The Solivians are a bipedal species from the planet Solivia, inside the Ammeria Galaxy. They are infamous for their brutal court trials, where they beat suspected criminals as punishment.

Physical Body

They appear as most humanoids; like Humans, they have two arms and two legs, each for mobility and interaction. Their skin is a dark grey-brown colour. It is also stiff and incredibly strong. Bone injuries are very rare, as the skin is strong enough to protect itself against violent strikes. At best, a small bruise will appear.

The palms of their hands are covered in a sticky slime that can latch on to anything, like cliffsides. Over the millennia, they have evolved to use this slime to also attract mates.


Solivians are first and foremost proud patriots of Solivia. They are extremely courageous and brave in the face of danger. They are the galaxy's henchmen, willing to commit wrongdoings in the name of the greater good. Minor injuries like bruises or scratches are glorified as the perfect embodiment of adult strength.

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