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The Second Civil War of the Empire, is a crucial conflict that took place within the Republic of Anthropos and ended up with its disappearance and the birth of the Empire of Mankind as it is currently known. The war is for some historians a continuity of the First Civil War, or at least this war has elements that clearly affected the Second Civil War. The gap between the two civil wars is 633 years. This event took place in 28,310 CE and ended in 28,648 CE (8,144 ADL - 8,482 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar) with Hannakon I Tarnos, being crowned first Emperor.

After the First Civil War, Parties had been proven to be unreliable and corrupt. This led to take measures so to save the Republic. To avoid bipartidism, the previous parties were dissolved and Five new parties were created, a new constitution was devised and the power of the Military was given to the Guardian.

War broke up again in the Nation when the Five parties soon became corrupt and fought for inner power and influence. Two parties form an Alliance known as the Eratic and the other Three formed another alliance known as the Yezra. This two alliances, wage war between them. As the previous war, they were privately sponsored. The Guardian was reluctant to intervene during the early stages, due to the catastrophic events that had happened during the First Civil War. But seeing that the conflict was taking major consequences and neutrality was unavoidable, he tried to Intervene and stop the war, winning important battles. The Parties then got to an agreement and later allied together to defeat the Guardian Figure who was set to stop the five parties war and was an obstacle for their own interests. This was a serious threat, since the Guardian did not have enough power to stop all of them united. However, the parties were too divided among them and war and division was still among the party members to pose a clear threat to the Unified forces of the Guardian, who had also Civilian popular support.

The party and the republic were reformed and the Empire was born with the Guardian Hannakon I, grandson of Horis Tarnos, being the first Emperor in 28 648 CE. The Nobility was created out of those powerful or influential families who against all odds, had supported and helped substantially to the Emperor's success. The Emperor granted them Aristocratic status in gratitude for their help and all noble families can trace back to these heroic people.

Some of the supporters of the Five Parties during the War, who had previously also supported Bipartidism during the First Civil War, and those who fervently opposed the instauration of an Empire, rebelled. They were quickly suppressed and were put on force labour as punishment. This people are the ancestors of Slave-Born humans that would be in used for the most part until the Slave Revolts, millennia later, before being replaced by Clone-Slaves.