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"Creating Intelligent life. The Power of making machines alive." - Slogan of the Company

The Solokron Robotics is a company created in the Republic of Sion, that focus on the manufacturing of Robots and Androids, but has diversified in many areas, such as Artificial Intelligence (Internal), Electronic pieces and High-Tech, and Ectogenesis civil industries and other government projects. It's a fierce competitor to TERGA Industries, although both companies have specialized in different areas of the High-Tech sector, sometimes cooperating between themselves.

It was founded in 53 880 CE, on Planet Hala by the back then rebellious citizens of the planet, who followed under the L.A.G.G.A government. Its headquarters are located in Sion.

It operates mainly in the Republic of Sion, but it also exports most of its production to other countries all over the Universe, most notably Human nations in Herschel Space and in other Clusters. Most notably, they export within the other Lewis Nations, being the Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance huge markets for this company. Some lesser working robots make it even to the Union and the Empire of Mankind.


The company was created at first by the rebellious unofficial government of the Germinis Nebulae, the roots of what would be later known as the Republic of Sion, in an attempt to produce a robotic military that could support and keep a war. It was a way for the L.A.G.G.A, who were not many, to actually repel an invading army from the United Alliance, who was more powerful, richer and more populated than the Germinis Nebulae at the time.

This inicial military production, became a secondary production when independence was signed and the vast military and weaponry of robotics was not longer needed. Ever since, the company has evolved greatly. It has focused itself on robot manufacturing and Androids after the company was put on the stock market and privatized.




  • Android Class Luxury: Its an android used as a servant and entertainer. It usually uses its capacities for bringing good conversation, play an instrument, be fun and educated as well as being capable of the hardest social abilities.
  • Android Class Service: Its made for service the public, generally as bartenders, administrator, etc... they operate mostly in big companies and government offices.
  • Android Class Pleasure: They are Androids with very sexual and pleasing attributes, usually made for sexual intercouse. Not very intelligent althought know how to take care of a client and give a decent conversation.
  • Android Class Order: These product is mostly sold to the government. It is the main android used for the police force of the Republic of Sion. This Androids usually are made as chiefs of the lesser robots from the police force.
  • Android Class War: Mostly for military usage. They arent often seen among civilians. In fact, few civilians have ever seen one. It is mostly used by the Republic of Sion's Army as a destruction weapon of war. Solokron Industries has worked closely with the government to manufacture them. They have been conceived to act as deadly weapons, able to crush flesh, bones and metal easily.


  • Service Solokron Robot: Similar to the Android, it works mostly to face the public in public places such as bars and restaurants or administration offices etc..
  • Working Solokron Robot: Designed for working and tedious tasks such as mining, cleaning and others. There are many subclasses within this type of Robot.
  • Police Solokron Robot: It's the main robot used for the police forces to mantain order. This police-robots are used alongside a chief Android, to mass communicate or track anything or anyone. They are all under the control of the massive IA known as The Eye (also a Solokron creation).