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Secresia, also called Succubi, Incubi, or simply Lust Demons, are a very intelligent and tribal member of the Daevolin Races, a group of numerous disparate demonic Inomeni who originate from the hellish planes of Apotheosis of the Thirteen Realms. They are the Inomeni of the Prodigious Sin, appearing upon the surface of Haven throughout the Red Moons, an event wherein the Realm of Apotheosis appears within the Mavimyst's spatial dimensions as its scales of Light and Darkness begins to reset itself, resulting in a weakening of its borders. The Secresi rarely populate Haven in scattered yet tight-knit communities. Most Secresia exist on Zazriel, preferring to seek refuge in its forest thickets. While Secresia are extremely rare compared to any Edian race, they are still prevalent all across their new home continent. While other Harborers had their own kinds of demon, it is known that Secresia were the most powerful. Following the closure of the Red Moon, all six other types of sinful demon were brought to extinction in Haven. It was the crafty and elusive Secresia which survived the Verdant Grove, now existing as a stagnant yet influential race.

The name Secresi is derived from the Edian word meaning "Lustful Ones", so named as a result of their demonic and sinful tendencies. They are inherently attracted to sex and pleasure, using this drive to lure others into their clutches. A Secresi's pull is so effective that it eventually resulted in a great deal of paranoia and cultural shifts. Chastity was emphasized across Zazriel, and lust-related activities became taboo out of fear of demonic influence. A Secresi's elusive way of using lust may take down even the strongest willed individual, succumbing them in an infamous, deathly trance.

Additionally, Secresia have an innate experience when it comes to illusionary or hypnotic magic. Possession, draining and mental suggestion are two of a Secresi's most infamous abilities, though there are countless others. Their destructiveness also grants them a lesser used name, the Remnant Harbingers. While this phrase applies to most demons, it is most often used when referring to a Secresi. The name Remnant Harbingers is derived from the now low demonic population and a Secresi's potential to use dangerous magic.

While Secresia from Apotheosis tended to be unruly and feral, time eventually brought them sanity. After decades of inhabiting Haven's grounds, a noticeable percentage of Secresia dropped out of their primal ways. Said Secresia have since joined society or created their own, in groups of culture-oriented tribes. Many Secresia remain as tormented and evil souls however - wandering Haven in hopes of fueling their need for sinful energy. This has made most people to think of Secresia as a hazardous people, as many attacks have occurred in civilized society.

Secresia do not exclusively hail from Apotheosis either. While most came from the cataclysmic rifts, a noticeable percentage were transformed by the means of Lust Crystals. Whether it was by accident (as most transformations are) or on purpose, thousands of people have turned into a Secresi. After a transformation, the newly formed Secresi takes on the features of a demon while holding several of their older characteristics. For example, a transformed Giakos remains tall and bulky while a transformed Sylvian retains their pointy ears and lightweight build.


While most Secresia tend to become sane after several years, though are those who are pushed beyond the brink of insanity. In the case that this happens, such Secresia are subject to numerous mental and physiological changes. They begin to take on a much more wrathful form, abandoning their desire for lust entirely. These Secresirasi become much taller and bulkier when compared to their sane counterparts. Their horns turn long and crooked, as their body's colors shift to that of bleeding flesh. Secresirasi will often transform their skin to resemble that of scales, becoming significantly more demonic in the process. They may even grow extra limbs, making them almost unrecognizable after their bodies undergo these changes.

Secresirasi are thought to be impossible to reason with. Instead, they are solely regarded as feral beasts by the common people of Haven. Such creatures are condemned to a fate of perpetual rage and insanity, fueled by an endless reserve of hateful energy. A Secresiras is outstandingly more powerful than their less demonic counterparts, bolstering a greater connection to demonic magic as well. Not only that, but the Secresirasi have a significantly higher pain tolerance, with most enjoying the thrill of a bloody brawl.

Since Secresirasi take energy in the form of emotional anguish and despair, there are many who go to great lengths to season the world with suffering. They will gladly tear apart anyone in sight, simply for the joy of it. Some may even seek out their own kind, giddily hoping for a great, glorious battle between the two. The pure, unrefined wrath of a Secresirasi results in immense murder, leaving blood soaked in their wake. Most Secresirasi never tire, and they are especially dangerous if there are multiple. In contemporary times, the Verdant Grove has attempted without avail to banish the Secresirasi population.



