The Serpentine are a late type two species and genome of vaguely humanoid Serpentes organisms native to planet Vitride Vitrum in the Realm of Resonance of the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 28,000 BCE all the way to the present year.

They served as one of the: "Triad of Opposition". A title given by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems to the three respective species that held majority control over the Ambrosia Galaxy's Realm of Resonance at the time.


The Serpentine are one of the most influential species in the Ambrosia Galaxy's post Etymology history. Well at least for the Realm of Resonance as they held majority control over the galactic region for several thousands of years.

Unlike most intragalactic governments and species of the Ambrosia Galaxy that spread themselves amongst multiple worlds, the Serpentine held a very tight and firm control over the around five billion star systems they had dominion over. The reason for this is the inborn nature that all Serpentine, and Serpentine variants have, which makes them subservient to those in positions of power.

They had, and continue to have quite the prosperous history as a people. Though embroiling themselves into numerous conflicts with other intelligent species, they wouldn't have any conflicts among themselves due to their aforementioned inborn nature.

They are extreme speciesists, hating any species that do not have Serpentine traits. Due to this, and their inborn nature, they would cause the extinction of numerous other intelligent species through the act of crossbreeding. Thanks to this crossbreeding, individual Serpentine vary greatly in between each other, however pure blood Serpentine are regarded in higher standing compared to those who are multi blooded.

One of the most famous things about them as a species would be their rivalry with their respective sister-species native to Vitride Vitrum's sister-world, Serpenlacum known as the Antitine. They themselves were their own version of a vaguely humanoid serpent species, though this would prove to be the only commonality between the two. Although the Serpentine would control much more of the Realm of Resonance then the Antitine, they continued to be a thorn in their side for the entirety of their respective existences. Though they were made to make peace by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, and the larger Intergalactic Confederacy, the bad blood between the two never really ended.

They were one of, if not the biggest player(s) of the Realm of Resonance 's Fantasía Period, a period of time where various type two species and civilizations that fought over control of their respective galactic region in various ways in the closing millennias of the Ambrosia Galaxy's C.Y.R.E.X Era.

As well, they are credited to be responsible for the creation of the artificial species, the Anciilis. Though they technically didn't: "create" them. Instead, they reactivated several Possessionem factories across several worlds they held control over in the Realm of Resonance . And like the Etymology before them, they would use them as maids and servants to play to their own egos. Eventually however, they would become independent, and revolt against the Serpentine, with them becoming a major power themselves.

Now, they are one of the most influential and numerous member(s) of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems after their joining in 28,000 CE after the war known as the: "Invasion of the Serpentine," though it being referred to as a: "war" is questionable at best.


The physical appearance of Serpentines have changed neigh-countless times in their history as a species due to their frequent crossbreeding, to the point that calling the Serpentine as a singular species can be debated upon. However a few constants are known to those who have Serpentine genes within them.

The first is that they are covered in several thousands of snakelike scales, universally taking an emerald green coloring. These scales served as a defensive armor for their respective hosts, giving them a host of defensive suites, allowing them to shrug off injuries that would otherwise be deadly to other species of similar composition.

In extremely rare cases, those with Serpentine genes may appear with golden colored scales. Those who have them, are revered as living Gods by Serpentine who have green coloring. If the species that the Serpentine gene belongs to has hair, then that hair color will appear the same as their respective scale coloring. The same follows for their eyes.

Another would be that a tail like appendage would be placed somewhere on their person. If a human had Serpentine genes, it would be located on their posterior. While if it was in the equally prevalent Zythyns, then the tail would be placed on their right elbow. In some cases, the tail may replace entire other appendages such as legs or arms, it all depends on the mix of species and level of Serpentine genes.

They will also possess two sharp canine fangs on the sides of their mouths, if the respective species has a mouth of course. Even if they naturally lack teeth, they will still have the fangs. In their mouths they will also have a long tongue that could extend up to two feet in front of them, giving them a threatening appearance to other species.

Even with all of these differences between Serpentine, pure blood Serpentine still exist, however they are few in number. Pure blood Serpentine are referred to as the Pura-Anguis, which literally means: "Pure Snake".

Those who are pure blood are even more serpent like, with them lacking any form of legs, having a long snake like body leading up to where their pelvis would be. On the sides of their torso are two arms, with two hands with five finger appendages at the end of them. Their heads take the appearance of the Ophiophagus hannah, Or "King Cobra" reptile species native to planet Earth.

Pure blood's were also quite tall, standing at eight feet (two meters) normally. As well, they were fairly light for their height, only weighing one hundred and eighty pounds (eighty one kilograms), allowing them to move around fairly quickly, and with relative ease.

