Sion is a terran world and the Capital of The Republic of Sion, giving its name to this nation. It is located in the Herschel Space, in the Lewis Galaxy and the Eire System. It is orbiting the Sun Eire A, on a binary system.

Sion is a high tech world, soon about to become a full ecumenopolis world within the next millennia due to its high degree of urbanization and industrialization. It has been predicted that it will become a complete ecumenopolis by 102 030 CE. This world has become a beacon of technology among the Lewis Nations, although it has been hardly criticized for its ethics. It holds the Bank of Sion and the TERGA Industries, an Android and robotic manufacturing company.

On its early stages, the planet was a colony of the United Alliance, and was settled mainly by less favoured people and dissidents. Due to some hard conditions, the planet was terraformed to suit human habitation. Firstly, farming and mining were the main economic activities, but later on, the pioneers started to build up on technology and industrial centers and turned into manufacturing. The planet became an early hard industrial world, but do to its distant location, exports where more expensive and complicated back in the day, to the more populated core worlds of the United Alliance or the other human Nations, so they turned their production towards the local demand, creating many industrial, mining and farming robots and equipment for the adjacent mining and farming colonies.

Soon, differences in economic, culture, and viewpoint turned the planets on the Germinis area towards the United Alliance. Soon, a terrorist group called the L.A.G.G.A (Liberation Attack Group for Germinis Autodetermination), colloquially known as Nandis, started several attacks on U.A worlds. This attacks and groups kept going for about two thousand years, until finally, an agreement was reached between the Nandis and the central authority and since the region was unruled and unmanageable from the core of U.A, they decided to finally grant independence to the area.

Sion, became the new capital, due to its economic importance and being the place where the independence agreement was signed. The region took the name of Republic of Sion, since it was in Sion, where the government body and constitution was created. Thus all R.S citizens call themselves Sionese.

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