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Sionese is the main language spoken by the vast majority of the population of the Republic of Sion. It is used as the main language for communication and internal affairs, although it is allowed for minor administrative regions to adopt cooficial languages as well. It belongs to the Anarian Language family and is related to other Lewisian languages such as Kreonese, Imperial Language, the Unionist Language and the Federal Language.

Most notably, it is highly similar to Kreonese, from which it descents directly. Due to the large amount of cyborgs and robotics in the nation it has adquire a significant amount of non-human technicisms and specially, expressions that are largely imposible to understand for flesh beings.

Sionese started as a language already in the early 52 000, as a very distinct and unique dialect of Kreonese. It was due to isolation in the Germinis Nebulae, that the Kreonese there started to divert greatly, and by sometimes between 52 000 and 52 500 it had become largely unintelligable with Kreonese. This language created as well a large sentiment for independence and was largely promoted by the L.A.G.G.A who took it as its main working language, even forbidding the use of Kreonese. When independence was achieved, the Sionese language became the official language of the Republic of Sion.

The total amount of speakers ranges between 30 Quintilion (as mother tongue speakers) and 37 Quintilion (considering second language speakers and and people who speak the language abroad). It is also spoken largely by the cyborg pirates, who operate very close to the so called Lewisian Void or The Void.

The language is in constant grow being one of the Lewisian languages that is growing the fastests. Thats mostly due to the way Sionese reproduce; that is through ectonogenesis, that allows "fabrication of population" which gives the state full control of its demographic growth and its rate of expansion and population.

Language Family

Anarian Family of Languages

Proto-Anarian Language : An early version of the Old Anarian language

  • Old Anarian: (Language spoken until the Anarian Fever Crisis, after which it divided in two Branches)
    • (Modern) Anarian Language: Spoken in Anar to the present day by those who remain. After Anar's integration into the Empire of Mankind, the language has been ongoing a progressive decline due the influence and pressure of the Imperial Language.
    • Lewisian Languages: (A family of languages spoken by those who left and settled in and around Herschel Space)
      • Imperial Language: Spoken and developed by the settlers who arrived in Elpida and scaped the Anarian Fever incident. It started as a dialect of Anarian who diverted greatly on its own, and from which derive the rest of the languages spoken in the region. It is spoken and the official language of the Empire of Mankind and the Plutocracy of Gish
        • Unionist Language: Broke out from Imperial language when the Imperial Scape Slaves founded the Union. It started as a distinct dialect of the Imperial language but due to isolation it became a language of its own (although still very very close to the Imperial language)
        • Federal Language: The language was created by refugees of the Empire and to a lesser extend from the Union, after the war between both nations. The Federal language started as a dialect that evolved in the Akai Nebula to become a language of its own and the Official language of the Intergalactic Federation. This languages can be said to be in between the Unionist and Imperial Languages although its closer to the later due to Imperial Refugees making the mayority of the Refugees.
          • Kreonese Language: Born out of a mix between the Federal Tongue and influences of Alien languages. It was spoken in an isolated area of the Intergalactic Federation, most notably in the planet Kreon, but due to limited access at the time with other areas of the Federation, it degenerate into a distinct language. With independence of the region and the creation of the United Alliance, Kreon became its capital, and Kreonese its oficial tongue, expanding the language all over United territory.
            • Sionese Language: Very similar to the Kreonese Language. It started as a distinct dialect of Kreonese, with less Alien influence. After independence, the language evolved on its own to form Sionese, which is very similar to Kreonese.



The language is said to have arose as a result of both facts, isolation and trade. The first one meant that the Germinis Nebula, having bad access and communication with the rest of United Alliance territory, complicated travel and contact with the former people of their nation living in other worlds. This led to the colonized planets of the Germinis Nebula to focus their trade and commerce within themselves. This made the worlds of the Nebula travel and stay often in contact among themselves. Isolation meant that the dialect spoken by many worlds in the Germinis Nebula diverted considerably from Standard Kreonese, and became more and more dificult to understand by former Kreonese speakers. Also, the trade made the speakers of the Germinis Nebula homogenized their own particular speeches among themselves, so the entire area adapted its way to speak a similar form of dialect, that was called the Germinis Dialect.

Rebellion times and Independence.

When things started to become detrimental towards the Germinis Nebulae while favouring the interests of other United Alliance regions, it meant a rise in tensions among the people in the nebulae and in the rest of the nation. Also, many in the Germinis area were Humans and not Xeno, which made less than 5% of the population in the Nebulae. This differences among values, language and interest led to the rise of the L.A.G.G.A which promoted independence among the Nebula inhabitants. This feeling increased and further expansion of the Nebula inhabitants away from United Alliance control, and the difficulty of Spacecrafts to navigate through the Germinis region versus the local inhabitants made control and appeasing of revolts very difficult and challenging and after 2000 years, they were forced to grant independence to the area. This 2000 years meant a huge change in the language. First of all because it was directly cut from United Alliance territory and other Kreonese speakers. At the same time, they were "unofficially" a different country, as no United Alliance law, broadcastings or communications were made within the Nebula. Sionese or the Germinis Dialect as it was known at the time became the Standard and formal way of communication within.

After Independence to Modern times.

After independence and the growth of machinery and cyborgs, it underwent a massive shift that continues towards the present. It has adopted computing language and a lot of idioms, customs and expressions involving machinery and cyborg speech from issues of every day life. This has meant that the language its strangely differently from its beginnings. Today Sionese is still somehow understood sometimes by Kreonese speakers, specially from what were "related dialects", that is Kreonese people that lived in frontier areas with the Germinis Nebulae. Nevertheless, communication is not fully competent. Still many aspects of grammar and vocabulary are still tied to Kreonese and other Lewisian Languages.