The Socialist Planets of Taitheia (SPT) is a section of space encompassing 266 million star systems of Aylothn Galaxy. Run from the planet of Taitheia, this socialist government was initially created by a group of Scrergeaths which wanted to form an independent social union in their image. The SPT is located in the nebula of Via Aurum, as well as its surroundings.


The origins of the founding of the SPT came about during construction of a large planetary city. Up until that time, humans had been restricted to living on floating cities within the planet's oceans. However they finally managed to convince one of the nations at the time to allow for the construction of a massive technological city on land.

The planetary governments at the time were mostly capitalist and feudal in nature. Having come from a capitalist planet, the humans who came to settle on the planet had begun to create similar civilizations with two distinct classes, Workers and Overseers.

During the construction of Caala, the name of the city, the working conditions were miserable despite having a lot of the work automated thanks to human tech which had been imported by the former colonists. Some of the Taitheia serfs and peasants were given permission to become Workers themselves.

As Caala was constructed, the Workers became more and more disgruntled and eventually they rebelled, staging mass protests across the planet. Overseers and their police forces attempted to quell the dissent but the Workers outnumbered them. In 121095 CE the Workers Rebellion won out and the Overseers were overthrown.

The new leaders of the planet formed an impromptu council and began attempting to form a better government. However the Workers had become disillusioned by the flesh-and-blood leadership they had suffered under and their best scientists began to create a vast supercomputer capable of holding within it an AI which would be programmed to lead fairly and compassionately over the newly formed government.

This decision still made others feel wary, so a caveat was put into place: the AI was made president of the SPT and made Chairman of the Talitheian Worker's Council, a human counterbalance to the fears of an AI takeover.

in 121100 CE the humans living on Taitheia and the Taitheia themselves officially established the predecessor of the SPT. Former Workers became explorers and decided to explore the surrounding space. Initial exploration into nearby star systems went well until they encountered the more warlike races. However, the humans acted as mediators and major wars were avoided. Over the next nine hundred years the SPT expanded across many of the core worlds.

Mostly socialist, there is no traditional head of state, instead there is a large council where matters of state are debated by all member worlds. There is a chairman whose job is to officiate and make sure all meetings are never out of control. The council is held in orbit above Taitheia in a Star Beast Mother.

Worker Rights

The SPT is one of the stronger proponents of the rights of the workers. The central AI which governs the interstellar nation has been split often and is very present, allowing for the distribution of wealth among the population.


The nation is led by a central AI which had been programmed by many hundreds of AI Programmers to be fair and compassionate. Thus far, the AI has functioned as programmed, even developing a motherly personality towards the inhabitants of the nation it protects and helps to govern. Despite this, a flesh-and-blood council works with her in order to ensure that the AI does not overstep its bounds.

Flag meaning

Tree-pointed star: Affiliation with the Commonwealth as an ally but not member nation
Vertical stripes: Advance in technology
Hand: Being open in trade commercial
Circle divided in 2: Union between the Taitheians and the Humans
Stripes surrounding the flag: Huge defense fleet
Red circle inside the gear: Expansion and conquer of several light years across Aylothn's Core regions.

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