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The Sisterhood of Kryso is an order from the Union. It is an only women organization and is based on the Planet Kryso, one of the most important worlds of Unionist territory. The order was founded very early in the 36 729 CE ( 16 563 ALD in the Lewisian Calendar), about just a milennium after the founding of the nation. The order has been operating for more than 43 000 years, gathering a huge amount of knowledge and experience in it's operating fields.

Members of the Sisterhood around a hologram of a "Gift parasyte."

It is made of women, recruited all over the worlds settled by the Union. They recrute women with strong Psychokinesis abilities. In the sisterhood they endured a very hard training. Most of it consisting in the opening of "the Third Eye" which allowed them to go into a deeper understanding of the cosmos through the connection with the parasite in their bodies.

The Parasite not only enhanced her wisdom or her warrior abilities among other things but they got telekinetic powers. They have ever since its founding been used for government administration and sometimes even war.

However, one of the sisterhood branches is used for chasing heretics or people who have get rid of their parasite and does have gotten out of the Unionist religion. This one is the Red Branch, as it is called and acts a sort of Inquisition within the Union. Nevertheless not all the sisterhood's existence nor orders are focus on this inquisitorial branch. The Blue and the White Branches do have different purposes within the Union and even beyond that.


They are divided into 12 Branches of Study and Work: The White, the Orange, the Green, the Red, the Black, the Yellow, the Purple, the Brown, the Grey, the Blue, the Pink and the Invisible. All of which are associated with the said color, except with the Invisible which has no color and is usually represented with an Eye, as they are supposely able to see everything that happens. They may infiltrate anywhere, including passing as a member of the other Branches.

The Branches

The White Branch

Known as the wise, the members of the Sisterhood trained in this branch do follow the Path of Wisdom or the Path of the Seer. They follow the paths of enlightnment, because their main goal is to gather knowledge, to teach the people they encounter, to facilitate education (specially to the ones that can't have it) and to be sure the leaders take the wisest decisions for the nation. Often serve as advisors for the leaders and the elites. They are philosophers and erudites who try to gather information and knowledge to themselves, translating or writting everything for preservation. The White is highly respected among the common people. Usually nicknamed as "the Wise" or "the Phylosophers"

The Blue Branch

This Branch is focused on international affairs. Their main focus is diplomacy. Often abroad, they serve as embassadors of the Union. Many times they even can be seen in the courts of many High Nobles of the Empire or in the Sessions of the Parlament of the Intergalactic Federation, as members present there to supervise the course of diplomatic affairs. However, many think of them as spies. This branch also opperates in internal Unionist conflicts between planets and between rulers. They are often called "the Messangers" as they are in constant travel delivering messages among vast distances.

The Yellow Branch

Their dedication is to investigation and science. They use their efforts to basically developped science and preserve the knowledge of humanity for eternity. They are as well explorers and usually are seen in the front line of frontier territories. They are well known for keeping records and investigate. They base themselves mostly in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Astrophysics, Geology and other Sciences. They dedicate their lives to the pursuing of science and the scientific method. They oftern work closely with the White, Orange and Brown branches. They are nicknamed as "the Knowledgable"

The Red Branch

They are known as the warriors of the order. In times of War they are at the frontline of military campaigns surpervising war efforts and strategy. In peacetimes they work often closely with the Black Branch to pursue criminals and fugitives and act as an Inquisition against heretics and those that reject the Unionist religion and the parasite symbiosis. They can be found to be extremely agressive sometimes by their peers but they can be also forgiving and act as just jugdes for disputes. They almost always follow the Path of the Warrior and sometimes the Path of Dexterity (sometimes even both). Usually known as the "the Battlearms"

The Black Branch

This Branch is used mostly as an order of murderers. They are the executors of the Sisterhood. They mostly follow criminals and fugitives but can also be hired for some murder encargos, at a high price. Usually this includes giving something material or unmaterial of great great value by the one that is hiring. However, they can can act too as judges in minor affairs if needed. They mostly always follow the Path of Dexterity or the Path of the Warrior (sometimes both). Usually known as "The Killers".

The Green Branch

This branch is focused on healing. Medicine is their field and act mostly in hospitals, clinics, centers of emotional healing and psycological well being. They serve the people when in need and do use their powers of empathy to deal with the problems the population faces. They almost always follow the Path of They are dedicated to medicine and Pharmacology and while some of its members act in the front line of battling desceases of mind and body, others act in the rear line as investigators of vaccines, and other clinical investigations. They are often found in laboratories or in medical stations.

