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"The shimmering home of the Ski'pec, whose very earth contains the light of the stars. Isn't it marvelous? What a fitting paradise to serve as the homeworld of such a magical people."

Smohera, lying in the quiet outer reaches of Azurullya, is often gazed at from afar. Its opalescent mountains and dazzling indigo rings make this world one of Azurullya's most vibrant gems, shining among the azure waves of starlight in bounteous glory. From this world many creatures were born, and from this life grew the Ski'pec. Long have they rode the currents of the galaxy, reveling in the magic they possessed. For long, long ago, Smohera was bathed in the Auramest.

Smohera is the 7th planet from the star Sperxai, which has orbited Azurullya in the Caerulem Termina for billions of years. Early in its history, Sperxai passed through many fields of Hypertryptine, scattering the crystal across the system, covering moons and planets alike. The rich levels of hypertryptine throughout the Sperxai system have given the bodies of the system a recognizable crystal sheen. Smohera is the prime example of its system's beauty, both its system's jewel and the genesis of its system's life.


Smohera is not a young world. For billions of years, it has grown, changed, and been subject to the currents and whims of Azurullya. Through deep time, it has taken many different forms.


In ancient times, when Sperxai was young and sent its new light through Azurullya, it was similar to many stars. Disks of gas and dust and ice encircled it, basking in its untainted flame. Some parts began to collapse, gravitating towards themselves and falling inward. The first planets of Sperxai had begun to form. Thus, the age of turbulence and violence began.

Smohera formed close to Sperxai. Once a scorching hell, the rocky world orbited its hot sun in but a few days' time. Barren. Lifeless. Silicate rock and hydrogen skies. Bombarded by meteors and comets constantly. Inhospitable. It's hard to imagine how much different it would look in a few billion years.

Smohera had a few major collisions during this time, with planetoids nearly its own size. The entire world vaporized at least thrice as the other planets coalesced. During this period, Sperxai was passing through a dense field of hypertryptine, which scattered through the system and painting its worlds.

The Great Shifting

Gelstraxta, the largest planet in the Sperxai system, ruled it with an iron fist. As it migrated throughout the system, planets were flung into wildly different orbits. Worlds violently collided and shattered or were expelled from the system entirely. Smohera, currently frying in the abundant light of its sun, was hurled into the outer reaches of the system. Being a rather large rocky body, it managed to capture somewhere between 8 and 12 dwarf planetoids as moons. Gelstraxta's migration caused the Sperxai system to become unrecognizable. Smohera, now far from Sperxai, froze.

Frigus Crystalla

Smohera's new orbit forced its waters to rain down from the once-searing skies, to fall to the ground and flood everything, and then to freeze. As bombardments slowed down, this ice was buried mostly by tectonic activities. Some of the hydrocarbons in its atmosphere also began to precipitate into new oceans and lakes. The crystalline landscapes of the frozen world were met with navy seas of ethane. The trace amounts of hypertryptine in the atmosphere and seas allowed massive spires of crystal to grow.

Hwau'rrathzha Falls

The innermost moon of Smohera was vibrant and beautiful. Its violet stone glowed above the ancient lifeless skies. Ski'pec historians named this moon Hwau'rrathzha (name of a sacrificed figure in some old Ski'pec religions). However, Hwau'rrathzha would not remain in orbit forever. The gravitational drag of Smohera and of the outer moons caused it to slowly spiral closer to Smohera. The tides of Smohera, once stabilized by its several moons, began to favor Hwau'rrathzha. Oceans destabilized and spread chemicals from the deep all across the world. It is possible that this was one of the requirements for life to begin on Smohera.

As Hwau'rrathzha grew closer, looming ever larger in the sky, the mountains themselves began to quake. The ground shifted and churned as tides swept the world, washing it in waves of ethane and sweeping away the spires that once dominated the land.

Eventually, Hwau'rrathzha began to crack and bend, smearing its violet stone across the horizon in a beautiful set of shining rings. This may have happened a couple times throughout Smohera's history, giving it some of its recognizable blue rings.

Emergence of Life

The first evidence of life on Smohera begins to appear around 50 million years after the formation of its rings. This life started near coastal volcanoes and non-living crystal reefs. While life began around these areas, danger was omnipresent. Due to the silicon-based nature of Smohera's life, any electric shock through the water plumes of these volcanoes would create oxygen, which petrified the structure of these ancient creatures and turned them to stone. This danger still exists in life today, as many a reckless Ski'pec have returned home from their travels with a limb now covered in a layer of quartz-like rock.

Over the next 100 million years, life diversified, entering both deeper seas and venturing out onto the land. The mineral-rich deposits across the world made it relatively easy for plant life to grow and spread. These plants were mostly chemosynthetic, producing energy from certain trace elements in both the atmosphere and the ground. This gave many of the more prominent plants an iconic glow where the reactions take place.

Where plant life erupts, animals are soon to follow. Beasts of all sorts began to evolve and spread across the now lush expanses of the planet. Within a few million more years, the biosphere of Smohera had exploded into a new age.

Auramest Transit I

Smohera has actually been through the Auramest twice. The first time, There was nothing more than primitive creatures, animals and plants that barely had much competition. The first thousand years Smohera spent in the Auramest changed everything completely. Animals began to exhibit more aggressive tactics to compete with one another, and some became carnivorous within only a few generations. Pack dynamics began to emerge. Predators became smarter, larger, and faster. Herbivores became more accustomed to hiding. Diurnality waned, and nocturnal and crepuscular species began to hunt under the light of the rings and moons instead of Sperxai's radiance.

Dreamhaze Transit

In addition to the Auramest, our vibrant Smohera has been subject to the Dreamhaze. Memories of its ancient landscape, from even before Hwau'rrathzha's fall, began to emerge. Flora began to take on larger, more latticed forms. Trees resembling crystals and sharp, shardlike grasses dominated many parts of the world. Some animals began to resurface the ancient ways of the first lifeforms, evolving into flying aerial beasts that roamed the skies.

Auramest Transit II

Millions of years later, after the two distortions of the Deagami warped Smohera's biosphere into something nearly unrecognizable, the Auramest found its way around the opalescent world yet again. This time, Smohera passed through the heart of the Auramest. A few species were close to sapience, and with the Auramest's help, they achieved both language and Thaumaturgy within a mere 4,000 years. From here, the Ski'pec find their origins.

Taking of the Glimmering Lands

The newly sapient Ski'pec took Smohera by storm. They spread their civilizations across the world with incredible speed, taking every biome as another challenge to be conquered. Within the first 30 millennia, they had taken to the stars. Using the abundant deposits of Hypertryptine, the Ski'pec were able to traverse the waves of stars that they had come from.


No living world can be reduced to one simple climate. There are always multitudes of diverse biomes, with each one possessing an astounding level of unique terrain and life. Smohera is no exception to such a law. Life has crept into every possible area, from the deepest, darkest oceans to the highest volcanic peaks.




Glimmering Reefs

Abyssal Rifts

Storm Jungles


Smohera has seven moons, captured early in its history. Each one has special historical and mythological significance, as well as being used in economic endeavors early in Ski'pec spacefaring history.