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The Shwuunic Alliance is a state within the Nuurian Federation. It is then located in the Kevenam Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. It is mostly centered around the Shwuunic religion which lies at the core of the foundation of this state. Most of it's inhabitants are Nuurians. The capital of the Shwuunic alliance is Haruun.

The government of the Alliance is tied together through the Low Parlament and the High Parlament. The Low Parlament is the highest chamber and holds representative for most of the worlds and colonies that reach a minimum population requirement. The most populated regions can extra representatives into the Low Parlament. This governamental body is used for Legislation and Religious matters. The High Parlament is made of elected members of the low parlament. In size it is much smaller than the low parlament but has more control and thus is more able to exercice the executive power in the state.

Among the ones on the High Parlament, is elected those who would serve in the Nuurian Federation's "Parlament of Voices". The Shwuunic religion is highly important in the lives of the Nuurinas here. The inhabitants range from moderate to fanatic adherents. Also some of the sacred worlds of the religion lie within the Alliance.


The territory of the Alliance was first created when Shwuunic colonists from Anuur founded a new colony called Haruun. This colony was going to be the center of Shwuunic migrants a center entirely dedicated to the worshippers of this religion. However, the surrounding area kept attracting more shwuunic colonist who settled in other worlds such as Ishuun, Omuun, Ekaru and Kuulkar. All of this worlds grew in power and importance in the region they settled. All what this worlds had in common was the Shwuunist religion and it's proximity so they began to form alliances to defend their local and religious interest towards foreign powers.

They fought a brief war of independence against Anuur for independence that ended with the creation of the alliance. Once more, some conflict arose within the Shwuunic Alliance as well, but it was quickly solved. Then the Shwuunic Alliance was threaten by the growing Lorship of Nuur and soon after, decided to join the Nuurian Federation and became a state.

Notable Worlds

  • Haruun

The oldest world in the Shwuunic Alliance, it has religious significance and importance within the Alliance and serves as the capital of the state, however other colonies within the Shwuunic Alliance have become more wealthy, populous and important. Nevertheless Haruun influence still stands as one of the major player worlds within the Alliance.

  • Ishuun

The most important world within the Shwuunic Alliance. They hold inmense amounts of wealth and have a powerful production of goods and resources. It is as well one of the most populous worlds within this area of the Nuurian Federation.

  • Omuun

The most important Agriworld of the Shwuunic Alliance. It is famously known for providing exceedents of food suplies that are sold not only within the Alliance but also abroad. It has thus gain a lot of power through cohersing smaller settlement to their will by menacing their food supplies.

  • Ekaru

Merchant world, it is also a leading world on technologies and infraestructure. Famously known for it's pharmaceutical products and is technological appliances.

  • Kuulkar

A manufactured and mining world. It's cristal is one of the best within the Nuurian Federation as well as their weaponry.