Another side of this branch focus itself in Botanical and Herbalist knowledge. They are very verse in the study of herbs and Alien flora. This knowledge is used in the service of Pharmacology and healing. Some use their botanical knowledge for other purposes such as decorating public gardens (as beauty and nice public spaces are also a form of social healing and peace of mind). They are known as the better Gardeners in the Union and often hired for this. They are named as "the Healers".

The Orange Branch

Alongside the Yellow Branch they focus themselves in more sociological studies an knowledge. They focus themselves on careers such as History, Economics, Sociology, Xenology, Psycology, Arqueology, Etnography, Linguistics and other social sciences. They are often used as translators in alien communications as they are the most qualified for Alien communications. They are verse on the art of talking, in a similar way the Pink Branch are, but are more erudite and focus on short term results. They write records to preserve for eternity the deeds of different societies. They work actively with the White and the Yellow to preserve the knowledge of Humanity for eternity. Known as "the Comunicators", "the Socials" or "the Money-Makers"

The Pink Branch

They are focus on dance and artistic fields. They are the most creative an imaginative of all. Their motive of existence is mostly based on enterteinment and conversation (sometimes manipulation). They have become masters in singing, dancing, painting, riding, crafting, drawing and many other skilled fields. They may serve to call down the people or to either relax the elites. But most importantly, the art of conversation is what they are better at. Many times they serve as concubines and bear powerful children to important people. Others they use their abilities to manipulate lovers. They are often called "the Crafters", "the Dancers" or "the Lovers".

The members of this branch are focused mostly in the art of seduction by the arts of the word. To be a pink member means that you are choosen among the most beautiful, most charismatic and talented. The best tool of the Pink is the art of speaking which is considered at the same level as any other arts and that all good educate member should dominate. They often manipulate in the smaller scale at high orders of the Sisterhood for a broader picture in the long term.

The Purple Branch

They are centered towards the exoteric fields such as the Psychokinesis habilities that they dominate. They are always powerful psychics. Sometimes even the most powerful among the sisterhood. They arent focused on a Path as members of this branch can have followed any of the available paths. The most common however are the Path of Wisdom and the Path of Seer. They center themselves in the teaching of this fields and the study of them. However, this is not their only purpose.

Those that follow the Path of Dexterity within this branch dedicate themselves to explortation and colonization efforts. They are drawn to use their abilities to foster humanity's greatness (alongside peaceful cohabitation with Alien life) and are often employed in the frontier of unknown space. Those who follow the Path of the Warrior are used in times of War as Pyschic powerful elite warriors while in peacetimes they may help the Black and Red Branches in their chase of fugitives and criminals. However, most of this branch is based on studies, and have a deep knowledge of the parasite and the unknown of the cosmos. They can often used forced sight to "see" the future. They are known simply as the "the Psychics" or "the Explorers"

The Brown Branch

The Builders, they are based on the art of create, so basically they are based on things such as Architecture, Engineering, Informatics /Computer Sciences, and other related fields. They are mostly used for supervising constructions and high scale work. They are verse in megastructures and also in technology. They are often used in Rings and Stations or in other key areas of society related to technology. They are nicknamed as "the Builders".

The Grey Branch

They are followers of the Path of the Seer, and they act as powerfull leaders of the Sisterhood. Most of the time they teach the following generation of branches alongside their sisters. They serve as well as advisors to many of the Elites of the Union, sometimes even to foreign members, like those in the Empire or the Federation. They use their powers to see beyond the naked eye and provide information to those who they serve.

They are often employed as Administrators. They assure the communication and cohesion of the Union all over it's territory and contribute to prevent sessetion and extensive cultural deviation. They are accountants and employed on the administrative body by the Union. They are often named as "the Leaders" or "the Administrators"

The Invisible Branch

Its one of the Branches most feared by the rest of the members and by most people within not only the Union, but the entire Lewis Nations and beyond. They are known for being spies, and never usually wear the sisterhood colors we are so accustom to. They simply aren't seen. Their objective is to blend in, to be used in all corners of the Union and the Lewis nations to gather information for the Order. Basically to obtain power for the organization and basically, they are the Secret Eyes of the order in all corners of Space. "The Spies" or "the Unseen" is how most commonly they are referred to.

Psychokinetic Abilities


The most common psychokinetic ability, Telekinesis is the act of mentally manipulating an object through the creation and manipulation of energy one puts around said object. This can be used to move the object around, allowing one to bring the object to themselves, throw the object a great distance, tear apart the object's physical structure, or compress the object into a smaller object.

The amount of mental effort to move an object depends on the weight of the object, and the amount of objects one can manipulate depends on the user's own abilities of psychokinesis, with extremely adept individuals being able to move several objects at once.