Their diet consists of exclusively meats from various life forms. Those with Serpentine genes are able to process any form of meat as consumable food. However during their relative early years as a species, they relied on the native fauna of their home world.

Their abilities of sight, smell, and hearing are completely dependent of the respective species that the Serpentine gene is attached to. However pure blood Serpentine could see three hundred and thirty feet away, as well as hear in a seventy feet radius.

Pure blood Serpentine are unisex, meaning they have no concept of individual gender. Each and every Serpentine both mixed, and pure blood reproduce the same way. They achieve this by using some sort of inborn psychic connection, not uncommon in the Ambrosia Galaxy. With this ability, they would sort of scan an individual of the respective species they wish to reproduce. Once done, a replica of themselves and the other respective individual will begin to form within them, eventually emerging after a three standard year period. Unlike most *known* species, those with Serpentine genes emerge fully grown. Theoretically, an individual with Serpentine genes can do this endlessly throughout their immortal life, however their other duties usually prevent them from replicating extremely often.

Though other species that have Serpentine genes with physical genders will take the appearance of whatever gender that respective individual happens to be, they will be functionally useless and they will operate as if they are a pure blood.


The collective behavior of Serpentine is the same to those who are both pure blood, and those with the Serpentine genome, and that behavior would be made up of a complex, unspoken rigid hierarchy that would be placed within them at birth. The exact reason this is remains unknown to all outside observers, and even the Serpentine themselves as they view it as just: "The way it is." Because of this, no known wars have ever erupted amongst themselves, only warring with other intelligent species.

Another constant in Serpentine behavior would be an extreme speciesism and aversion towards other intelligent species that lacked Serpentine traits. Because of this, they will attempt to supplant rival intelligent species by replicating them with Serpentine traits, which they were fairly successful in, causing many species to go extinct and leaving behind the Serpentine versions of them, causing their empire to be quite diverse.

The most famous commonality in their behavior would be the extreme revulsion towards their rival species, the Antitine. another serpent like race from their sister-world of Serpenlacum. Ever since their discovery, the Serpentine would attempt to eradicate them at every turn, however due to their technological strength being evenly matched, neither have been able to destroy the other. Another reason for this hate is that they are unable to replicate them, as they stand as a constant reminder of non-Serpentine life.

Once born, the individual Serpentine will preform whatever duty they were predetermined to have by the same mysterious force that compels them to the Potentate, and they will never question the role they are given or any command given by someone in a position of authority.

Unlike most *known* intelligent species, the Serpentine did not discover virtual immortality. Instead, they always had the ability as they did not really age. If their body became too damaged or withered to operate, then they will begin to shed their body into another one, completely regenerated from the damage done. However, if they do not regenerate themselves in time after sufficient damage was done, then they will be dead.

They have no concept of relationship be them familial, friendship, or romantic, they act cold and distant from any other beings, other then those above them in cultural standing of course. The only *known* exception to this rule would be the famous: "Serpentine that Loved" covered in the famous novel of the same name.

Because of this, other species in the Ambrosia Alliance view them with disdain at best, and utter hatred at worst. With this, you'd think they wouldn't last long in the civilization, however due to their technological strength and territory size, they have remained. In fact, it has been outlawed to treat a Serpentine with any form of aggression, as they are unable to help their cold demeanor due to the aforementioned reasons.


The culture of both pure blood Serpentine, and those with the genome act pretty collectively. Each and every Serpentine acts in the same sort of unspoken rigid hierarchy they behave under, with those who are resigned to lower echelons in Serpentine society, as well as those who are selected as the respective leaders in various fields.

All those within the Serpentine culture swears absolute fealty to the Serpentine Potentate: "The Immortal Sidena". All those in the culture hold the Potentate as the most important thing in the universe, even holding them above Golden-Scaled Serpentine, thinking of the Potentate in every action they do during every moment of every day, to the point that one can view it as a complete obsession that they all share.

As previously mentioned, those Serpentine born with the rare trait of golden scales are held above those who do not, to the point of divine reverence. Though, they are not held above the Serpentine Potentate. Due to this, the Immortal Sidena surrounds themselves around Golden-Scaled Serpentine in the higher ranking positions in the government.

Due to this, and the extreme rate that Serpentine can reproduce, once they joined the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, they were forbidden from reproducing more than once, for fears that they could undermine the civilization by overpopulating themselves within their worlds. However this law is often broken by Serpentine regardless.

Something very common in Serpentine nobility, would be the removal of their respective left eye(s), a practice preformed by both pure blood and those with Serpentine traits. The reason for this is due to their Potentate's lack of a right eye, it's a symbolic gesture towards their beloved leader.


