416,100 BCE - Present


The Paramount Domains of Sedrua, usually referred to as Sedrua, is a Great Power located entirely in the reach of the Tyolunsk Galaxy and surrounding embassy territories in the Aylothn Galaxy. Formerly, Sedrua was known to encompass the entire Aylothn-Lactea Group, making it the most expansive and influential empire at one point. Popularized primarily for its rise, fall, culture, mysticism, and uniquity, Sedrua is known to be one of the most peculiar nations in the Local Universe. Sedrua, however, is primarily noted for its very high development, heavy level of megastructures, and isolationist nature which has promoted its internal growth.

The society of Sedrua, existing as an independent and isolationist-leaning mentality, is mostly focused on the well-being of Sedrua citizens, development of the nation, and the safety of everyone involved. The nation of Sedrua, as a result, has held a paranoid attitude to rival powers or exterior nations. This has culminated in many troubling scenarios, such as the War over Heaven among others. It is said that this mindset of Sedruan Society developed not too far after a period of regression, which lasted until the War of the Ancients. --

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