The Sirakton are an intelligent species of Draco organisms located across various points in interstellar space within the Ambrosia Galaxy, though they are most commonly found in the Duality Nebula of the Elysium and Fantasma Arms.


The Sirakton are an infamous species across many different species and cultures throughout Ambrosian space and this is mainly due in part to both their prevalence, and their characteristically hostile nature towards other species considered to be beneath them. While the latter trait are far from being exclusive to them, the Sirakton are most well known for their overly hostile nature, more often then not attacking any creature that is not apart of its own personal enclave.

Being apart of the various sapient races known as the "Great Space Dragons," the Sirakton are an interstellar species of Draco organisms who can traverse the interstellar void through their supernatural abilities to manipulate the Janus Network and the countless gateways spread across the whole of the Ambrosia Galaxy. As a result, the Sirakton have been able to become quite prevalent in Ambrosian space, holding control over many worlds, however they are most commonly found within the Duality Nebula, which is believed to be their realm of origin.

They are amongst the most mysterious of the Great Space Dragons due to their hostile nature, as no on who has been made apart of their enclave has been allowed to interact with them without being attacked by said Sirakton, and as a result, aspects of their culture and behavior has not been made privy to outsiders.

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