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The Ski'pec are the dominant species of Smohera. They are very laid back and attracted to shiny things. Under the Scenthaian Republic, they have requested to be Scenth's intergalactic explorers. Ski'pec have an intuitive sense of how comfortable a colony will be, so this is a useful skill for finding new worlds to claim. Their language is Slitaru. However, they do have to learn Kerplexian as a second language.

Physical Traits

Ski'pec are split into two groups by a single allele. This is the gene for wing flaps. The wing flaps trait is dominant over none. If wing flaps are not present, bones and muscles are much stronger and larger. Ski'pec are not technically mammals. They have no mammary glands and eat solid food from birth. The Ski'pec have hair colors that can be any color. These colors emerged during the rush of genetic editing that was uncovered in 1,999,999,976 BCE. Ski'pec have six fingers and toes on each appendage, pointed ears, black nails (including claws on their toes), very pointed teeth, and dark, large eyes. Their eyes can also be a wide range of colors. Ski'pec have a large amount of body hair. The hair grows in patterns that swirl similarly to hurricanes. Although it varies, the hair typically swirls around the ends of the pectoral regions, the inside of the calves, the front of the shoulders, and the bellybutton. The hair may make it look like skin color varies a lot, but Ski'pec have a light blue skin color. This does not vary much because there have been several mass extinction level genocides in Ski'pec history. Ski'pec breathe hydrogen compounds at -250 degrees Fahrenheit or below, but at -60 degrees and above they can breathe oxygen. Anything in between is absolutely deadly. -315 degrees Farenheit feels room temperature to them, as well as 69 degrees Farenheit. Oddly, they release a very small dose of dopamine in response to electronic noises. The cause of this is unknown. Personality traits also appear to be mostly influenced by genes.


The Ski'pec are very, very attracted to bright, colorful lights. Every 3 Smoheran months (1 Smoheran month is 41 days, or 82 Smoheran days) they have a planetwide festival to celebrate the Aurora Borealis. Flyers have a sub-gene that allows them to conduct lightning through their bodies unharmed. Subsequently, the Festival has flyer "lightning-dancers", or "Huablaexen" in Slitaru. The Ski'pec are laid-back and skeptical, traits passed down from the survivors of their previous wars. Some wars that wiped out over 50% of the population were:

  • the Racial Acceptance War
  • the Religious Purge

With the help of genetic editing, Ski'pec are a generally lax, happy species with a natural affinity for beauty and science. Colonization within their own system has been limited due to low demand. Ferslarze was colonized for vacation homes. Geodendaraea serves as a traffic word with regular shuttles to and from Smohera. Gentarasque was colonized merely for the view of Gelstraxta.

Shirts, or any top covering that would limit wing flap extension, are illegal for anyone to wear on Smohera unless deemed necessary by physical limitations. Essentially, if you don't have to wear it to live, it comes off. Flower wreaths and necklaces are very popular and common accessories and are major businesses in the tourism industry, even having entire commercial complexes built around them.


The average Ski'pec would say that the time that their species suffered most was the Music Void of 998,386,632 BCE to 2017 CE. back in 998,386,632 BCE, music had degraded into content farms. So-called "popular" music was hated by nearly everyone. Nobody had a better alternative, so the whole music industry was shut down. Nobody danced with happiness or any emotion for the next few hundred million years. But on December 12, 2017, a young explorer named Evkoba Entonear was passing through the Via Sagittaria Galaxy when an upload hit the ship. The sound file was in English, a language at that time unknown to Xenscara. The video played, and it was music. Moreso, it was electronic. Evkoba brought the video back to Smohera as inspiration. Music similar to dubstep has been the main genre of music that the Ski'pec associate themselves with today.


The Ski'pec speak Slitaru as their first language. The actual language is phonetic, but it adopted syllabic letters later on for the sake of efficiency. There are 225 letters in their alphabet. Since the discovery of human languages, Slitaru uses typical English punctuation, as it was found to be much more efficient and easier to remember than the original Stitaru punctuation.

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