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"The Jewel of the Elcano Galaxy, it was where it all began. Here the forefathers of the Imperial citizens in the Galaxy arrived, and soon managed to conquer almost half of the Galaxy. This wealthy world is known for its sophistication and as an economic powerhouse of the Empire. People from this world have a strange behaviour to those outside the Galaxy, and its accent is quite peculiar, similar to that of the Oyatans from whom many are distantly related to. Sobek is also rich on ancient civilization remains, like those of the Vemex and the Jeket" - Senator, Maes Prim

Its a temperate terra world, in the Hakodia System, in the Iskadi Galaxy. It is located in Herschel Space. It belongs to the Empire of Mankind, being the administrative Capital of Imperial territory in the Galaxy. It is also the most populated, older and important world of Imperial territory in the Galaxy.

The Planet was the first colony ever established by Imperial settlers, after several probes were sent to the Galaxy alongside tripulated missions. Sobek was the first, strategically located planet, to be explored. It was then selected as the perfect spot to set a colony. Imperial settlers led by Lois Zykov, established a settlement and supervised the arrival of more colonist. Soon clone slaves also helped building up the colonies.


The Planet has just five Moons, called from smaller to the largest, Similis, Joihon, Zenia, Laukis and Altak (the most important one). The planet has as well 5 continents and 4 oceans.

The Continents are known as Eroi, Tudivan, Opiron, Atenath and Rilen. The oceans are known as the Ruasa Ocean, the Mirizan Ocean and the Lois Ocean.

  • Eroi: A lush continent, is the seat of the planets main city, Vayalla, the oldest colony and the planet's largest settlement, as well as the administrative capital of the Planet and thus the entire Imperial sector of the Galaxy. The Economy is driven by Offices and administration activities, as well as High Tech, Robotics and Manufacturing. Agriculture is a small economical activity, mostly inland. About 20 Billion people live in the continent.
  • Tudivan: Largely rural, its economy is based mostly on Agriculture, Farming and Energy production, as well as Chemicals. The continent is rather cold, with oceanic forests, tundric areas and plains (Now largely covered by fields and farms). Due to its untaimed landscape, it has also devellopped into a Touristic destination. The capital is the city of Ebun. It holds a population of 7 Billion.
  • Opiron: A small cold desert takes most of the interior of the Continent, but most of it is covered in lush jungles and nice coastlines. The continent is the fourth biggest in population. Its capital, the city of Almira, its the most populous. Its based mostly on military activities, and Pharmaceuticals. Also Energy production, Agriculture and Mining are relevant.Its total population is 9 Billion.
  • Atenath: Its the second most populated continent. It holds the city of Lois, named after the leader of the first settlers, their ancestors. It is the second biggest city as well in Sobek. The planet is covered in many oceanic and continental forests, with beautiful mountains. The economy is based on Banking and Finance, as well as Health Care. It has a total population of 17 Billion.
  • Rilen: With 11 Billion, Its the third largest and most populated continent. It has a tropical verdant nature, with rain and dry seasons. Its the main center for Education and Shipbuilding industries. Entertainment, Tourism and Services are also important. It holds some of the best educational centers in the entire galaxy, such as the University of Engineering. The capital is the city of Zeun.


The planet has a total population of 64 Billion inhabitants, being the largest and most populous planet in Imperial territory and the second most populous after Hermes, in the Intergalactic Federation's territory. From here started most of the colonization of the Alba Quadrant.

A considerable portion of the original settlers came from the dying world of Oyata, being recruited by the expedition to settled down a new lush world. However, the vast majority came from the worlds of the nearby Galaxies.


The Jeket Civilization

This world was one of the most important worlds of the Jeket. It was one of their first space colonies and was a center of their civilization, to the point many ancient buildings were built here. It is even theorized that the biological weapon use to destroy themselves and the Vemex was elaborated with some of the ancitent native flora of the planet, (Considering it is vastly different now that back in the Jeket era). Most of its Ruins are located in Tudivan, Eroi and Opiron.

The Vemex Civilization

It was one of the last remnants and strongolds of the Jeket that felt to Vemex power. Very few Vemex settled here, although most of the Jeket were put into slavery as many of the Jeket enslaved alien races on the planet. The Largest Vemex colony was set in Rilen, were a large Vemexian City was erected. Atenath Seems to have also been important for the Vemex and a point of clash among both civilization. The Planet has still some important traces of large battles among both civilizations. Also massive Vemex and Jeket bodies have been found indicating the Biological Weapon hit truly hard for both civilizations, being one of the main planets to see them disappear (Some have even said it was the point cero were it was actually release).