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The Skyborne are a Human mutant sub-species that evolved on the planet Fasia, located in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. They are a mutant species that grow large wings from the backs of their shoulder blades, which are capable of granting them fly in 1G Gravity.

Like all of the Fasian sub-species, the Skyborne were subject to rapid evolutionary processes due to the environment and conditions of the planet. this evolutionary trait came from those on Fasia who settled higher latitudinal regions, primarily to gain access to raw materials, or to avoid the native fauna. This caused them to evolve large, sturgy wings, that would allow them to fly in the skies of Fasia.

On Fasia, the Skyborne were feared due to their abilities to strike from the skies against their enemies. It made them a very difficult enemy to fight, even with ranged weaponary, due to their speed and skill at flight. Though they originally had conflict with the Dwanvo, they eventually became close allies. Of the Fasian mutant sub-species, they had the most conflict with the Aquasi and the Ororks, as well as skirmishes with the Sürunen. They had reasonable relationships with the Qar-Qar, with many eventually deciding to join Qar-Qari society.

When The Commune Federation came to Fasia, the Skyborne were the second species to openly declare that they wished to become a part of the Federation. They are now considered invaluable members of the Federation.

Physical Appearence and Anatomy

The Skyborne are a humanoid mutant subspecies, which appear to be very similar to Humans in most respects.

Skyborne flight training, circa 9767VC

Their primary distinction between them and Humans are large wings, which grow out of the back of the individual. These wings are particularly strong, and allow the individual to fly in gravitational conditions up to 1G, though various Skyborne travelling to other worlds have reported to being capable of flying in up to 1.2G conditions.

These wings are often varied in colour, in a similar manner to hair colours. The wings can be a seperate colour from the hair, meaning a person can have black hair and blue wings.

A Skyborne always had one set of wings, but some will develop two sets of wings. These additional wings will give their user a greater degree of speed and control over their movements while in flight.