"Who says that the enslavement of races was wrong? Darwin was right when he said that the fittest survived while the weak died. We gave the weak mercy when we enslaved them, rather than just outright killing them. Now their inferiority will be put to use. They are content in their work, and we have created what is truly a jewel of a planet. There are no downsides as far as I can see." -Emperor Drusus LXI

Scipio (RS0-5-14630-1097-3161-7-1038383-857 A4) is a terraformed temperate terra as well as the capital of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. Terraformed after the exodus from the Milky Way Galaxy as a seat of the Emperor of the newly created nation, Scipio was named for one of the greatest human military generals in history, Scipio Africanus. As a seat for the Crown, hundreds of large corporations, and a hub of trade between duchies, the planet is an important planet within the Local Universe. Located in the The Occult Galaxy, the planet has a population of 12 trillion individuals, most of whom orbit the planet rather than actually live within it.

The planet's population is separated into 2 classes; The upper class (Nobles, traders, CEOS and Officials) and the lower class (Indentured servants, slaves, machines, The dishonored and the unemployed.) The upper class lives on the surface in luxury apartments and high rises, while the lower class in underground slums and unmaintained prefab shelters. Because of the general prosperity of the NTIH, the upper class manages to outnumber the lower class three to one.

The planet has an estimated population of 4 trillion sapient individuals. If one were to count the non-sapient slaves, then the population shoots up to 10 trillion. Most of the people that reside on the planet are government officials, while the rest are tourists, executives visiting to work out deals with the government, or the families of such individuals.


The planet has one large continent named Panchaea, after the former super-continent on the planet Earth named Pangaea. It's surface is over 65% covered in liquid water, and has small frozen poles, however, only one is ever frozen at a time due to the planet's warmer average temperature than Earth.

On this continent, there are the four largest cities on the planet, named Drusus City, The Deva Megacity, Cauca Megacity, and the Baeloe Megacity. These cities cover over 91% of the surface of the planet, with the rest of the continent covered in grandiose monuments to former Emperors and other important figures in the history of the nation. The planet is not an ecumenopolis simply because the majority of the planet still retains its original surface.


The planet has an average temperature of 17 degrees celsius. This temperature does not vary much in urban areas due to extensive heat control, but the majority of the surface experiences intense storms and excessive cloud cover due to this higher temperature.

The high average temperature allows for large amounts of algae to flourish in the global ocean, named Panthalass. Such large amounts of oxygen are produced that the planet hardly needs any artificial oxygen production.


While the planet was once rich in precious metals such as gold and platinum, it has since been drained of all useful material, resulting in a gravity of about 0.7G's. These resources were used to build the extensive cities and monuments on the planet's surface.

Governmental Infrastructure

The nation, while only technically being a type II civilization, still has to govern and defend the territory of a type III civilization. This has caused the planet and it's system, Scipio Majoris, to be filled with quadrillions of structures used for governance. Most of them directly orbit the star, while the rest orbit the planet. These structures include relay satellites, the infrastructure needed for the local Wormhole Gate, habitats for lower-level officials, military craft standing by in case of an unexpected attack on the capital world, supercomputers to calculate the positions of the automated harvesting probes, and many more objects necessary for governance.

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