Saykya is an above-average sized F-Class star, which is located at the galactic center of Peleunsk Galaxy. Saykya is revered for its many major planets, which belong to the Lowzyol Federation. Saykya is also known for its high economic impact in its system, providing power to almost every object in its area. Saykya's solar power is expelled mostly into a large Dyson Swarm, while the rest is used to naturally heat up planets in its vicinity.

Saykya holds nine planetary objects, with the closest one being Choknoa, and the furthest being Elwora. All planets in the Saykya system are also held in the highest regard by the Lowzyol Federation, which makes them hotspots for economic and trade activity.

Saykya itself is not that unique, being slightly above average and having no companion stars. Saykya is surrounded by a small cloud of asteroids and comets, which extend far beyond the grasp of the main system. However, Saykya's most interesting and unique quality is its high radiation, which has given native life on the planet Lowrokira a lot of natural resistance.

Saykya has been a symbol for ancient and modern Zythyn religion, always appearing as a kind of giver of hope and joy. Since the Zythyn's proportional decline of Zythyn religion in the 400s BCE, many of these unique and treasured beliefs have since disappeared from practice and memory. However, this has not stopped many religious zealots to share their culture inside Saykya.

Saykyan Culture

As Saykya being a star, there is no direct cultures on its surface. However, differences in culture and behavior are reported in close-proximity orbital stations, as well as the planet of Choknoa. This seems to be a direct factor from the larger role that Saykya has in said areas. Several holidays and even bridges from other religions and cultures have happened because of Saykya's influence.

Since Saykya produces much more radiation near Choknoa and close orbital habitats, small biological differences like darker shades skin in Humans and less fur on Zythyns are some examples. Some species are completely incompatible with the radiation, making any kind of difference impossible to know about.


As mentioned earlier, Saykya influences nine planetary bodies. Every last planet in the Saykya system is also utilized to their full extent, with a diverse palette of cultures and life. Zythyns have colonized every planet in the Saykya system since ~800 BCE. They have since grown explosively since the creation of the CUEN.

A comprehensive list of planets and short descriptions are below:



Name Description Unique Traits Population
Choknoa Choknoa is the closest and hottest planet orbiting Saykya. Choknoa is an ecumenopolis, housing billions of people from many cultures in protective domes. It bears much resemblance to the former planet Mercury, but it has a more brown surface. No efforts for repurposing Choknoa have been made since it became an ecumenopolis. Salt flats, Pockmarked craters, and mineral-rich asteroid moons. 103,610,000,000
Holyupsk Holyupsk is the second planet in the Saykya System. Holyupsk was formerly a farming and agricultural world, and it has since turned into a populous and rural planet. Unlike Lowrokira or Vondya, Holyupsk has chlorophyll for its plant base. This is a direct result from the inability of Lowrokira's retinal-based plants to survive in such temperatures. An increased percentage of crop-yielding areas are seen near major cities. Deserts dominate much of the untouched and inland places, giving rise to unique Zythyn desert cultures. Large deserts and increased farming areas. 11,270,000,000
Vondya Vondya is the third planet in the Saykya System. Vondya is also very unique and outlying in the Saykya system. This is because Vondya used to be a cold oceanic planet. Since Vondya's ocean floor was red and gray, the land of Vondya reflects that color well. Vonya's former sea mountains have also resurfaced, giving rise to some of the most serrated and dominant mountain ranges in the Saykya System. Large mountain ranges, red rocky land, former oceania 27,940,000,000
Lowrokira Lowrokira is the fourth planet, as well as the most prominent planet in the Saykya system. Lowrokira is the prime capital, and is also the home planet of the Zythyns, the founders of the Lowzyol Federation. Lowrokira is held in the highest regard, as its deep cultures and thorough history is unmatched. Lowrokira is also the most active economic powerhouse, containing the foundations for thousands of major businesses. Additionally, Lowrokira is home to many trade stations, as well as the most active embassy for the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. All of these make Lowrokira a very culturally and economically diverse and active planet.

With its sheer popularity and high economic output, Lowrokira has garnered the most dense area of space stations around any planet in Peleunsk. These stations come in trade, military, commercial, and housing purposes. Countless sapient species living on and around Lowrokira usually reside in these nations, and places on the surface like Toqapkal City.

Booming economic powerhouse, homeworld for Zythyns, incredibly large cities, and dense area of space stations. 63,820,000,000
Yatrichi Yatrichi is the fifth planet, and is the most populous terrestrial planet in the Saykya System. Yatrichi is an ecumenopolis, and has countless bustling cities under its influence. Yatrichi is also the only terrestrial planet to have an orbital ring world, which serves the purpose of industry and housing. These make Yatrichi the most industrially active and militaristic planet in the Saykya System.

Yatrichi's distance from Saykya has since made its atmosphere modified to trap in stray heat. This makes Yatrichi about as warm as Lowrokira, though it can go below nominal temperatures constantly. Yatrichi's final unique feature is its original desert landscape, which was a vibrant light blue. It has since been preserved in many places.

Rampant ecumenopolis, most populated terrestrial planet, large planetary ring world, and blue landscape. 352,570,000,000
Raynoa Raynoa is the sixth planet, and is the innermost gas giant in the Saykyan System. Raynoa has countless features, including its diverse cloud colors, thin ring system, and its three trademark moons. Raynoa is most famously known for its orbital stations, and its partial Shellworld which has been constructed above its cloudtops. The population of Raynoa's shellworld has made it the most popular gas giant, as well as the second most populated planet in the Saykyan system. Unique cloud colors, orbital defense array, research stations, and partial shellworld. 271,150,000,000
Nuthutera Nuthutera is the seventh planet in the Saykya System, and it is the outermost rocky planet. Nuthutera is unique in its soot-black primary color, with a rather sinister red accemt. This is a result from the violent volcanism and turmoil that Nuthutera experienced after it collided with another major object. Nuthutera is also the most massive rocky planet, which has given it plentiful amount of space for cities, mining rigs, and military projects. Currently, Nuthutera is a partial Ecumenopolis, acting more or less like a military bastion. Planetary collision, abnormal size, military base and partial ecumenopolis. 85,010,000,000
Zra Yusk Zra Yusk is the eighth planet in the Saykya System, and it is the outermost gas giant. Zra Yusk has many unique and shared qualities, with its most outstanding trait being its blue-green clouds. Many festivals, vanity projects, and increased tourism happens around Zra Yusk its moons, and its partial shellworld. Zra Yusk also has a very proportionally large binary partner, which has been turned into an industrial powerhouse and military fortress.

Zra Yusk, unlike most planets, rotates on an unusual axis. Zra Yusk is flipped on its side, which means that much of its top and bottom halves face Saykya year-round. This causes a harsh temperature difference on Zra Yusk, making it have white clouds for its autumn and spring seasons.

Blue-Green clouds, binary orbit, major industrial world, common festivals, and shellworld. 101,740,000,000
Elwora Elwora is the ninth and final planet in the Saykya System, as well as the only ice planet. Elwora is exceptionally popular as it contains many phonomena, such as large layers of pink ice, geysers, and an underground ocean caused by tidal heating from its close moon. Elwora's rare qualities also gives it a massive orbital habitat, with countless ships entering and leaving he Saykya system. The Elwora system bustles with constant life as its natural beauties are preserved in full. Pink icy surface, geysers, underground ocean orbital habitat, and high popularity. 21,440,000,000
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