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The Seia System is a binary one with two binary red dwarfs. It is located in Iskadi, in Herschel Space. It belongs to the Intergalactic Federation, one of the Lewis Nations. The Planet Hermes, the capital of the Intergalactic Federation sector in Iskadi, orbits Seia B, being the most populated planet in the entire system.

While Seia B hold the most populated planet and the capital, the number of planets orbiting Seia A is bigger. In fact, its the only star holding several Gas giants on its orbit. The Total population of the System is 275 Billion, making it the most populated system in the Entire Intergalactic Sector of Iskadi.

Seia A

The system has a total of 9 planets, most of whom have either dome or floating colonies built on them. The total population is 98 Billion. The most populated is Azulia, the Biggest Gas giant, which has in turn rings around it. Large floating cities have been built here, making it the most populated area in Seia A.

The system is well populated and the economy is mostly based on resource extraction (mostly gas and minerals). At the same time, some important research center are located here with many other areas dedicated to shipbuilding.

Seia A Planets and Moons.jpg

The planets are:

  1. Fodalia: It's a maJor scientific center, with an importance in mining and Solar energy production. Omakai, its moon, holds a big secret state security center. Ruins of Vemex have been found but no ruins of the Jekets have ever been taken. The total population of the planet is 5 Billion.
  2. Kolinar: Its the second largest Gas Giant in the system, it has several large floating cities. Its mainly used in Chemicals, and Products derived from there, as well as some minor services. Some of its moon also produce hydroponic food. The total population of the gas giants and its moons is 13 Billion
  3. Habiloth: The planet was the first colony ever established in Seia A. Soon after the settlement of Hermes, the Capital, some settlers build here a small outpost to fuel research and extract minerals. The Planet served then as a main point for colonization of the entire system. The planet is known for minerals, food production, services, and manufacturing. Holds a total population of 16 Billions.
  4. Vanara: It's full of floating cities that extract gases, while the colonies in the moons served as mining centers. Some large factories can also be found here. Has a total population of 14 Billion.
  5. Gorga: It has mining outpost on its moons and hydroponic centers for food. Large chemical plants also exist, most notably in Laon, which is the most populated moon. The total population of the planet is 7 Billion.
  6. Thisilia: Its a large gas giants, used for gas straction and chemicals, as well as banking outsources from Hermes. It holds the largest moon Calima, who has many manufacture center, administrative facilities, and engineer centers. The population is 11 Billion.
  7. Esan: Most of the Planet is completely focus on Shipbuilding industries and related activities. As in the rest of the system, mining also plays a big role in the local economy. Services and Finance are also quite important in the moon of Zakul. The total population is 8 Billion.
  8. Azulia: The entire economy is based on three activities, Robotics, computing and informatics, mining and gas production. Food and ship activities are also relevant. This economic boom has attracted many migrants, which have made the floating cities of Azulia and its moons the largest populated settlements in the Seia A system. They were the second region, after Habiloth to be settled by Federal Colonist. The population has a total of 17 Billion.
  9. Levda: Its main activities are centered through water extraction, providing for the whole system. It is also a producer of energy and a large harbour for travelling between the Seia A and Seia B systems. This has made it hold some important entertainment, and Shipbuilding industries. The total population is 7 Billion.

Seia B

Its the most populated system, with around 152 Billion inhabitants, 66 of whom live in the planet Hermes, capital of the Intergalactic Federation in Iskadi. The rest of the system is made by 4 rocky worlds.

Seia B Planets and Moons (no sun).jpg
  1. Kamarka: The entire planet has a total population of 23 Billion, and is known as a research center and robotic manufacture. Ruins of the Jeket have been found, but not of the Vemex. Most Jeket seemed to retreat back from the planet or hold a small resistance, since no Vemex traces have been found.
  2. Hermes: The most important world and capital of the Intergalactic Federal Sector in Iskadi. It's also the oldest Federal planet to be colonize in the Galaxy. It was colonized illegally and is used as the main economic hub of the entire sector. It has a total population of 66 Billion.
  3. Tuvalu: It's the closest to Hermes. It holds mining, military, manufacturing and shipbuilding activities. It has a total population of 26 Billion in all, 6 of Which live in Tuvalu domes.
  4. Serenda: Its a world known for its mining, Chemical refineries and research facilities. The planet has extensive ruins of Vemex bases as well as Jeket bases. The planet has 22 Billion people.
  5. Irimo: It's the largest planet, with Entertainment, Research, Energy production and Ship-related industries as its main economic activities. Its moons are used for mining and as local areas to travel outside the System, as it is the further planet from the star. It has a total population of 15 Billion counting its satellites too. Ruins of the Jeket and Vemex have been found here.