Secresia appear as bipedal, horned individuals with a wide range of skin tones. These tones vary wildly, as Secresia can bolster colors all across the color. These tones change based on a Secresi's environment, with a red-skinned Secresi being native to hellish environments for example. More often than not, A Secresi is able to change their skin's pigment at will. This has made the surviving Secresia very diverse in appearance. In terms of height, a Secresi averages at 6 feet and 8 inches (2.032 Meters) for females, with males averaging at 7 feet, 1 inch (2.159 Meters). While their bodies range in size, a Secresi's height results in them being rather heavy at 210 Pounds (95.2 kg) on average.

A very striking feature of a Secresi is a set of horns on their head. A typical Secresi has between one to four horns somewhere on their head. Primarily, these horns are found on the sides of the head. Horns vary in length, though most appear to be between eight and eleven inches (20-27 cm) in length. Other noticeable features include a Secresi's eyes, which can host a multitude of colors like their skin. Fangs are common in a Secresi as well, used as a method of intimidation. Furthermore, some Secresia have a small, thin and pointy tail which extends from their tailbone and ends with a sharp spike. This tail is not necessarily prehensile, but it holds potential use for stabbing and slashing.

The shape of a Secresi's body varies greatly, though females are usually curvy and slender, showing off a form meant to be sexually appealing. Males on the other hand are naturally toned, bolstering a fair amount of muscle mass. This makes Secresia naturally agile and strong, especially when compared to other races. It is a Secresi's predisposition to power that allows them to perform great feats, and they were originally used as fighters during the last Red Moon.


Upon creation, Secresia are able to fly by means of two large, retractable wings. These wings vary wildly in size, though they appear to function even if they seem too small to work. Secresia may travel at relatively quick speeds, typically topping out at 120 miles per hour (or 193 kilometers per hour). This made Secresia particularly quick and threatening during the Red Moon, as they were able to use speed to their advantage. Combined with their great power and agility, many used flight to dominate Zazriel. Wings are vulnerable points however, as they can be swiftly torn by bladed weaponry or arrows. Regrowth of the wings may take but a few days, though such immobilized Secresia often met a swift death. In the modern day, sane Secresia casually use their wings to safely commute or fly to otherwise unreachable areas.

Secresia are naturally filled to the brim with energy, and they are infamous for being hard to tire out. It is said that they can fly for days on end, run hundreds of miles, and engage in combat for many hours. Stamina also helps with demonic magic, as it can quickly drain at one's energy. If exploited properly, an adept Secresi can outlast even the heartiest of fighters. Combined with demonic magic, they can swiftly overpower most warriors.

Shapeshifting is also an innate ability in Secresi physiology. As mentioned, they are able to change their skin tone at will. It goes significantly farther than that however, as Secresia can morph their entire bodies. From horn shape, body type, height, hair color, and more. This is primarily done to look sexually appealing to victims, gain physical strength in a fight, or for personal comfort. Secresia are limited with shapeshifting however. For example, a Secresi is unable to morph into a different race. They are also unable to change their height significantly, or change their skin to non-skin features such as scales. Horns are rather limited as well, and they can not change position from where they are rooted.

Under a Secresi's skin lies numerous glands which can produce a sweet-smelling, neurotoxic and psychedelic scent. It is used for the purpose of ensnaring victims who come close to a Secresi, their first wave of offense. The scent has been equated to many things, such as melting candy, honey, vanilla, sweet flowers, and even sublime cooked or baked goods. It may draw someone in easier than a Secresi's appearance, making it a perfect tool that they use frequently. For sane Secresia, they usually emit this scent subconsciously, mostly when experiencing romantic feelings. It is a telltale sign of lust as a result.

Lust Magic

As previously mentioned, Secresia are naturally knowledgeable with magic. Said magic abilities are commonly associated with lust, as they are perfect for illusionary or hypnotic purposes. Most of the time, Secresia subliminally use their magic in the form of a lustful "Aura", which is able to influence the emotions of passerbys. This aura combined with their scent allows a Secresi to lure people in, tricking them into coming closer. Once close, the aura works to manipulate the minds of the victim. This can be used in various ways, such as making a victim become overwhelmed by intense sexual desires. It can also be used to induce euphoria, making victims fall limp and succumb to such feelings.

