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Shuttles are small ships that are designed to carry people and cargo across relatively short distances. This can range from across a planet's surface to between two different larger ships. As such, shuttles usually do not come equipped with FTL drives. However, some shuttles do come with their own FTL drives, allowing them to travel great distances.


Shuttles are small, being the smallest type of ship commonly seen throughout the universe. They usually range from about 10 to 40 meters in length. Shuttles have some of the most varied designs out of any ship type, with only starfighters being more varied. They are usually not armed, as they typically see themselves performing civilian and non-combat roles. However, as many criminals and elite military units make use of shuttles, they will equip them with weaponry suited to their needs.

Shuttles are also the premier ship type used by smugglers. This is due to many shuttles being highly modular, allowing for quick and easy customization. Upgrades ranging from sensor jammers, stronger engines, increased cargo holds, and secret compartments can all be found on smuggler shuttles. Sometimes a shuttle will be fitted with so many custom parts that the only thing unchanged about it will be the frame it was originally built on.



Gunships are a type of shuttle designed for combat roles. Their primary purpose is to support friendly ground forces with their heavy weaponry, taking out enemy infantry and vehicles alike. Despite operating primarily in a planet's atmosphere, they can perform well in space. They also see service with many law enforcement agencies as their capabilities are often more than a match for the average criminal.

Troop Transports

Troop transports are used to ferry large quantities of soldiers from orbiting starships to a planet's surface. In addition to carrying large amounts of personnel, some of the larger troop transports can even carry vehicles into combat with them.

Notable Examples