The Somnar Hive is an artificial Hive-Mind entity created by the last rulers of the Union of Somnar to consolidate the then-rebellious distant factions under her rule. The Somnar Hive now controls the vast majority of the Myrmidan Galaxy, except the Ardaya System and surrounds.


The Somnar Hive was originally created by the last rulers of the Union of Somnar to solve the problem of the rebelliousness at the outer edges of the Union. The rulers connected every single one of their subjects to the hive-mind, with themselves at the center. However, those who hoped they would stop there hoped in vain, as they pursued a misguided goal of order in the galaxy they conquered and assimilated trillions of intelligent beings, who would then be trapped inside their minds for the rest of their lives.

Fast-forward to the present day, when the Hive had control over almost the entire galaxy, and was barely being held back by the combined might of every single species in the Flower Galaxy and its other satellites. The Last Free Systems knew that they would not be held back for long, and so enacted Project Alazar, a project to evacuate the last remaining free species in the Myrmidan Galaxy.


Once a being is assimilated into the hive, they can feel, see, hear, smell, and taste, but they cannot speak, and have absolutely no control over their bodies. They are practically trapped inside their minds. This drives most members of the hive completely insane after a few months in their strange prison, leaving them as empty shells controlled by the Hive. Some beings with unimaginably strong forces of will have managed to throw off this control, but they are rapidly hunted down and killed, or escape to the Ardaya System.

From the outside, those beings with eyes that are assimilated appear to have completely shock-white eyes and a strange voice, sounding like three individuals are speaking at once.

Relations with other civilizations

Because of the horrifying happenings within the Hive's territory, it is reviled and hated by every species in the Flower Subcluster, and can even force the four warring nations of the Lareas Galaxy to fight side-by-side against it.

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