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The Socialist Union of Hwaes or shortened to S.U.H is a communitic nation that controls around half of the Ouranir Galaxy. While the S.U.H isnt the biggest nation ever, it has major influence around said galaxy. Despite being relativly tiny to the other major powers in the universe, it has invented wormhole technology much earlier than other races.


As previously mentioned, the S.U.H is a communistic society. Its goal is to strive as close as possible to a classless society as possible without falling apart. A person theoretically dosnt have anything, instead all of there stuff is owned by everyone. But in practice, there is some things that must be private so they are owned by said person.


Despite the records that they keep, the S.U.H isnt the first and only nation of the Hwaes species. Instead it was the Republic of Hwaes shortended to R.H. Noone knows when R.H was formed due of it being audited out of exitence, but the fall is far more knowed that the rise. The rare documents that contain the fall of the R.H telled that said republic collapsed due of corruption of high officials including the president. Anyway after the R.H collapsed many small factions formed being the remains of R.H, including S.U.H. The S.U.H having strategtic control of the old capital and many important worlds, took over pretty much the teretory of the R.H. Most of the history is not knowed under the people to boost morale and other stuff.

Major worlds

PlanetIcon.png Uhsal PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Juhls Dyson Sphere MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Lindois PlanetIcon.png
Juhls System
Juhls System
Haolis System
7.5 trilion
10 trilion
2.5 trilion


Hwaes has a natual distrust other alien races, so they view other races as inferior, even when the opposite is true. Despite distrusting other races, Hwaes know that Thaumaturgy exist and they HATE it. They call it "witchcraft" and its ilegal. Hwaes do have magicians, but they are shunted until they stop doing "witchcraft". There are also milistaristic so there army will be a bit stronger than nations there size.