Planets Orbiting Seia A and B

They are two, known as Manra and Iklo. They orbit both suns in very large orbits. They hold the Wormhole facility that connects all of the Intergalactic Federation Sector in Iskadi with the rest of the nation's territory in other Galaxies. Among both worlds, they hold a total of 25 Billion people inhabiting a large military facility and the Wormhole travel facilities, as well as the main buildings needed to support the colonies (Food and services for the settlers maintenance and viability).

Seia A-B Planets.jpg
  • Manra: It's a planet used mostly as a main Military Facility. It holds the biggest military base in the entire system and the biggest in the Entire I.F territory. It has a total population of 8 Billion.
    • Anais: The moon is a entertainment center, as well as a luxury based driven point. The population of Anais is 6 Billion.
  • Iklo: The planet is used as the main hub to travel outside Iskadi. Its filled with travellers from all over the I.F, who flock here to go to other places in the Universe through the Wormhole placed nearby. It's a resting entertainment place for travelers and people on waiting. Iklo has a total population of 10 Billion
    • Hoba and Sese: have a total population all together of 1 Billion, most of which live in Hoba at 792 million while Sese has 208 million. Hoba holds an important assisting point for incoming ships and as an entertainment place for travelers and people on stop over. It is infamous for its Red districts and lushfull ambiance. Sese is a mining and Hydroponic center for food.

Alien Civilizations

The were two main civilizations who had a relevant impact in the system, the Jeket and the Vemex.

The Jeket Civilization

Its the most important, as it was the most numerous. It populated Hermes, that they new as Ejda, and soon it became a relevant place for them in the outskirts of the Galactic territory. The planet had several Religious centers, who have been proven to be a pilgrimage location for many, even in the core worlds. They used ritual sacrifices in the Temple dedicated to the Twin Dwarf Suns. In Jeket belief, they worshipped the stars of every system that contained a habitable world for them, as a sign of the gods, made for them. They brought with them many slaves from other subjugated alien species. That is one of the reasons for the lack of advance species in the Alba , Muriel and Isabela Quadrants of the Galaxy. The only two alien species located in this quadrants are primitive, and most probably evolved later or originated from remnants of Jeket slaves (this is still a matter of discussion among experts).

However, according to ruins, fossils and remains, they were conquered by their long time Vemex enemy. Record exist that war among them had already started and was a key reason for the Vemex to launch a big scale assault into the Jeket Galaxy, which they could not repel. The biological weapon released by the Jeket seems to have wipe out the entire Jeket species as well as the Vemex and the slaves. This comes to no surprise since the Jeket practised ritualistic suicide, and prefered to kill themselves to extinction rather than submit themselves to the Vemex.

The Vemex Civilization

This intergalactic species came to the Galaxy to finally end the long conflict with the native Jeket in their home territory. They conquered Hermes, and erected their own temples (some above Jeket temples) as they were afraid of the sanctity of Hermes, that in their language they called Eida (derived from Ejda, from their conquered Jekets). Soon they started to build up facilities in the System and enslaved most of the Jekets that could not scape. Same happened to the Jeket Alien slaves. However, large amounts of Jekets practiced ritualistic massive suicide ceremonies to avoid falling into the Vemex hands. Vemexian colonist seem to have arrived here more than in other systems, and the planets here grew in importance. A large military outpost was build to serve as a center of attacks for the core worlds.

When the Jeket were losing the war and its end seemed inevitable, they unleashed a biological weapon that wiped out the entire Jeket and Vemex civilizations, alongside all of the Alien species that were enslaved. This biological weapons seems to have been taken too by Jeket slaves to the home galaxy of the Vemex.