Secresia typically use illusions to their advantage as well. While their aura may have a limited psychedelic effect, it is a Secresi's experience with illusion which completely ensnares a victim. Illusionary arts are one of the most effective techniques that Secresia use, since they are highly detailed and able to fool both the mind and the eyes. Many times, a Secresi will use these illusions to make themselves look even more attractive. This is often the case if said Secresi doesn't want to waste energy by shapeshifting. Secresia are also immune to illusions, as their senses are finely tuned to see through any false aspects of reality, even those that seem like true reflections.

Not only will a Secresi use illusions, but they have great capabilities when it comes to possession. For people with great paranoia or mental fortitude, a Secresi may possess someone a victim trusts in order to do their bidding. Secresia have also possessed their victims directly, using their powers to force actions from those who succumb. Possession is draining to a Secresi, which usually makes it reserved for those with magic resistance. It is thought to be a Secresi's last line of alluring defense before attacking victims directly.


Secresia are exceedingly rare when it comes to Haven's races, as there are only several tens of thousands all across the planet. They are usually kept to minute communities, placed mainly across Zazriel though there are several in Bariquel and Rahmiel. In these tight-knit communities, sane Secresia thrive alongside one another. Communities do not usually discriminate against other races, and are focused on the well-being of all people. It is through these communities have Secresia started to grow once more, in a much more peaceful manner compared to the Red Moon.

Aside from their communities, Secresia thinly inhabit kingdoms all across Haven. The Verdant Grove houses the most Secresia out of any major nation, and is also the only one which is fully accepting of them. Other places such as the Westland Empire and the Eastern Union often discriminate against Secresi, as many citizens view them as inherently evil. Their association with dark magic also makes them a target by those seeking to eradicate them. Additionally, Secresia have a disproportionate rate of trafficking, as there are significant populations utilized for some kind of forced labor. Sexual trafficking is also disproportionately high. While most Secresi can resist the power of those who want to traffick them, there are those who are groomed from a young age to perform such acts for others.


In terms of culture, Secresia have adopted or branched off of others. In the 30 years, original demonic cultures have changed to become less tribal, though some sects still retain an extremist or cultist behavior. Converted Secresi will most likely retain their original ways, save for rare instances of complete amnesia after transformation. These converted Secresi populate communities with such cultures, though they may be at odds with "Pure" Secresia, or those from Apotheosis. Internal disputes in Secresi communities are mostly between the older Pure Secresia and the converted ones.

New demonic cultures have resulted in widespread curiosity and discrimination. Secresi culture is often twisted in the eyes of outsiders, making them appear to be malicious or ill-willed. Outside of Zazriel, an average Secresi is prone to significantly more prejudice for this reason. Many Secresia are also aware of the stigma surrounding them, and simply live their lives as best they can, despite the hardships that arrive from it.

Since Secresia are very rare, a sub-culture of marriage surrounds their race. If a non-Secresi manages to take one as a husband or wife, they are perceived to be very wealthy or powerful. This is often equated to wrangling a beast, as those who can control or befriend a demon are thought of as strong people. This perception is the most common in Bariquel, as several wealthy men have attempted and succeeded with taking a Secresi as their wedded partner. Such Secresia are given discrimination still, though their status is generally higher than a Secresi who lives in isolation or with other Secresi.

Doorways like the one imaged above are often summoned by Secresi to fulfill services.

Secresia also fill various roles which were once rare or undesirable. Across Zazriel, many a Secresi have taken the opportunity to use their powers to help others. Services have been created in their wake, aiding common citizens however they can. The most popular services are ones relating to efficient travel. Many Secresi employ themselves as chauffeurs and guides, opening "doors" to destinations or teleporting people. Across Zazriel, Secresia are sought after for these abilities, as some nobles have hired them as entertainers and performers. A few have even gone so far as to hire Secresia as bodyguards. Secresia are usually employed by the wealthier classes, however.