Telepathy is the psychokinetic ability to mentally communicate with others. This allows an individual to almost instantly communicate thoughts or ideas to a group of other individuals, allowing for extreme cohesion in a group and allowing those to assist others without being in their immediate vicinity. The maximum tested range for intelligent species is around 0.12 AU.

Often times, certain species will have a specific internal organ that functions along the same lines of telepathy, but in the traditional sense, telepathy needs to be an extra sensory-ability to be considered as true telepathy.

Unless their offshoot order, known as the Nuonian Mothers, they cant used this ability in the same way they do. The latter use this power across vast distances of the Universe, (something the Systerhood doesnt do or barely can do). The Mothers do this through a secret training and preservation program of biologically related gift bloodlines to implant their members. This apparent biological nexus between parasytes seems to affect the potential of the telepatic communication. This has allowed the order to have the so called "Nuonian Net".

Levitation or transvection

It's the ability to use the psyche to float, usually very few centimeters or meters. It has been developed by some species to escape from predators or to hide. Sometimes to be more effective hunting prey. And thus, this ability has been preserved by many until the present.


Chronokinesis is the power to alter the perception of time in others and oneself. It is used for example by some species to manipulate their predators, make them confused by time, and thus, stop the persecution. It is also used for mating purposes by some species.

Teleportation or apportation

The ability to undergo materialization, disappearance, or teleportation of an object. This is a rare ability usually used to open a portal in the time-space line of the Universe to transport oneself or an object from Point A to Point B, in a similar way to how a Wormhole gate operates. However, this can be used only to move small objects or few people, as the energy required for this talent is enormous. Some species have developed this ability to run away from a predator in persecution.

Precognition or premonition

The ability to perceive future events. it's the ability to see the future, although as the Future is always changing and is not static, this ability just gives "possible futures" that may or may not happen, as small decisions in the present can change the Future. Those with Precognition usually also have retrocognition.

Retrocognition or postcognition

The ability to supernaturally perceive past events. It is used to see the Past and Past events. It is not possible to intervene with the past or change it, but it instead serves individuals as a way to remember events or things that they may have forgotten. Like an eidetic memory, they can go back and see the past in detail to find out information that may be crucial in the present moment. Retrocognition is considered dangerous by some, as individuals can get lost in memories they may not want to leave. Usually, those who have Retrocognition also have Precognition.

Psychometry or psychoscopy

Psychometry is the ability to obtain information about a person or an object by touching it. It has been used by some species to track prey or run away from possible threats. In the case of more advanced civilizations, language-learning is an application of this ability.

Telesthesia or remote sensing

Telesthesia is the ability to see a distant or unseen target using extrasensory perception. This is an ability developed by some species to sense their prey in the distance or another member of their species. It was used as well by some species to sense their offspring's well-being when left behind to find food. In civilizations, this ability is used with other most modern uses.

Sonokinesis or ecoquinesis

The ability to manipulate or create sounds. It allows an individual to increase or decrease sound levels or create a sound out of the blue and create shock sounding waves. In nature, it is used to scare predators away, or for mating rituals.

Photokinesis and Umbrakinesis

Both abilities are tied together, as they serve to manipulate or alter the light and luminosity of a place. Photokinesis plays with the increase of light, while Umbrakinesis plays with the decrease of light. In the wild, both can be used to scare a predator by blinding it with strong light or to hide in an obscure place or refuge decreasing the luminosity.

Element Manipulation

Known in its various forms as aerokinesis (manipulation of wind), geokinesis (manipulation of earth or ground), hydrokinesis (manipulation of water), termokinesis or pyrokinesis (manipulation of fire), Norikinesis (manipulation of Gases), and Cryokinesis (manipulation and "creation" of ice). These abilities allow for the manipulation of these elements. Primitive species typically use these abilities to hunt better, run away from threats, or to deter predators.


The second most common ability, most likely due to the nature of common nervous systems. this is the ability to interfere with and sense electromagnetic fields. It has been perfected by advanced civilizations, but in the wild, the species that use this ability do so to influence migrations of their prey or to confuse a potential predator. This ability is more common on worlds with higher metal content.


A rare ability that allows for the ability to alter local atmospheric conditions. Some species have it to alter the parameters of their atmospheres in slight ways to various proposes. Sometimes used to hunt,  attract partners, or provoke the ending of a dry period, the capabilities of atmokinesis seem endless. Advanced civilizations that possess this ability may even be able to use it for terraforming.

Radisthesia or Dowsing

Radiesthesia is an ability that allows someone to find objects. Usually, it is used by species that hide food for hard times to locate the hidden food or object they need in the present. This ability helps them locate the object or food from where it is.