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The Samutan Reformation was a series of political and social reform in the Samutan Galactic Faction. It was the result of the Samutan-Uspayador War, as the need for change was very prevalent. The Samutan Reformation is best regarded for its consequences, causing large-scale death while changing the ideals and cultures of many people. In the end, old plutocratic ideals from the Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk were removed entirely. It was replaced with a shadow council, hidden behind a fake kind of democracy. Plutocratic and other 'useless' mindsets were removed as well, providing little to no opposition to the Samutan government. It was only after the Nisrine War would the average individual know the true intentions behind the reformation.

Lasting from 90,075 to 90,127 CE, the Samutan Reformation took about 52 years until it was completed. The reformation was very speedy, affecting all major population centers in the Samutan Galactic Faction. Notable actions from the Samutan government happened in the reformation as well, such as strengthening surveillance and infrastructure. Death was also a facet of the reformation, as political rivals or believers of old ideals were often killed or jailed. There was also a heavy stigma against non-interstellar species, named 'savages', which resulted in billions of native deaths. The nation also underwent a quick period of expansion, as the fall of the UPE encouraged a new outcome for the people. By the end of the reformation, the Samutan Government focused on expansion and infrastructure, as political/social opposition was removed.




Nisrine War