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The Shev'ra (roughly meaning "people's nation") is a prosperous Type 2 nation existing within Ejeunor.


The Shev'ra holds a mighty grip over 80,000 star systems with countless worlds under its grasp. As of 100K it is an ally of the Boreal Federacy, both nations exchanging goods and commerce.

The nation possesses it's own military although it isn't too active as it hasn't encountered any hostile civilisations in its galaxy.


The Shev'ra was founded in 3058 after the Shevins had colonised their first extra solar world, Ijiuptos, as they knew that they would need an interstellar nation to manage future colonies, thus, the Shev'ra was born.

After FTL was finally invented in 3063, the Shev'ra exploded in size, expanding from 10 systems to over a hundred in under a century, eventually making contact with another intelligent species known as the Kaettr in 3076 and the space-dwelling Itski in 3085, officially making it a "loose" alliance.

As of 100k CE, the Shev'ra is thriving, with countless colonies scattered throughout Ejeunor, along with some loosely governed ones beyond.

Member species

Aside from the Shevins themselves, a select other species have joined this prosperous nation.

Member species table
Name: World: Description:
Querna Jaytov A formerly primitive species native to the tidally locked world of Jaytov, having been uplifted by the Shevins and integrated into the Shev'ra. They are tripedal in appearance, having upright bodies and three eyes and highly lanky arms with four spindly fingers.

At the time of their discovery they were a species in decline, being killed off by a virus. Luckily with Shevin help, this virus was soon studied and eradicated. The Querna view the Shevins as their saviours an are among their cloest allies.

Kaettr Iyatim A crystalline species from the titan-like moon of Iyatim and were the first intelligent species contacted by Shevins. While one may not suspect it, they are intelligent and had already developed advanced spaceflight at the time of their discovery in 3076.
Itski Various airless worlds A space dwelling species inhabiting airless S-class worlds. Officially the second race contacted to join the Shev'ra. They are somewhat mollusk-esque in appearance and, having silicon shells and their own exo-suit ships to propel themselves to other systems.

The Itski are unique for their natural bioligical transmitters which allow them to communicate in the airless vacuum, often gathering in large communities either on the surface of a planet or even in space.

Although part of the Shev'ra, they can never go into an atmopshere or a world with signicant gravity as their bodies would collapse in on themsevles and implode from the sheer pressure.