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Preceded by
UPEFlag.png Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk
Samutan Flag 2.png
90,075 CE - 90,638 CE
Succeeded by
Nisrine Collective Flag.png Nisrine Collective


The Samutan Galactic Faction (Abbreviated to SGF) was an authoritarian state located in Aylothn, near the vicinity of the Nisrine Cloud in Holara. It was primarily known for its totalitarian and isolationist nature, which it gained after rebelling against the Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk (UPE). It held a high amount of technological and commercial prowess in its vicinity, inheriting many old UPE structures and centers. The capital of the Samutan Galactic Faction was the old capital of the UPE as well, being the world of Ethayos. The SGF also held a relatively short history, existing for 563 years before collapsing from civil war.


The Samutan Galactic Faction began after a series of intense revolutionary events. Conditions of living were less than optimal, as was the plutocratic government of the UPE. Resistance was near impossible to start, as police forces and surveillance prevented most from acting against the government. Most would attempt to leave the nation, or succumb and accept their conditions as a way of life. However, the War of the Ancients and its consequences heavily impacted the UPE, making it severely unstable. The government almost collapsed, though it attempted to regain strength in the following years. It would implement a system of population control, one which would end up oppressing and angering much of the population. A new revolution would be formed, one which initially aimed to help the people and bring forth better changes with life.

In the year 89,954 CE, the first true forces of rebellion appeared. Identifying themselves as the Samutan, these would be the progenitor forces for the SGF. Conflict would begin in the sparse areas of the UPE, where the military was not prevalent. The Samutan also worked with other resistance organizations, eventually combining with them and creating a unified movement for autonomy. War began to rage as the UPE attempted to take control, sending their since depleted resources to quell the conflict. This would be known as the Samutan-Uspayador War.

It would go on for decades, as the UPE mustered its best forces in an attempt to prevent the revolutions. It would be fruitless however, as the weakened state began to crumble from the inside. The war would soon end with the government being hijacked following a violent rise of conflict. A one Fusna Sipom, a leader of the Samutan resistance, selected for their capabilities in leadership, intelligence, and combat. They would go on to construct the SGF and rebuild infrastructure, looking to sterilize the nation of old ways with the Samutan Reformation.

With a high level of control, Fusna Sipom enacted many sweeping changes over the new nation, promising to provide to the people in the postwar environment. However, their leadership would prove to be the start of a new kind of corruption, one that many would not notice until the fall of the SGF. A sort of shadow council, one involving Sipom and fellow revolutionaries, would form after they thought themselves as the best leaders for the nation. While people would be relatively happier than before, the power of the leaders would remain, especially as reconstruction went smoothly. The Samutan Reformation also ensured that no antagonists would rise.

Expansion of the nation would remain slow, as reconstruction was placed as a priority. The quality of life in the SGF improved rather quickly, and many megastructures were being planned out in quick succession. It appeared to be promising for the nation, and after a century everything appeared to be running normally again. Life for the SGF would continue this way for many years. The Samutan Reformation gained less traction, soon losing its stardom after thorough removals of old ideals and reconstruction of infrastructure. It would stop in the year 90,127 CE. In the background, the shadow government held its control, as former revolutionaries enforced their rule silently.

The empire would last for centuries more, in a very docile state. International trade started as the SGF would grow to prominence on the galactic stage. While there was little interaction between nations, it did lead to an increase in intergalactic commerce and development. Leaders of the shadow government permitted an expansion outward, seeking to gain control over strategic resources while developing on the nation as well. The SGF then encountered the world of Nisrine, which contained a threatening civilization dubbed the Nisranians. The Nisranians held an artificial superintelligence, called Nisrine Mind, which went well against national ideals.

Faced with the threat of Nisrine Mind, military forces were instructed to attack Nisrine, hoping to end its civilization and dismantle the AI. Nisrine Mind, caring for its citizens greatly, saw the attack as a malicious and hostile act by the SGF. It would attempt retaliation, but the planet of Nisrine would be quickly destroyed and Nisrine Mind would be contained. Through weeks of containment and survey from the SGF, Nisrine Mind eventually found a way to break through. It would silently advance through Samutan systems, before making its way through government databases. It would use the data to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the nation, and begin to plan and execute a series of attacks against the SGF.

The event which followed is referred to as the Nisrine War. The true nature of the government would be leaked to the public, showing the SGF to be a nation of tyrants. This information would be broadcasted across Aylothn, causing the SGF to be scorned by surrounding major powers. Nisrine Mind then used its incubating military assets to control starships, and begin attacking the SGF's own planets. The SGF would retaliate, and a quick war would envelop the nation. The government would be dismantled by the growing force of Nisrine Mind as many people scrambled to rebel once again. It would last merely a few months, with the remainder of the SGF crumbling after several years.