"A blue gem in the vast, cosmic ocean. This beautiful world is our salvation and our home. A true patriot serves us, the people, not himself." - Former politician.

Solivia is a small, temperate lacustrine planet located in a binary star system in the Tymon Arm of the Ammeria Galaxy. It is the home world of the Solivians, and the capital world of the Collective Solivian Settlements.

Life & Environment

Life inhabits every inch of the planet's land and seas. The seas are hot spots for small but powerful bursts of wind, even producing large and deadly water spouts. While these pose no harm to life deep under water, animals caught within the funnel face a tunnel of dirty particles picked up in shallow areas of water. The water spouts are some of the most impressive weather sights on the planet. 

Ocean forests

Deep under the seas are forests of sea weed-like plants. Despite being rich in nutrition, nitrogen and oxygen, they emit a horrible, black cloud of toxins that attack the lungs of nearby creatures, slowly suffocating them. It does, however, serve as a way to clear out large areas for new forests.


On land, the life is just as complex. Trees are scattered around, but the grass-like flora serves as a host to other lifeforms, such as the Xyn - a parasitic insect that thrives only on the flora itself. Xyn insects have built millions of colonies, home to millions of Xyn themselves. They are by far, the most populated species on the planet. Their intelligence is incredible for a tiny creature.


The Collective Solivian Settlements maintains a global influence on Solivia. It is a regulated capitalist economy, with high taxes on the wealthiest citizens and community programs for the young and poor. They are a decentralised power, meaning colonies have devolved assemblies to represent their areas. 


Solivians balance individual rights with the goals of the community, believing that during times of emergency, such as pandemics, the public safety is prioritised over the individual citizens. They are typically very cautious toward social events. In times of personal crises, workplaces allow up to a week of absence, before being required to return to work. Health care is considered a right to everyone, no matter how much wealth they possess. 

Families are typically patriarchal, where the males assume greater authority over the females. Raising offspring is regarded for older, more experienced citizens. The youth are usually looked on as narcissistic and obsessive. They are, however, always encouraged to remain with the family they were born with and protect the father's legacy.  


The Solivians are strong and athletic beings, always hungry for healthy competition. Organised by an elite group, a team of citizens are selected based on their strength to punish criminals. Those charged with severe crimes are kept in an isolation chamber for a few days, before they are ruthlessly beaten. If they're lucky, they'll come out alive but with broken limbs and ripped skin. In this case, the judges will either put them on parole or sentence them up to a lifetime in prison.



Solivia has five moons; one large and four smaller, asteroid-like moons. Early in Solivian space exploration, the moons were temporarily visited by manned spacecraft, before colonisation began.

The largest moon, Qala, has been hollowed out and transformed into a sub-surface city. The furthest moon serves as a military outpost.


Before colonisation, Qala was a barren and airless world that orbits Solivia once every 24 hours and 27 minutes. It is only about 600 kilometres in diameter; still somewhat small compared to its parent planet. When the Solivians began their first age of expansion into space, they carved out gigantic holes in the surface and built spaceports and mining stations. Over time, the local population voted in a referendum to transform the moon's interior into a bustling metropolis.

In present day, the small moon is home to over 3 billion residents, one of the most crowded places in the CSS. It currently has a homogenous population of biological Solivians, with a small minority of cyborgs.

Brief Timeline

5.3 Billion BCE - Solivia forms, as well as the planetary system.

98,000 CE - The Collective Solivian Settlements is founded. | A wave of new extrasolar colonies appear in nearby systems.

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