surface-cities, which combine to perform the various functions that their world requires, surface cities mostly engaging in trade, sub-surface settlements primarily being residential zones, though there are surface civilian regions.

Artifical gravity has been installed in the civilian secotrs and certain regions of the surface city, allowing for people to live as comfortably as they would do otherwise on Sonoran.

Notable locations

Al Ralen - The primary trading hub, located at the northernmost region of Sakhra. It is notable for the Al Ralen Pyramid, which reaches over 10,000 Kilometers above the surface, and can process up to 30,000 ships in a day.

Habshinat - Habshinat is the primary civilian center of Sakhra. It is located near Al Ralen, and spreads out for hunderds of kilometers, and is divided into several sub-surface layers, stacked atop one another. It is home to 30 Million of the total population.

Kulana - Kulana is one of the suface civilian centers, and is considered one of the most pleasent spots on Sakhra, since people can watch the coming and going of ships, and when rotation permits it, they can see Sonoran and the Orbital Fleet.