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Sitra is a planet of the terrestrial terra type. It is one of the most important planets of the Intergalactic Federation in the Galaxy. Its located in the Reitron System, in Avana, in Herschel Space. One of the names of Sitra is Ik'an, and is the homeworld of the Ika species. This world was settled by Humans, and thus the Ika and Humans live together on the Planet, although relations haven't been peaceful so far.

The Planet is a hub for internal commerce and trade. It produces mostly agricultural products, manufactures and technical products related to programming and telecommunications.

Sitra was also known as Ik'an during the ages of the Telusian Civilization. It was considered a sacred world, and the holiest for the Warrior caste of the Telusians. It was the destination of the main lifetime pilgrimage of all the members of the Warrior caste. The Planet was dedicated to the Four Gods of War: Ek'orki, Kul'kira, Tik'orki and Yar'kira.

The Species native to Sitra is the Ika, a primitive descendants of the ancient Telusians. They have a warrior like culture, and have preserved some ancient artifacts that largely surpass their current level of technology. They live on a medieval stage of development.


Ik'an, as it was known by the Telusians was colonised in the Early Telusian era, and soon it became one of the most important religious worlds of the Telusians. They built large Temples dedicated to the four gods of war and one training military facility of incredible size and fame was also located here. Several factions of the Warrior caste settled here.

Overall, the planet was a bastion of military and war worship. The War Caste was the only one who didn't had to do the pilgrimage to Taukan but instead, they had to do it to this world. The Priests of this Gods gain incredible power on the Later Telusian Imperial Era and the Fall, due to the increasing chaos and rivalries among the Telusians.

When the Telusian civilization fell, the Planet was left alone, and some of the Telusian in the planet, due to their resilience, strength and military training, managed to survive, although cut out from their technology, they had to rearrange a new way of living. This is how, the surviving Telusians became the Ika.

The Axons arrived, and largely avoided the planet when they encountered the Primitive Ika, which at that point in time, had a tribalistic culture. The Axons adopted a passive study of the natives, when they realized their connection to the Telusians, avoiding large settlements in the Planet. Although some Axon cities were built in the isolated islands of the planet, far from Ika interaction. The Axons left the planet quickly when their own fall as a Civilization began.

The Ika worshipped the ruins of the old temples, and presented offerings to the ancient gods, although their mythology was distorted from the original tales of their people. They live nowadays in cities of a feudal level of technology.

The first contact came with the arrival of Humans to Avana from the Intergalactic Federation. A colony ship from Ulfilas arrived in the Planet. Soon, contact was made with the local Ika species. At first contact was peaceful, with Humans and Ika avoiding each other, which allowed the Humans to develop and grew in numbers and constructing a planetary infrastructure. Soon, frequent raiding between humans and Ika occurred. Ever since, relations between both races have been avoided and rather tense. Several Xeno biologist, Xenoetnologist, Xenobiologist, Xenoarchaeologist and Xenohistorians have taken interests on the Ika and have built facilities to study them in detail, as they are the successors of the Telusians.

The Ika usually try to raid colonies of the Human species, taking some as slaves to their own cities. Humans have a much better technology and usually, they are able to draw them back.