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The Singularia (formally known as the United Singularian Federation of Liberty or USFL) is a vast type 3 civilization situated within the Primordia's Realm region of the Palioxis Starfield. Singularia is unquestionably one of greatest political entities to exist in the modern day, with four billion nine hundred million stars or forty-nine thousand Fields under its jurisdiction. Since most star systems are mainly utilized for harvesting vital resources, only a small minority of them are properly inhabited. Around two billion star systems have been colonized, accounting for nearly a quarter of all star systems. Only fifty million of these inhabited systems have a population of more than ten billion people.

The Singularia's population is significantly lower than the usual for a nation of this size. The value of this number is 2,45 sextillion. This figure is due to the low number of populated systems and the rarity of colonial initiatives lately. The Fields that Singularia governs are grouped into sectors. Sectors usually possess a hundred Fields, and are a sub-division of territories. Territories contain seventy sectors, and are further divided into provinces, and a province typically has a seven territories. Singularia is divided into seven provinces, all of which are ran by separate governments.

Singularia was established after a series of lengthy battles, known as the War for the Singularity. This war saw the fall of the Federation of Bykotas and the Empire of Proxima, which were the two nations controlling the territory around the Primordial Singularity at the time of the conflict, which lasted five hundred and twenty-four years. Singularia was founded in from the fragments of these aforementioned massive civilizations shortly after the end of the war over eighty thousand years ago.

Ever since the foundation of the Singularia, it has quickly expanded its interstellar claims. In its prime, it amassed a territory of over twenty billion stars, though it was pushed back by the neighboring Anxides' Throne in the First Singularian War. In this battle, over half of Singularia was controlled by the aforementioned imperium, but an eventual treaty put an end to this bloody and horrendous conflict. After this event, Singularia has shied away from controlling a higher number of systems.




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15,504 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Dorentia, Zaraveth, Kryna, Charina, Zerel, Aura



Federal Constitutional Republic
Economic Type
Mixed Economy
Democracy Index
25.812 Nonillion Proximas
Usually Equal
Military Status
Great Power
Economic Status
Great Power


Political Divisions



An orbital view of Dorentia

Dorentia is a very large ecumenopolis on the brink of being classified a megastructure. Ever since its initial colonization efforts over fifty millennia ago, it has evolved into one of, if not likely the most populated planet in the Palioxis Starfield. Its five thousand layers of planet-wide cities give it a population of five quadrillion citizens, thus gifting it the title of the most populated planet within Singularian space.

To counteract the increasing issues with body heat and an excess of garbage, its government decided to mine the entire core of Dorentia away, and replace it with a black hole. The black hole would be fifty kilometers in diameter, and a black hole of this mass could potentially destroy the entire planet. As such, the relative gravitational force near the black hole has been drastically weakened. This effect in turn makes the black hole weights exactly enough to have a survivable gravity of 1G on the surface.


Zaraeth seen with its close moon of Exion

Zaraveth is a habitable planet found encircling a weaker-than-average Quaal Star near the Primordial Singularity. Zaraveth is noted as the cultural capital of Singularia, being the home planet of its founding species. Zaraveth is covered in many continent-covering cities, halting the population of the local wildlife and vegetation in process.

As of today, most wildlife and vegetation of Zaraveth has went extinct due to extensive colonization efforts. The life that has survived is kept in many sanctuaries across the planet and its hill-sphere. In these sanctuaries, these species can freely roam around massive open ground identical to that of their home planet. In terms of appearance, Zaraveth's life can have wildly varying appearances based on their habitat. Many terrestrial lifeforms may take the appearance for squid-like exotic plants, while the deep-sea habitat could be teeming with various common fish and exotic leviathans.



Law Enforcement


Social Hierarchy

A fairly simple system of social hierarchy is used for classifying all the inhabitants of the Singularia. Four classes exist to classify individuals, which are prime citizen, semi-citizen, transitory citizen, slave and unidentified citizen.

Prime citizens are regarded as the true inhabitants of the Singularia, though they only make up only a quarter of the population. They hold all rights and abilities that the Singularia may offer, and may sign up to any government mandated program, or any other relief programs. They are given necessities for free or low costs.

semi-citizens are often immigrants or refugees, which have arrived in the Singularia and are pending full citizenship. Essentially, the use of semi-citizen applies to anyone which fails to meet all requirements to be a full Singularian citizen. semi-citizens have all rights but only a few key abilities of prime citizens.

