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Sion is a ecumenopolis world and the Capital of The Republic of Sion, giving its name to this nation. It is located in the Herschel Space, in the Lewis Galaxy and the Eire System. It is orbiting the Sun Eire A, on a binary system.

Sion is a high tech world, classified as a full ecumenopolis world, reached somewhere in the last 14 millennia due to its high degree of urbanization and industrialization. It was predicted that it will become a complete ecumenopolis by 95 000 CE (74 834 ADL), but Sion became an ecumenopolis way sooner than predicted, in the 86 030 CE (65 864 ADL). This world has become a beacon of technology among the Lewis Nations, although it has been hardly criticized for its ethics. It holds the Bank of Sion and the TERGA Industries, an Android and robotic manufacturing company.

On its early stages, the planet was a colony of the United Alliance, and was settled mainly by less favoured people and dissidents. Due to some hard conditions, the planet was terraformed to suit human habitation. Firstly, farming and mining were the main economic activities, but later on, the pioneers started to build up on technology and industrial centers and turned into manufacturing. The planet became an early hard industrial world, but do to its distant location, exports where more expensive and complicated back in the day, to the more populated core worlds of the United Alliance or the other human Nations, so they turned their production towards the local demand, creating many industrial, mining and farming robots and equipment for the adjacent mining and farming colonies.

Soon, differences in economic, culture, and viewpoint turned the planets on the Germinis area towards the United Alliance. Soon, a terrorist group called the L.A.G.G.A (Liberation Attack Group for Germinis Autodetermination), colloquially known as Nandis, started several attacks on U.A worlds. This attacks and groups kept going for about two thousand years, until finally, an agreement was reached between the Nandis and the central authority and since the region was unruled and unmanageable from the core of U.A, they decided to finally grant independence to the area.

Sion, became the new capital, due to its economic importance and being the place where the independence agreement was signed. The region took the name of "Republic of Sion", since it was in Sion, where the government body and constitution was created. Thus all R.S citizens call themselves Sionese.


Most of the surface area of Sion is a massive crust of buildings and shallow parks. Sion is an ecumenopolis divided into districts and each of them is highly specialized. The previous world of Sion was a marshy planet that stood as a center of the L.A.G.G.A operational secret center. After it was chosen to be the capital of the New Republic, due to it's importance, a massive production an emigration into this world happenned and with millennia of ectogenesis, the world became fully populated and industrialized. Most of the fauna and flora were kept in massive zoo-parks or adapted to the steel world infraestructure. Most of the water marshers and ocean have been converted to provide drinking water and refrigeration to Sion.

Former Continents and Oceans

Before it's ecumenopolization, the planet was covered by 3 continents: Gehenna, Catay and Athos. There were as well about 3 oceans: Gusis, Nafias and Loxom. All three oceans are now but gone under the large massive infraestructure of the ecumenopolis. Most of Loxom however is still visible while Gusis and Nafias have become subterranean oceans. All are of course connected to each other. The small space of Loxom is used as a Marine resever for native life of Sion.


  • Gehenna: District 0, District 1, District 4, District 18

The largest continent, it expanded all the way from the north pole to all the way to the southern pole. Its climate was varied, from polar and tundric weather in the far south and north, to deep jungles in it's middle, towards the equator and mild plains, forest and large marshes and rives in it's middle south and middle north sections. It was the last to be fully covered in 85 000 CE.

  • Catay: District 2, District 3, District 6, District 19

In another time this continent was filled with mashes and lakes, nice foggy plains and even a small area of arid lands of tundra in the north. This continent also hold several mountain ranges which are now used for mining purposes. Most of it was covered by city expansion over the 84 000 CE.

  • Athos: District 8, District 9, District 16, District 17

Sion, prior to becoming an Ecumenopolis.

The smalles of the three continents of Sion, it was a set of penninsulas and islands with forests and marshes. The northen coast was filled with jungles while the south was cold. It was the first of the continents to be fully covered in a big city, in the 83 000 CE.


  • Gusis: District 10, District 11, District 15, District 21

The second ocean to be fully covered, it ended up putting togetter Athos and Catay. Full connection was attained in 85 000 CE, then the entire ocean was consumed by the massive city.

  • Nafias: District 5, District 7, District 14, District 20

The first ocean to be fully covered, it connected Gehenna to Catay. Most of it's northern section was covered, blurring the distance between Catay and Gehenna. It didnt take long for Nafias to be consumed by the city above in 84 000 CE.

  • Loxom: District 0, district 12, District 13, District 22

The last ocean to be covered by the massive city. It was the largest ocean out of the three and connected Gehenna and Athos for the most part but also Catay with the other two continents. It ended up being used as a last reserved of marine life by the end of 86 000 CE, marking the full ecumenopolization of the Planet which officially became one.

The Districts

  • District 0

This part of the planet is a massive park-zoo of natural land. Divided between what used to be Gehenna and the ocean of Loxom. It's the only place in Sion with nature, fauna and flora (and even a small ocean space). It is a massive reserve and is called usually the "Lungs" of the Planet. The district covers around 2.55 million km2. It is divided in 1 million km2 of ocean, 1 million km2 of pure wilderness divided in four areas, mimicking most of the climates in the pre-ecumenopolis Sion. About 500 000 km2 are located a bit apart, connected by a small "bridge" of wilderness of 50 000 km2 in lenght. This second area is mostly a vast park for citizens to enjoy, and is not open to most fauna. Most of the area around it is considered luxurious and only the wealthiest can afford housing nearby District 0. In total it has 700 billion people living nearby or around the district, the vast majority wealthy or high class.

