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The Paramount Domains of Sedrua (Often shortened to Sedrua) is a magocratic oligarchy, centralized in the Suvaren Field in Aylothn. It is the third largest entity in Aylothn, with a territorial size of about 11.29 billion star systems. It is the most powerful singular civilization in the Aylothn, being Type 3.073 on the Kardashev Scale. Sedrua is also home to 16 octillion individuals, making it the third-most populated entity in Aylothn. Its most prominent capital is Bakeyatalla, an incomplete shellworld around a supermassive black hole. Its largest cultural capital is Zushilo, a world of great historical importance to the Sedruan people.

Sedrua formed in 126,428 BCE, after Mother Sydiah finished The Architects some months prior. It was originally created as a way to control the Bahattes and allow the Chosen of Sydiah to remain as a powerful government The Architects led Sedrua alongside Sydiah, constructing much of its infrastructure and populating worlds with cloned individuals. After establishment, Sydiah finalized Sedrua's government, electing Architects into her cabinet. The nation was founded as a magocracy, with Sydiah aiming to elect people who were 'fit', or chosen, for leadership. Ideals of communalism and equity came with Sydiah, as she promised to teach Aeternalism and create an opulent society.

In the years beyond, Sedrua grew. Victory against the United Provinces in 125,112 BCE set the nation as a dominant power. Sectors were created for many species as it became an intergalactic nation, reaching Via Lacrimosa in 112,436 BCE. The population appeared to be satisfied, permitting further expansion and leading Sedrua to its height in the 107,000s. However, expansion slowed and the Wane of Reality prevented Sedrua from advancing much further. Subsequent unrest crippled Sedrua, and the nation entered a slow decline from the 103,000s BCE to the 10,400s CE.

From then until Aylothn's Totality, Sedrua was an extremely isolationist nation. It did however fund coups and attempt to start war amongst other nations. National ideology changed after the Commonwealth declared war, though it ended in a stalemate. The War of the Ancients was not much different, but Sedrua opened itself to the rest of Aylothn. Mother Sydiah's re-emergence and the death of Vurilia has changed the landscape of Sedrua once again, as it now focuses to be expansionist.


Sedrua is a unitary magocratic oligarchy, run by the Chosen of Sydiah and its head, Mother Sydiah. The Chosen is a cabinet of 719 individuals, who are selected by Sydiah in a way which she sees fit. There also exist provincial representatives which may suggest changes to the cabinet. Sedrua's current government is recent, changing from a representative oligarchy to an authoritarian magocracy when Mother Sydiah enforced her rule. This has brought up many concerns about people's rights, representation, and government activities. While much of the Sedruan populace disagreed with initial reform, its approval rating now stands at around 93%.

Those selected by Sydiah are experienced Magi, with a history of deep military or wealthy backgrounds. She may also excuse anyone from the cabinet at any time. Sydiah acts as the most influential person in Sedrua's government, labeling herself as a 'divine ruler'. She leads the Sedruan cabinet, and monitors representatives. In a sense, her rule is undivided, as she change laws and perform many actions without permission. While the cabinet may influence her choices, Sydiah may overturn any requests from it.

In recent years, Sydiah finished her gradual changes in Sedrua's government. Disagreement with the government has largely died alongside the nation's old ways. Sydiah's beliefs are unchanging however, as she has continually promised a new expansion of Sedrua. Ever since her leadership began, annual change in territory has sharply increased, as has quality of life and satisfaction. Additionally, technology has been refined under Sydiah, including the re-vitalization of the Intergalactic Gateways and the Eyes of Sedrua. This has brought Sedrua under more cohesion and stability in the modern day.

Divine Ruler

Mother Sydiah

Mother Sydiah
Divine Ruler of the Paramount Domains of Sedrua
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Creed.png Chosen of Sydiah
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Chosen of Sydiah
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