Transitory citizens are those who live in the Singularia on a transitory basis. It doesn't matter if a transitory citizen is passing through, staying for an extended period of time, or searching for employment. Transitory citizens have all of the rights and most of the capacities of full citizens, and they are usually considered as such by the law.

Slaves are people who have voluntarily entered a light form of slavery in the Singularia. Any citizen may become a slave, and it is oftentimes done to pay off debts and loans.

unidentified citizens in the Singularia are exceptionally rare, and only apply to those who lack a valid birth certificate or credentials. As a result, these individuals are viewed with caution, as they could be smugglers or international criminals. unidentified citizens have complete rights but no shared capacities with prime citizens of the Singularia.

Social Credit System

The Singularian Social Credit Ranking System (SSCRS) is the Singularia's fundamental social credit system. The Singularian Social Credit Ranking System was introduced to keep track of inhabitants as well as to deter criminal activities. On confirmation of their identification and status, all citizens are added to a centralized database of the Singularian Social Credit Ranking System. An ordinary citizen's score can range from -1000 to 10,000, whereas a semi-citizen's can only reach 2,000.

The Singularian Social Credit Ranking System employs a series of regulations, the majority of which subjectively define what constitutes "good" and "bad" behavior. Many superintelligent AIs keep track of these. Most of the time, behaviors that are regarded beneficial, such as acts of good will or actions of charity, will improve one's credit score. Violent, criminal, or otherwise destructive behavior will almost always result in a reduction in one's credit score. Though these actions are only recorded around the population center of each inhabited system, pro Singularian discussions or actions can diminish one's social credit score. Enhanced social credit is given to actions or conversations that support Singularia.

The Singularian Social Credit Ranking System also has an impact on one's standing with major organizations, and a poor credit score may be the reason for an employee's or military member's discharge. In severe circumstances, a social credit score of 0 or less results in government arrest or detention.

Slavery System

Singularian Slavery refers to the Singularias's traditional system of voluntary slavery. Singularian slaves are the lowest social level in the Singularian society. Unlike traditional slavery, Singularian Slaves' transportation and treatment are strictly regulated by Singularian legislation, and they are entitled to a variety of rights and privileges.

The majority of Singularian Slaves enter service willingly to pay off debts, and after their time of servitude is up, they are returned to their previous citizen class. Since there is no prejudice linked to being a Singularian Slave in Singularian culture, a Singularian Slave with devoted and successful service has the opportunity to climb to great position. The apparent benefits of Singularian Slavery, however, hide a harsh reality; a Singularian Slave working in the family of a wealthy senator will be treated with far more attention and consideration than one working on a desolate mining world.

Under Singularian law, citizens are not permitted to sell their slaves for service to non-Singularian citizens, nor are they allowed to sell Singularian Slaves on worlds outside of Singularian space. Those found breaking the law run the risk of being forced into service themselves.

Although it is viewed with utter contempt by many outsiders due to its concept with the vicious and devastating system of slavery seen elsewhere in the universe, in practice Singularian Slavery is a a regulated form of indentured servitude, and Singularians are eager to point out that Singularian Slaves are very often better valued for and honoured than their free, working-class equivalents in outside nations.

Citizen Income System





The Singularia's fundamental virtual currency is the Proxima, is also the most widely acknowledged. Proximas were previously funded by a milligram of dark energy, but they are now connected to a specific quantity of electricity in wattage (75 kilowatts). However, the Proxima is not the sole currency used throughout the Singularia. There are a variety of virtual currencies that function with little to no government oversight. They're utilized generally for secretive transactions, and locations that don't always use the same currency. These currencies have a wide range of values and fall frequently. 

A variety of physical currencies can also be found in the Singularia. The most prevalent of them are the Prometea, which are usually utilized in systems with little to no electronic devices, but the Prometea can also be used to conduct incognito purches. Aside from Prometea, there are three more physical currencies that are on the verge of extinction, as just a few systems still acknowledge them.



Major Worlds

Diplomatic Relations by Nations