The Sheol Galaxy (often called "Incalescence" by those outside of the galaxy) is a Seyfert galaxy located roughly four million light-years from the Via Sagittaria Galaxy and three and a half million light-years from the Occult Galaxy. It is not within the Aylothn-Sagittaria or Telusian Groups and is equidistant between them.

At twenty billion stars, it is fairly small compared to either the Occult or Via Sagittaria galaxies. Even so, the galaxy is of great political significance due to its strategic position. Controlling this galaxy means controlling the most travelled trade-route in the local universe. Residing in the galaxy are a large number of polities. Drusidia and Sagittarium are two external polities with significant holdings in Sheol. Rendell, the Kal Federation, and the Fusion of Crowns are the largest internal nations within the galaxy.

Sheol is home to a thriving interstellar ecosystem made up of space-faring plants and animals. The most common species is Pestelentia Pestilentia with others such as Celeritas Luciem also call this galaxy home. The galaxy has a number of prominent abnormalities about it, two of which are the manifestation of beings called The Ekrosian Guardians and another that can only be described as the "entrance" of a being called Delyatu.


The galaxy formed 12.9 Gya out of cosmic dust as all typical galaxies do. The first planets formed shortly thereafter, but were entirely sterile for at least another billion years.


Kal Federation has one billion stars

Fusion of Crowns has 660 Million

Rendell is basically just a sphere of stars closest to the central black hole.

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