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Sarelle is the fifth and second largest planet around Maea and the third largest planet in the Cnara System. As of the present day, it and its 31 moons are home to 14 trillion inhabitants (the vast majority of which are Carlean). The planet's two major moons are Azelis and Erenne.


Most of Sarelle's trillions of inhabitants live in orbital habitats rather than on a natural body, and most of those remaining live on one of Sarelle's two moons. However, there are still several billion individuals who live on floating cities in the planetary atmosphere. Each city is encased in a large dome to hold in the atmosphere and keep temperatures livable. Rather than using expensive and impractical antigravity technology, these cities usually hang from one of the many orbital rings which surround the planet.

The largest and oldest city, Fabula, has a population of over 13.5 million, but most cities on the planet are much smaller than this and are based around helium-3 "mining" plants.

Sarelle has a large set of rings, the only planet in the Cnara System to have them. These rings are protected from mining due to their status as a natural historic site.



Sarelle formed as a massive rocky body which then attracted a large amount of hydrogen and helium, which increased its mass twentyfold. It then formed a huge disk which formed at least three generations of moons, the final generation containing the two Sarelleian Major Moons, Azelis and Erenne.

Exploration by the Carleans

The Carleans' first manned mission to Sarelle was in 74 AFO (4535 CE), to study the interesting icy moon of Azelis. Since then, the gas giant itself was only studied by probes for a while, until proper pressure-resistant manned spacecraft that could actually ascend were developed.


The first city to be established was known as simply Sarelle Colony A, but it was later named Fabula by its inhabitants. It was placed in the middle atmosphere a few hundred years after the first mission. Fabula has grown to become the capital of Sarelle.

Sarelle's current global population is almost a trillion people, all of whom live on the vast floating cities anchored to the orbital rings.


Sarelle has two major moons, Azelis and Erenne.


Azelis, with its vast array of cracks caused by tidal stretching and squeezing

Azelis is the larger moon of Sarelle, and the third body in the Cnara System with life. It has a thick ice shell with a kilometers-deep ocean beneath it, filled with life. Its surface is covered in many cities, populated partially by researchers.


Azelis has a massive array of life forms, ranging from tiny bacteria to vast squid-like creatures prowling the dark waters.

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Erenne and its stark ridges

Erenne is the outer major moon of Sarelle. It is a rocky body, perhaps captured from the asteroid belt between Carlea and Sarelle. The moon is being mined due to its large concentrations of heavy metals, and may be terraformed.

Erenne is home to the headquarters of many mining conglomerates, which give the local population well-paying jobs remotely controlling the mining bots.

Minor Moons


Sarelle's rings, showing a multitude of ringlets and gaps.

Yoro, the largest shepherd moon within Sarelle's rings.

Sarelle has a large set of rings, created by the breakup of a medium-sized moon. These rings, originally believed to be two extra planets, are extraordinarily complex, with millions of thin ringlets and gaps carved out by tiny asteroids and resonances with the two large moons.

The largest shepherd moon, Yoro, is the site of an expensive hotel that is one of the largest tourist attractions in the UNFG.