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The Somnar Hive is a bizarre natural hive-mind within the Myrmidan Galaxy. This hive-mind presently has control of almost every individual in said galaxy, aside from those within the Ardaya System.


Eons ago, a bizarre form of slime mold evolved on the planet Adjar with the capability to take control of the bodies of any living thing it infected. This slime mold took over the entire planet, rendering it uncolonizable.

Later on, the Union of Somnar, located within that region of the galaxy, was facing unrest and potential secession movements in its distant regions. In a last-ditch effort to retain control, the Council elected to retrieve some of the mold from Adjar and attempt to use it to regain control over the outer territories.

This obviously ended very badly, as the Council itself lost all control over their bodies. The Adjar mold used the political power of the Council to mandate that all citizens of the Somnar Hive consume samples of the mold, thus expanding their control. Those who resisted were force-fed the mold, and soon the entire nation was brought under the control of the renamed Somnar Hive.

Various observers hoped that the Hive would stop there, but this hope was in vain. The Somnar Hive rapidly subsumed various states that surrounded the old Union of Somnar with a similar strategy to the one it used to take control of the Union itself, until they controlled the vast majority of the Myrmidan Galaxy.

In the year 99,390 CE, the Somnar Hive had absolute control over every piece of the Myrmidan Galaxy save a grouping of fifteen systems known as the Last Free Systems. These systems were home to huge numbers of individuals who had fled here to escape the terror of the Hive, and they were united into a single nation.

Despite only having fifteen star systems within its borders, the Last Free Systems are known throughout the Florathel subcluster, and were sending incredibly highly powered distress calls towards any location that they knew to have a civilization. The first to respond was the Exurian Union, a powerful nation within the Exurian Cluster orbiting the galaxy. They brought to bear their entire fleet against the Hive's siege, beginning the Ardaya Conflicts.

One of the most bizarre occurrences to be documented in recent history occurred within the Ardaya Conflicts in the year 99,781. A massive fleet was detected leaving the seemingly uninhabited Anomalous Signal Source Region, traveling at breakneck speed towards the battleground. When they materialized between the Somnar Fleet and the haphazard ships of the Last Free Systems, they immediately decimated the Somnar Hive's ships. Before contact could be made with the Phantom Fleet, it vanished, traveling back to the ASSR and seemingly ceasing to exist.

The Ardaya Conflicts have continued to this day, with the LFS slowly losing territory. As of the present day, the Last Free Systems control only three star systems, with two of them currently under heavy fire from Somnar fleets. The Ardaya System is preparing to eject itself from the Myrmidan galaxy and fly through intergalactic space towards the Exurian Cluster, escaping the clutches of the Somnar Hive.


Once a being is assimilated into the hive, they can feel, see, hear, smell, and taste, but they cannot speak, and have absolutely no control over their bodies. They are practically trapped inside their minds. This drives most members of the hive completely insane after a few months in their strange prison, leaving them as empty shells controlled by the Hive. Some beings with unimaginably strong forces of will have managed to throw off this control, but they are rapidly hunted down and killed, or escape to the Ardaya System. Depressingly, there are absolutely no outside symptoms, except for perhaps rather jerky movements.

Extragalactic Effects


Major Worlds

PlanetIcon.png Somnar PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Adjar MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Veaka PlanetIcon.png
~4.3-5.7 trillion
39-45 trillion
Unique Attributes: Original capital of the Union of Somnar Home of the Adjar Mold, the originator of the Hive Most populous planet in the Hive's territory (maybe)