The universal government that all Serpentine fall under for all tine would be an autocracy revolved around a singular individual, the previously mentioned Potentate Immortal Sidena. The reason for this, like many facts about the Serpentine, remain unknown, and will most likely stay as such. Due to this, the Serpentine government was never bogged down by special interests, individual interests, or any other folly of other intelligent species governments. Instead, each and every thing the Serpentine government did was all under the whim of the Potentate's will.

This can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, this combined with their inborn nature resulted in no personal freedoms for any other Serpentine. But on the other, it allowed the Serpentine to act in complete autonomy, easily allowing them to conquer billions of star systems and countless worlds. This, combined with their technological superiority, led them to be one of them most dominant forces during the Fantasía Period.

After their joining of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, their own interpersonal government and culture would remain unaffected, however they would have to operate under the larger rules and laws implemented by the Ambrosia Alliance. Or else face not only their wrath, but the larger and more powerful wrath of the Intergalactic Confederacy.


The Serpentine were the most technologically impressive species and civilization in the Fantasía Period, and this was due to a few reasons. The first would be the use of a versatile energy conducting materiel which made up the surface of their home planet, Vitride Vitrum known as: "Iaspis Viridis".

This materiel takes the appearance of large green-colored crystals that were covered in countless miniature super particles. These super particles could conduct and create countless levels of energy that could be used to power virtually anything if you had the imagination for it. However, this particle can be very fickle, often times if an individual attempts to use it, it will simply not work in the way they desire for some unknown reason, with them only working around twenty percent of the time. But due to the sheer abundance of the self replenishing materiel on their home world, these frustrations can be easily dealt with. As well, they do not last long, with the respective particles falling apart very quickly, causing their to be need for constant replenishment on the piece of technology in question.

Another reason for their technological dominance would be the fact that they reclaimed numerous pieces of technology belonging to the even more technologically powerful Etymology. These ranged from various pieces of weaponry and star ships. To more interesting things like artificial entities that could lay waste to entire armies that opposed them.

Most famous of these would be the Anciilis, a group of hundreds of trillions of reclaimed Possessionem they made to be maids, servants, and various other subservient roles. They would make them to take the appearance of their rivals, the Antitine, even giving a name sounding very similar to them. In a stroke of comical irony however, they would be easily able to rebel against them across billions of Serpentine worlds, allowing them to become their own powerful player of the game of the Fantasía Period.

Once they joined the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, they would combine their technology with their own, causing the Serpentine to have access to even greater technologies. Chief among them would be intergalactic travel, as now they felt they could spread the Serpentine traits to all species of the known universe and beyond.


The Serpentine's history begins when the respective snake like creature of Vitride Vitrum gained sentience in 107,960 BCE. As it developed and reproduced, it would need to grow larger to reach prey farther up, making it grow up to eight feet. As well, it would need arms to grab things and operate tools, causing it to develop arms. Eventually, it would evolve into what we would know as the Serpentine in 28,000 BCE. This individual snake creature would become to be known as the: "The Immortal Sidena", the first Serpentine in existence.

Once fully evolved, countless other snake creatures that evolved at the same time would become Serpentines themselves, eventually becoming a full fledged species. The other Serpentines would all follow the Immortal Sidena, making them their leader, calling them their Potentate.

They would follow their Potentate throughout the ages. And these ages would advance extreme quickly, with the discovery of fire only thirteen standard years after their evolution, to writing and language only twenty standard years later. This would continue from the discovery of metallurgy in 17,800 BCE, to the discovery of electricity in 3000 BCE. How or why a seemingly simple species was able to advance so quickly remains a mystery. But regardless, they would continue to grow.

In 2,600 BCE, the first Serpentine operated mission to Vitride Vitrum's moon Serpenlacum would be launched. Once arriving, they would discover the native life on the moon, answering their Eternal Question that they never asked. Most importantly, they would discover the Antitine. Though the Antitine didn't act to them with kindness, they didn't assault them in anyway. However the Serpentine would not act so neighborly, and they would be disgusted by the blue-colored serpent people. Thus, the Serpentine astronauts would foolishly attack them. They were quickly killed of course, but that didn't matter to the Serpentine. They saw them as a blight, a blight they were going to wipe out.

After this they would dedicate all technological advancements towards fighting the Antitine, and they would respond in kind, causing the two species to go back and forth, killing each other on their respective home worlds in this interbarycenter conflict.

They would continue to meet each other in every technological advancement, however the Serpentine would think they gained the upper hand, with the discovery and use of the Iaspis Viridis particle. With this, they obtained faster then light travel in 100 BCE. Unfortunately for them though, the particle would also find a home in Serpenlacum, leaving them in a stalemate yet again. However this time it would be waged amongst the stars instead of their native orbit, starting the Realm of Resonance 's Fantasía Period.

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