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The following is a intergalactically-approved scale for measuring the size, capacity and complexity of starships.

Sub-Light Ships

Sub-light spaceships come in many different categories, and most are used to cruise are lunar or planetary systems, where FTL travel is impractical or impossible. The class names here come from Vulisa words, for they spent over a million years confined to their home system, and so have some of the most advanced sub-light drives every invented.


Eilesh-Class ships are sub-light ships that carry only at maximum ten people. These are the most common types of ships, being purchased for interplanetary cruising. They seldom travel farther than one star system, but can be shipped into different stars via freighters. They are quite rare.


Looli-Class usually carry around fifty passengers, mostly used for parties in orbit. They are not as powerful as Eilesh, but can carry more passengers and cargo. Looli-Class ships are rare.


Extremini-Class ships are large, slow moving crafts that usually transfer recourses in-system. they are crewed by a couple of thousand, and can carry many tonnes of cargo. They are quite common.


Moloch-Class ships are large, fast moving ships slightly smaller than Extremini-Class, and are used in tangent with the Extremini as a fast-delivery system. They are crewed by a couple of hundred. They are rarer than Extremini, but sill common.


Vooler-Class ships are basically moving space stations. They are crewed by tens of thousands, and can carry millions of tonnes of cargo. They are quite rare, but do exist from time to time.


Xilos-Class ships are often asteroids equipped with a fusion of chemical drive. They can house up to ten million people, and if entirely automated, they can carry many gigatonnes of cargo and material. They are very rare.


Wesiilo-Class ships are extremely large ships, as big as a small gas giant moon. They are extremely rare, appearing only in very industrial systems to shuttle material back and forth between worlds. At last count, there are only twenty thousand of these behemoths in the entire known universe.


Goliare-Class ships are the rarest and largest of the sub-light ships, but not of all classes. They are the size of a small planet, and are used to deconstruct planets and then transfer the material to other places in the system for construction. At the last census, there were only thirteen hundred of these scattered through the known universe.

FTL Ships

Science Ships

The Ship classes here are named after human words, as they are some of the most adventurous and curious species in the galaxy.


Pioneer-Class ships are small, and are mainly used to explore and categorise just planets. They have landing gear, and are streamlined so they can enter atmosphere. These are still very common throughout the universe, due to just how big it is.


Voyager-Class ships are larger, and carry numerous Pioneer-Class ships inside of them. They are equipped with an FTL drive, and have long-range scanners so they can see planets and stars inside of their targeted star systems. There are still many of these scattered around the universe.


Bravery-Class ships are very large, often carrying ten or twenty Voyagers inside of them or near them. They don't often do the exploring, but coordinate the others. They have a powerful and efficient FTL drive.

Cargo Ships

The Cargo ship names are named after major Xemnia chief executive officers of the shipping nation, Xemnia Shipments


Olida-Class ships are the smallest type of cargo ship, still many times larger than your average Science or Construction ship. They are usually retrofitted asteroids equipped with FTL drives, and the inside hollowed out to create room for the cargo.


Ulock-Class ships are the product of the disassembly of many asteroids. They are the size of a very small moon, and are usually used in the dissasembly of entire moons and planets, although accompanied by Erelist-Class ships.


Erelist-Class ships are the size of a large moon, or dwarf planet. They are usually hollowed out moons, equipped with a FTL drive. They are mainly used to transport pure planetary or stellar material from system to system.


Termin-Class ships are the largest of the large. They are the second largest type of ship in the known universe, seconded only to Absolution-Class ships. They are the size of a large planet, or small gas giant. They can open up and 'eat' entire moons or worlds, staying there for many days untilt he entire world has been reduced to rubble, and stowed away.

Lios Cargo

Colony Ships


The Aura Colony ships are the most widespread and generally acknowledged type of colony ship. They are mainly employed by the Lewis Nations, as well as most other human nation. They were designed by the Empire of Mankind, in the Lewis Galaxy and are currently one of it's biggest export products. It is a sort of spacecraft capable of holding large amounts of settlers and be substainble in itself for very long time (centuries or even millenia if needed). They have large agriculture domes, sleepying capsules and other facilities to either allow the settlers to live long periods of time on board the ship or to preserve every organic life on board with humans in cryosleep for most of the journey.

All the spacecraft can be suited to form the bricks for the initial settlement. The main reactor is able to be detached to provide energy for the incipient colony. It can power energy for billions of people for over several centuries. Time more than enough to devellop a city in the planet able to substain itself or at least able to susbtain the colonist long enough to seek help if something goes wrong with the planet they have settled in.

Construction Ships






Attack Ships