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Born within the tranquility of the Void of Serenity, the aquatic Sar'Lorim have, over countless generations, established an eminent and harmonious presence within the confines of Palioxis. As their forefathers would forge primitive tools from the resources of Altara's florescent seafloor, a path to the cosmos would be forged, a path to greatness. Ever since their first age of cosmic exploration, the Sar'Lorim have greatly interacted with otherworldly nations, forming vast alliances in the process. In less than a millennia, they expanded from their sacred homeworld to countless far-away systems.

Naturally attuned to the sea, the Sar'Lorim view water as a divine essence from heavenly realms above, a blessing to the 'mortal world'. Furthermore, their faith has grown into a form of spiritualism, looking to explore not the physicality of existence but the nature of the mind. From the teachings of their divine ancestors, the Sar'Lorim have placed their faith in pacifism time and time again. These traits naturally evolved from their innate curiosity about nature and the peaceful environment in which they evolved.

The Sar'Lorim are oftentimes described as one of the more alluring races of Palioxis, owing to their mesmerizing luminescence and translucent physique, a serene mixture of darker hues of both blue and pink. As a consequence of their natural habitat, the Sar'Lorim are forced to spend the majority of their time in pressurized water tanks, simulating their native environment. This, of course, makes them unable to physically interact with most other intelligent races of Palioxis as well as reside on their worlds.



Society & Culture


Lacking vocal organs, the Sar'Lorim make use of their bioluminescence to communicate with each other, a trait ubiquitously observed in lifeforms residing within similar environments. While simple forms of communication existed for millennia prior to the technological boom, modern languages began to emerge over the course of countless generations. Prior to proper documentation, the flow of change in languages would be immense, heavily complicating their development. Nonetheless, after the establishment of the first planetary colonies, many languages merged to form Reytel, the universal form of communication for all Sar'Lorim.

Spiritualism and Pacifism

Architecture and Technology


Primeval Ages

Technological Ascension

Cosmic Expansion