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Sentyla as viewed by interstellar probes launched by the Orcians in 1426, a year before colonisation began.


Sentyla, a temperate terra. It has 10 moons, two larger moons and eight captured asteroids. It's gravitational pull is 1.35 g. It is about 4.3 billion years old.

Climate & Life

Tilted about 49 degrees on its axis, the climate is relatively calm but with far more stormier seasons, including powerful hurricanes. Small forests scatter the surface, but the trees appear larger but shorter due to the gravity. 

Sentyla has large oceans, but not as numerous most other similar worlds. The seas are home to thousands of species, far more intruging than those found on land. 


Discovered in 1426 by the Orcians' space probes, it was colonised a year later in 1427. The Amatrian government had drawn up plans to create a Gateway, similar to the ones found at Hyperion and Barsoom. The gateway was constructed in 1493 and became fully functional. The first mission using the gateway was used to arrive at the edge of the galaxy as the energy used wasn't powerful enough to reach intergalactic distances.

The gateway made way for new gateways across the galaxy that were connected. In 1501, the Nettarn Network was founded and served as the company maintaining the gateways, repairing them if required. 

As of 10,000 CE, the global population is around 9 billion, with a large portion being very religious.