  • District 1

Ecumenoplis city landscape1.jpg

Made for Business, this district is a set of high apartment buildings, headquarter of companies and expensive mansions and fancy hotels among many others. This district is around district 2 and district 0 and holds high significance. It is 4 million km2 long. It has a total population of 121 trillion inhabitants.

  • District 2

A mostly residential district. While some small districts area very high or high class but for the most part, the vast majority is middle-high class. Nothing is very much worth noting here other than district 2 holds almost 200 trillion citizens, in around 3 million km2 holding one of the highest densities within the planet and the nation. Most buildings are large residential areas, local venues, and other daily places. Some nightlife is also commonly found here. Some high end housing is found in a small area within the district.

  • District 3

Holds the old city and museums. Several of the most important artifacts in the history of the nation and the planet were moved to District 3. It's considered to be the creative district, the area of arts and many entertainment venues, such as the Opera House, the Theater and others are located here.The population here is middle-high class for the most part or wealthy. The total population is 166 trillion inhabitants.

  • District 4

A residential district in the planet. It holds many middle class and has one of the highest densities within the planet. The total population is 330 trillion inhabitants.

  • District 5

Sion district.jpg

Most of the ectnogenesis production occurs here. This area is a fancy place for biologically advance changes. Clinics and others are crumbling over here. The Large "House of Welcome" is a large building in the planet and were most citizens are born. Also universities and other study centers are located here. Massive buildings to care for the newly borns. The population in the area is around 60 trillion.

  • District 6

Government buildings are located here. It's mostly where most of the Burocracy is located, mostly admisnistrave sectors and places. The Main structure of leadership rules the entire planet and Republic from their seats in District 6. The population in the area is somewhere around 100 trillion, mostly burocrats destined here from all across the Republic to run the nation.

  • District 7

Sionese Club.jpg

It the district were most xeno-foreign people live at. It covers around 1 million km2 and is considered to have a special charm. Most products from all corners of Herschel Space or beyond can be found here. Also nightlife, Xeno-exotic food restaurants, and of course Xeno-embassies. Around 146 trillion people live in this district.

  • District 8

University of Sion

This district is mostly a residential place for citizens of Sion. It is the center of most of the pharmaceutical companies as well as a center for many big Centers of Education. The large "University of Sion" is located here, and takes around 20km in size emcompassing many buildings, including many high speed trains within the diferent departments. The whole campus is even larger, with around 500km for student residences. In total 520km of the district, or 20% of the District is the campus alone. The neighboring area is filled of nightclubs and other entertaiment places who also extend for miles and miles. It's where most students go have fun.

In all, about 32% of the District alone is dedicated to education. About 40% is residencial spaces and 28% is made out of Pharmaceutical companies. The population of the district is around 170 trillion.

  • District 9


Industrial district, is the place were most manufacturing industries and chemical industries are located. Around 252 trillion citizens live over here, in the working areas of this sectors. A gigantic jungle of pipelines, fmes and chemines

  • Disctrict 10

"The Wasteland" as it is recorded, it is highly contaminated district and the place were most of the debris of industries of the planet are located. Is the place to dispose of anything in the planet, from fecal waters to uranium. Many illegal migrants and others might have made this district it's residence. Around 44 trillion residents are said to live in here. Most of Sionese law does not reach this district, where mafias and the law of the strongest it's the main law of the region.

  • District 11

A district

Ecumenoplis city landscape2.jpg
  • District 12

Sioniese landscape1 streets.jpg

Food production district. Most of it is produce largely under domes and artificially created enviromments. However, some of the areas are used as simple parks and avenues for the citizens to enjoy. Large buildings exist in some areas of district 12, either made to process food in large quantities ready to be distributed with large robotic employees, or for many citizens and workers of the district to live in. Around 138 trillion residents live here

  • District 13

Ecumenoplis city landscape.jpg

This district is famous for it's technological production. Most are highly valued productions mostly for the cybernetic industries and chip implantry, others are used for weaponry industry and shipbuilding.

  • District 14

A residential area.

  • District 15

A district for...

  • District 16

Sionese low class workers from District 19

This district is the base of TERGA Industries and most of the manufacturing of cyborg pieces and other devices. Most of the district is filled with large construction sites. Most of the rest of the district is filled with worker's housings and facilities, and entertaiment for the locals employers of the company. It also home to large scycrapers which house the offices of TERGA Industries.

  • District 17

Residencial area

  • District 18

Mostly the seat of Sionese enterprises. Cybernetics

  • District 19


  • Disctrict 20

A district for...

  • District 21

Residencial area..

  • District 22

A district for...

Paisaje ecumenopolis1.jpg


The history of Sion began with the colonization of the Nebula. It was a hard enterprise, as it was badly connected with the United Alliance. However, the precious metals and gases of the region attacted many colonist who endured long harships and austerity. During this time though the worlds acted as bases for industrial and mining operations and the colonization of this worlds was done slowly but steadly. For much of the time, they remained unconnected to the rest of the United Alliance and thus, faced a disruption with the rest of the nation.

After centuries, this led to the evolution of the language which later was known as Sionese.