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2148 BCE - Today


The Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems (SSICS) is a major social democratic nation, which is located in the reaches of the Aylothn Galaxy. It is one of the founding nations, and is currently a major member nation of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations. The SSICS is also the fifth largest Commonwealth member nation in terms of influence, with about 17.5 billion star systems under its influence. The SSICS also remains as one of the most populated nations. The SSICS is mostly revered for its high level of industry, including its modern infrastructure and heavy levels of trade which travel through its hyperlane networks. Being a more communal nation than others, the SSICS has remained more mellow with artificial intelligence and its offensive military, instead developing a fierce defense force. Currently, the SSICS borders the ESSY to its southeast, the FIU to its direct east, and the Aylothn Segment of the OBFE to its southeast as well. It is also close to the Nisrine Collective and the Free Systems of Hivol, with its hyperlane networks stretching and merging with them.

Since the SSICS remains as a large nation, three provinces have been created to make sure that its populated areas are more cohesive. Much of the nation is covered in sparse hinterlands, while the populated regions are heavily dense and filled to the brim with military activity, as well as economic activity and trade. In the rural areas, a section of the SSICS military usually patrols off-road lanes and more minor establishments. Industry is also popular where people aren't, with numerous megastructures being build in areas exclusively away from any residential population. Unlike the greater Commonwealth however, the SSICS employs a larger selection of more automated labor, with manual jobs being almost entirely phased out, more so than the rest of the Commonwealth. The SSICS also displays more trust and general usage of artificial intelligences, which can help its management over the nation.

With the SSICS being created on a much more communal government, it is aligned more to the people, with management and greater affairs being one of the nation's many controllable facets. Autonomy to its provinces, in comparison to other Commonwealth nations, is normal. The government holds heavy control over provinces in most cases, but provinces are still allowed to hold unique laws, as well as have a say in national affairs. Over the years, the provinces of the SSICS have formed and split on many occasions, settling down to its system of three major provinces. Much like other nations, these provinces holds designated prefectures and smaller sectors.


The capital of the SSICS is a planetary body known as Gruxugawa, a notably naturalist and lush temperate world. Numerous structures, which try their best in keeping the integrity of planetary ecosystems, extend into the sky rather than being built wide. Much of population resides in planetary megastructures, including its famous set of planetary ringworlds. Each major environment of Gruxugawa is constantly monitored for levels of tourism and condition. In its history, Gruxugawa's pristine state has attracted high levels of tourism, which also aids trade and local economies. Industry on the planet proper is almost non-existent, but industry in orbit blooms with growing yearly rates.

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