100th Millennium Wiki

"Workers and peasants, take your rifles and smash the tyrant hordes!

-National motto of the Sarmite Commune

The Sarmite Commune is a state located in the northeastern Crown of Via Aylathiya. Possessing a total population of roughly 5 quintillion individuals spread across a total of 1 billion star systems, the Commune is a regional power that has been an important part in galactic politics for millennia. It has a total of four capital worlds, the most important of which is the southern capital Celucantes.

Created as a result of the so-called White Revolution in 59,960 CE, the Commune is a socialist state controlled by a council of nine members who represent the nation’s three largest interest groups - the army, the workers and the scientists. The members of this council serve for 30 years and are elected by the Sarmite Revolutionary Committee, a parliament-like institution that consists of 200 randomly appointed members, all of which are leaders of the various workers‘ unions of the state. This Committee meets once every month, but possesses little executive political power. The general public can only participate in the Commune‘s politics through the elections of the union leaders, as union membership is mandatory for every citizen.

Only 30% of the Commune‘s population belong to its founding species, the Celucanti, an insectoid species originating from the planet Celucantes. A culturally homogenous species, the Celucanti attempt to culturally assimilate every other species they encounter. This has worked very well until relatively recently, giving the Commune the internal stability it needed to become a proper regional power in the eastern galaxy.

Ever since its annexation of the region Ejyptica in 79,200 CE, the Sarmite Commune has been involved in the politics of the Lyncisian sphere. This involvement later turned into a fierce rivalry as the Lyncisian states unified into the Empire of Lyncis, an event that the Commune actively attempted to prevent. The destruction of the unified Lyncisian state has been the main geopolitical goal of the Commune ever since, though any attempt at doing so has failed so far.