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"Cursed be the day the Seyvo left Ralteyo -The Exile's Journal, 99.949 CE

The Seyvo Republic is a primarily Lyncisian state located in the eastern Lyncisian Sphere, bordering the Eastern Caitian Republic to the west and the Tychon Empire to the east. As one of the most populous and largest states in the Sphere, the Republic is a major power within it and highly influential in the states surrounding it. Its capital world is Seyvar.

Created in the first year of the commonly used Seyvo calendar (98,088 CE), the Republic has consolidated its position as one of the most important powers in the regional galaxy, relying largely on its heavily militaristic nature and economic strength to directly or indirectly influence its neighbors both outside and within the Lyncisian Sphere. Ruled by two presidents at any given time, participation in the state‘s political structures is only available to those that served in the Seyvo Republican Armed Forces for a certain amount of time or with distinction. These rules extend to suffrage as well. Military service is mandatory for every citizen of legal age within the Republic, regardless of species, gender, social status or other factors. The only restriction is that only humanoid species (referred to as Seyvo passable) may serve in the ground forces, while both the navy and air force are open to every species.

As of the current year, 1912, the Seyvo Republic is embroiled in a large-scale war with the neighboring Tychon Empire, who have taken control of most of the Republic‘s eastern territories. Current military estimates suggest that the Republic will not survive the century unless drastic measures are taken. These measures include, but are not limited to large-scale orbital bombardments, sterilization of overrun worlds and the extension of the draft to non-Seyvo passable species, as well as to citizens below the legal age of their respective species.

Seyvo Republic
Seyvo Republic
98,088 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Seyvar, Ivixor, Akhavin, Zho Rukh
Economic Type
Market Liberal
Democracy Index
272.826 Quintillion Seyvo Asar
Military Status
Regional Power
Economic Status
Regional Power


The territory that makes up the Seyvo Republic is located in the easternmost parts of the Lyncisian Sphere, a region of space stretching across several thousand light years that is primarily inhabited by the Lyncisian species. Formed out of various smaller states in the year 1 of the Seyvo calendar, the Republic was unique among Lyncisian states at the time for its tolerance of minority species, granting them all rights that the Lyncisians possessed. The heavily militaristic society of the Seyvo, as the Lyncisians living in the east call themselves, was directly transferred into the state institutions of the Republic, ensuring the rule of the military at all times, while still remaining within the confines of a republican system.

Over the following centuries, the Republic expanded in all directions, reaching its largest extent in the 1400s and becoming one of the major powers within the Lyncisian sphere. This position of power changed with the beginning of the Tychon-Seyvo war. The Tychon, who had spent most of their existence in isolation, quickly started overwhelming the Seyvo forces through their sheer number of servitor species, as well as the prowess of the Tychon species itself. The territories annexed by them were subsequently plundered, and as of the current year, the Tychon are in a position to invade the densely populated Seyvo heartlands, with the Seyvo taking ever more desperate measures to prevent this.



The Republic is built on a presidential system, with there always being two presidents in power. Though not constitutionally demanded, it has become common practice for one of the two presidential candidates to belong to a non-Lyncisian species residing within the Republic. The presidents hold vast executional powers, which among many others include the sole right to declare war on whoever they choose.

The governmental district of the capital, Seyvestan

Elections are held every 10 years, with presidents being able to be re-elected for two consecutive and a theoretically infinite number of non-consecutive terms. Due to the militaristic state structures, only military personnel above certain, species-specific ages are eligible for the office.

Subsequently, many of the presidents so far have been distinguished retired - or in some cases still active - generals and admirals of the Seyvo military. Continuing their active service after their time in office is expected, and many former presidents became celebrated individuals even long after their terms had ended.

During times of war, presidents may assume dictatorial powers, rendering the other state institutions powerless for the duration of said conflict. Constitutionally defined as „the moment a peace treaty is put into effect“, the ruling presidents must step down after this and are forbidden from running for any public office again, although they may continue or resume their military careers.


The legislative counterweight to the presidents is the Seyvo National Assembly, which consists of a total of 5000 representatives from the various sectors of the Republic. These representatives meet in the National Assembly on Seyvar at least twice a week, where they discuss laws and keep the presidents in check, making sure that their decisions do not interfere with current law.

As with all political offices of the Republic, only military personnel are eligible. The representatives serve for a limited number of 10-year terms, much like the presidents. Unlike them, however, senators are not allowed to re-enter the Assembly after their terms are over or after they are voted out of their offices. Many subsequently return to military service or run for higher offices, such as governors or as one of the presidents.



