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The Second Relative's War is a minor internal conflict of the Empire of Mankind. It took place in 44,129 CE and ended in 44,193 CE (23,963 ADL - 24,027 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar). Compare to its predecessor, it was a conflict that had little impact on the core worlds and was fought mostly in the outer colonies of the nation and the frontier.


The War was a continuation of the Tarnos Branche's dispute for the throne, initiated by Hannakon and Aranis and pass on to their descendance. Following the Crowning of Larissa II Tarnos, the first woman to be crowned queen after Aranis had won the war, saw the opportunity of the Tarnos Branched sheltered in the Plutocracy to strike and try once more to win the Imperial Throne that they considered theirs.

However, this war was fought mainly with support of minor nobiliary families of the Empire, and the support of the Plutocracy, but with low support of the main aristocratic families of the empire, who after the first imperial war, had seen the cause as already lost. About almost 1800 years had passed after the war had been finished and about 5 generations of Emperors. Still, the threat was always present among the Emperors, and all prepared in case the opposite branch striked them. This only occured with Larissa, as she was a woman, the Hannakon's branch could claim the throne again as direct male descendants.


The War started by the assault on the Planet Lidia, which was then a colony on the frontier, next to the border with the Plutocracy and its main point of contact between the Plutocracy and the Empire's commerce.

However, Lidia was a colony and was not prepared to defend itself against a large army.

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Guerrilla Tactics were undertaken by Hannakon, and Larissa sent different fleets to the systems on the border of the Nation. Hannakon did not managed to convince the main houses to join him, since the empire was economically flourishing and they did not seem to be willing to altered the status quo. Still some aspiration members of some of the High Aristocratic families sided with him, in order to be taken as reward as the main leaders of their respective houses, gaining fortunes, power, influence and glory for themselves. This members provided armies, money and resources to the cause, but since they were usually lower members of the High Families, they did not have total control over their family resources and wealth. This partial help was the main reason for how the war could sustain itself for about 64 years.

Other battles followed on the outer colonies, with many raided. The Mayor attacked happened on the Planet Juno, which was a well settled planet of the Empire, the seat of power of the Thivaul Family. However, reinforcement arrived on time and the army was defeated, which Hannakon being forced to retreat back to the Plutocracy.


The War was clearly won by Larissa II, clearly putting the balance of power towards the current Tarnos Branch of Rules. Still, the Hannakon's branch would not be completely defeated and it was a matter of time, until they tried again to seize the throne.

After the War, several legislation was passed to protect the borders and the frontier war against a future war. Nevertheless, the war was one of the less bloody and destructive of all conflicts up to date. It was still heavier than the Third Relative's war that followed. This short conflicts prepared slowly the nation towards a future conflict with the Union, by an improvement of the reinforcements, a reformation of the armies with its old-dated equipment and tactic methods. The Union was already preparing for an attack at the end of the Millennia. This little war prepared the country and set it on a perpetual state of alert, which in the long run, helped minimized the destruction this war will bring to the country.