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The Shev from 1au away

This object is something that ejects anything that falls in, but whatever that thing is, it ages a lot by the time it escapes. But, to us, it goes in and out instantly.


Like a black hole, it has a strong gravitational pull that captures hot gas and subjects objects to extreme tidal forces, but unlike a black hole, these forces are much more erratic than normal black holes. Like a pulsar, it spins quickly (403,555,294 hz), but unlike a pulsar, it emits amplified versions of radio signals that fall in, instead of static across multiple wavelengths.

However, the age of signals that have been beamed in have been a few seconds old by the time it gets to the event horizon(?). When they come out, they range between 1 year old and 900 billion years old. That is almost 70 times the age of the universe. For this reason the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy has it classed as an anomaly, as it is extremely dangerous to go near.

Probes getting close to the Shevukaun do not observe time dilation like with black holes, but time runs normally everywhere despite the strong gravity. Perhaps it is capable of splitting the fabrics of space and time apart, allowing time to run independently of space.



One expedition was sent into the Shevukaun to see what was inside. Superluminal ships can escape black holes and power past the 1>c spacetime current. The upper portion represents the interior of a black hole, and the lower portion represents outer space.

Exp-1 was commanded to warp away as soon as it had spent 10 seconds falling inside. But, instead, as soon as it hit the cloudy yellow barrier, a piece of debris flung out near the speed of light according to nearby doppler sensors. Once a ship matched velocities with the debris, it had turned out to be that expedition. The Exp-1 debris clocked in at 3,000 years old, meaning that the crew had long gone before they got to leave the Shevukaun. Further analysis show that the crew of genetically modified humans (lifespan 2,500 years) survived until the year 2,000, when something hit the ship at quite some speed. Debates still occur over the cause of this.

Since then, it has been made illegal to go near the Shevukaun. All superluminal drives refuse to target the object unless you are a member of the UNFG government with high clearance.