Most of the Republic‘s inhabitants belong to the Lyncisian species which originally hails from Ralteyo. As they have split into various, distinct groups long ago, a shared sense of identity is practically nonexistent among them. The Seyvo, as the Lyncisians living in this part of the Sphere are referred to, are no exception: Their culture, religion and society has evolved in a direction that is very much different from other Lyncisians - and arguably far more successful. Unlike most other Lyncisians, who often adopt other species‘ practices and traditions but keep them out of any power, the Seyvo recognize all of their state’s inhabitants as the most valuable resource there is. „Alien“ influences have not only influenced the Seyvo themselves, but the entire state, its structures and its identity. As one of the only Lyncisian states, the Republic offers complete equality to all the species inhabiting it, allowing them access to the highest offices and circles of society (provided the respective individual possesses full citizenship), and many of the Republic‘s most renowned citizens belong to non-Lyncisian species.

The Zhova, an insectoid species from the planet Zho Rukh, are the second-largest population group of the nation. Found in all parts of the Republic, Zhova influences have affected state structures of the Republic, most notably the establishment of a parliament that counterbalances the Presidents. Far more visibly, the Zhova have influenced architecture to a great extent, with most buildings across the Republic being built with distinct Zhova features that prioritize streamlined forms over the traditionally more circular architecture of the Seyvo.

One of the most prominent, yet seclusive species of the nation are the humanoid Khavinin. Mostly living in the southern Republic in a region known as Khavinistan, they rarely venture out of their homelands and prefer to stay amongst themselves. The few Khavinin that do mingle with other species have shown themselves to be exceptional individuals: Due to their long natural lifespans, outliving most Seyvo by two centuries on average, they have dedicated themselves to achieving the highest levels of education possible. Many subsequently become sought after members of the workforce. The usage of cybernetics and other technological advancements in everyday life was popularized by them, and some of the major players in the nation’s economy belong to the Khavinin.

The Crown

As the Republic controls some of the most valuable and important systems of the entire Lyncisian Sphere, it is often referred to as the Crown of the sphere. Commerce, cultural and social advancements and more are heavily concentrated in the Republic and in particular its heartlands, an area the Seyvo call the Cosmopolis. It stretches from the western border to the centrally located system Ivixor across an area of roughly 5000 light years and contains the nation‘s capital system, Norupo, as well as several of the most important, densely populated and wealthy systems.

A district of Seyvestan

The Cosmopolis is a comparatively liberal region. Defined by openness and tolerance for most differences, it is one of few areas of the Lyncisian Sphere that tolerates religious differences and is open to non-hetero sexualities - something that is not tolerated in most other Lyncisian states or even in some areas of the Republic itself. Historically, the Cosmopolis also allowed those without full citizenship to prosper, many of whom chose to dedicate their lives to the arts and sciences. This created a vibrant art scene that influenced many art movements across the Sphere, and the Cosmopolis remains a hotspot for scientific achievements to this day.


A SRAF soldier in full combat gear. Some customization of armor is allowed and widely practiced

The Seyvo are a deeply militaristic people, with the military having an immense influence on society. Service in the military (colloquially known as the SRAF) is mandatory for all individuals of their species‘ respective legal age for at least ten years. Many choose to voluntarily extend their service in order to gain political rights, which are granted after either 20 years of service or after receiving at least three military honors. Employment in many jobs across the nation, such as in the police forces, is reserved for retired military personnel that possess these rights, and in many corporations it remains an informal requirement to reach higher positions.

Military veterans are highly regarded in society, especially those with combat experience. They usually have access to better paying positions than non-veterans, cementing their place as an upper class of Seyvo society. Taking advantage of their positions to influence the politics of the Republic is seen as highly dishonorable, however, and many wealthy veterans have been executed and their wealth confiscated throughout the nation’s history for doing so.

A Seyvo warship in orbit around Ivixor

Non-military persons still possess almost all rights granted to them by the nation‘s constitution, only being barred from participating in the nation‘s politics. In practice, many are employed in low to mid-paying positions such as at harbors or other jobs in the service sector. Social mobility without a military background is still possible, but considerably harder and subsequently much less common: Only a handful of corporations have persons without a military background employed in higher positions.

Historically, almost everyone extended their military service to the required 20 years to gain political rights, but with the destructive Tychon-Seyvo War, this has gone down drastically. Many people are unwilling to risk their lives fighting this enemy for any longer than they have to, which resulted in a skyrocketing wealth inequality and class tensions across many worlds of the Republic. Those that leave the military at the end of their draft period are often left ostracized from general society and mostly reside in the growing slums of the Republic‘s larger worlds.