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The Sarta Republa-X is ancient human wheeled vehicle discovered on the outskirts of the Helyar system in 93.988.

This object is an early human planetary wheeled transport with a primitive internal combustion engine, using recycled fossil fuels. It is estimated to be from the time when humans had not come into contact with the Triumvirate Civilization. Scientists have identified the name and make of the car from the surviving blue-white hull, but it is not known how it got so far from Aegyn. Modern historians studying the ancient history of Via Aylathiya are sure that it was launched into space as a payload on a rocket and at some point was moved to the outskirts of the system, probably during the War of the Final Transition. It is not known for sure, though.

This car is a time capsule, as were found inside various objects of an ancient era, including documents, photographs, and notes. Inside, a strange board with cubes was also discovered, leading anthropologists to believe that it is an ancient board game.

This car was found by the crew of the private cargo ship SS Patoseia, while they fled the system. They put the car in the cargo hold and immediately contacted with UFSS. Initially, wealthy individuals wanted to buy the artifact for themselves, adding to their private collection, but in the end it became public domain. Since then, many people have been flying in the Helyar system, trying to find something similar and secretly take it for themselves; apart from old space debris, however, nothing has been found.

The car along with the objects inside it received the status of important artifacts of the Ancient Aegyn Epoch and were placed in the Metropolitan National Federal Museum on Thalsiedeln. Today, many people come there to see this creation of their ancient ancestors, who then began to conquer space.