Solum is a rogue planet in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a frozen J-Class planet with eight major moons orbiting it.


Solum is quite a unique rogue planet. Because its atmosphere is a dark grey color, and it exists within the infinite darkness of interstellar space, the planet should be barley visible. However, due to its closest major moon, Oblivio, the planet glows with a distinctive hellish orange red color. Solum has spent the majority of its history in this state.

The reason for this is that Solum inflicts immense tidal forces on the moon, increasing the temperature, and volcanic activity on the moon extremely, making the moon emit star-like light. And, since the gas giant is tidally locked to the moon, it exists in a constant state of "day".

Due to its strange relationship with Oblivio, Solum, and its moons, are a very popular tourist destination for extra-galactic travelers, entering the Ambrosia Galaxy. As well as intragalactic ones.

The planet is mainly comprised of the gases hydrogen and helium. These gases are mined and processed from robotic probes sent from the Oblivio colony, Infernium.


Solum formed from the planetary accretion disk of its parent star around 4,127,109,000 BCE. Its two moons, Oblivio, and Etiamteamo soon followed.

Around 3,999,666,333 BCE. Solum's home system would cross into the orbital path of another star system, this caused many of the celestial bodies in both systems to have their orbits radically changed. Solum however, was completely ejected from its home system as a result of this.

Once it was ejected, Oblivio would be hurled in very close proximity to Solum. With this, the moon would be piratically torn apart by the planet's extreme gravity and tidal forces. This caused the moon to become a volcanic hell world of lava and magma. This lava is so powerful that the light produced by it shoots out with almost star-like luminescence.

While it would travel across the Mid Arm, it would capture wandering inter stellar asteroids, and rogue dwarf planets throughout the 2,000,000,000 BCEs. This lead to its moons, Traditae, being captured on 2,780,140,050 BCE. Incognita, being captured on 2,650,400,219 BCE. Inais, being captured on 2,445,385,009 BCE. Absit, being captured on 2,208,533,150 BCE. Te-Desidero, and Ubies being captured on 9,399 BCE.

Solum and its system of moons remained untouched by any Ambrosian civilization, until the Ugnara Kingdom discovered it while radar mapping nearby stars around the capital of the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, the Hope System during the Ugnara Wars in 10465 CE. Once it was discovered the the moon Etiamteamo was habitable, they opted to create a small colony on the moon in order to plan an eventual invasion of the Hope System. However, the Ugnara Wars would end before these plans could come to fruition.

After the Ugnara joined the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, the Solum System would fall under its governance.


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