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"Stalemate invasions are a loss" - Sonorani proverb

Sonoran is a planet located within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. It is located within the Eyðimörk cluster, in the Najima System. It has two spherical moons, Malakbel and Sakhra. People and objects from Sonoran are refered to as Sonorani.

It is both the homeworld of, and the capital world of The Sonoran Union, and is the world that the Union is named after. It is a desert world, located within the Najima system. Sonoran is at the heart of all various manner of subjects that The Sonoran Union faces, from military to diplomatic matters.

It is a heavily developed world, with several megacities and immense transit networks connecting one side of the planet to another. Surrounding the planet is a series of ships that engage in trade with other worlds to bring cargo back to Sonoran, and act as living space around the world. these ships are collectivly refered to as the Orbital Fleet, and are a remnent of the first settlements of Humanity on sonoran, which have now become a signifigant cultural aspect to the world. Interspaced between these ships are defense stations, citizen city stations, trade hubs, and other such facilities.

Sonoran is also the home of the Kessenski species, a lizard-like species which appeared unphased by the arrival of Humans. The Kessenski claimed to be well aware of alien life for a long time, in spite of being barely past the tribal stage of evolution upon First Contact with Humanity. Eventually, this lead to a permanent union between the two species, and created the Sonoran Union. From this desert world, the Union began to expand into the stars, incorporating more and more species and people into it's growing territory.

The surface of Sonoran - Image taken from the Empire of Mankind's First Contact Ship The Yuzzenka

Environment and Geography

Sonoran is a desert world, with an average temperature of 30°C, though this can vary a lot on the equator, with some records going as high as 44°C. Deserts used to cover much of the planet in layers of thin sand, which are kept warm by the heat of the local star, Najima.

While water on the planet does exist, much of it was relegated to underwater systems, which had to be mined and brought to the surface to provide easy access for the Humans, though these rivers are small and narrow. In some areas, ice has been melted from the north and south pole to create more of these rivers and lakes. Water does exist on the planet outside of these circumstances, though it is in usually rather small quantities.

The South Pole of Sonoran - The region is known as Qurid

The south poles are a more rocky environment, with water being stored in frozen over rocks. The temperatures in this region reach a more temperate 12°C at the edges, while the absolute pole reaches -2°C.

Sonoran also is home to yellow clouds. These yellow clouds are caused by a certain chemical in the water local to Sonoran. This chemical does not affect Humans in any way whatsoever, but it does impact the colour of steam and evaporated water, and by extension, the clouds of the world.

As Sonoran became a more developed world, many of these regions have been built upon and developed to accomodate the many billions of people that would come to call Sonoran their home. Most areas on the planet have been settled and colonized.


The main method of governance on Sonoran is described as Social Democracy.

The primary government on Sonoran is the Sonorani Council - A series of representatives elected by the population of various Regions. These representatives are to represent the wills of their constituants. These Representatives are elected in through the will of those within the Regions.


Regions are the term for sections of space on Sonoran, which possess a degree of political and societal autonomy, akin to states from the aincent 21st century United States of America. These Regions have representatives which are elected by the democratic will of the people,and certain laws can be voted on by the public, primarily relating to social issues. They also serve as a way to assist in administration duties - Each Region can keep track of production, the number of citizens within it's boundries, and other such useful beurocratic issues.

There are 56 Regions on Sonoran. Each one of those Regions possesses unique charictaristics and cultures.

A map of Sonoran, marked with the various Regions of the planet. Each Region has a number, which can be found on the list here. The number corresponds to the Region.

  1. Tabuwadmi
  2. Ismaikhit
  3. Latarwad
  4. Yabrusalun
  5. Saibayya
  6. Al Nanaynat
  7. Juhazig
  8. Parsajarm
  9. Çakincik
  10. Muqdadin
  11. Tel Kebala
  12. Sirgharimah
  13. Herekoyun
  14. Uqaweeiyah
  15. Marasiya
  16. Dammadmi
  17. Talkashli
  18. Yaridiyya
  19. Qanastan
  20. Zihij
  21. Al-Qutaq
  22. Umm Qaqubah
  23. Behbadaj
  24. Nippubala
  25. Khamloj
  26. Nisul

    Clothing from the Dalizah-Qa'idu Region

  27. Gökoyuva
  28. rimah
  29. Chajibar
  30. Shubrarut
  31. Ramarnah
  32. Faqihij
  33. Dalizah-Qa'idu
  34. El Manta
  35. Socosrakh
  36. Ta'irakh
  37. Orharasi
  38. Khor Asubat
  39. Mastootgat
  40. Qatarraq
  41. Ilisar
  42. Ovazüyük
  43. Alpaturak
  44. Jala
  45. Wahyan
  46. Sa'dabs
  47. Beni Sunayem
  48. Hamiqib
  49. Uyutt
  50. Jikalla
  51. Shawdar
  52. Ctesiwah
  53. Hada
  54. Saasanaynat
  55. Latastan
  56. Qurid


Examples of Sonorani clothing for females from the equitorial regions.

Sonorani culture is defined in several ways, and is quite unique compared to many of the cultures that surround it due to it's history of collaberation between Humans and Kessenski. The intermingling of Humans and Kessenski created a new culture before the Union had even come into being, and this affected many of the ways in which the society adapted and evolved over time. Further intergration of other species had also had an impact on the world too, creating a melting pot of various world. Since the Eyðimörk cluster is home to a lot of desert like worlds, many of these cultures have had complimentary cultures and effects on Sonorani culture.


Sonorani clothing originates around practicallity, being designed to help the wearers cope with heat and from sunburn. To this end, they tend to wear loose fitting clothing, such as shayla, tunics, saris, robes, hijabs, shawls and turbans. Depending on the region, these types of clothes can vary quite drastically.

Sonorani Woman from the northern Region of Saibayya

Full body clothing for example, tends to be more common towards either the north or south pole of the world, where the temperature will cool down to more temperate levels. The rest of the world varies more, some opting to wear full-body clothing in order to prevent any risk of heatstroke or sunburn, while others opt for more riske clothing, opting to prioritize feeling cooler.

A Sonorani Male from the South Pole Region of Qurid

The designs of these clothes can also vary on the region one finds themselves in, with different styles and aestetic touches unique to each region. Clothing in Sonorani culture is often seen as an extension of the person wearing it, due to it's near essential nature on the desert world, and as such, a great many people place a lot of emphasis on unique touches to their clothes, adding on pathes or personalized patterns to make them stand out more.

Due to the personal nature of clothing, Sonorani people tend to be incredibly permissive of any and all choices a person makes with their clothing options. There is no social stigma, for example, of a male person wearing clothing that was designed for a female person, and likewise, no stigma against a female person wearing clothing designed for a male person. Personal freedoms are encouraged on Sonoran in regards to their clothing in particular.

Capital city of Sonoran, Quddoos


Pyramids, which on Sonoran are refered to as 'Qadan', had been built on the planet long before Humans made first contact, though these were used more as residential buildings for giant collective family units which are called 'Ruwan' to the Kessenski people. Due to the size of these Ruwan, each Qadan is capable of housing up to 10,000 people comfortable

Equatorial town Zabamayn, one of the first cities on Sonoran which accounted for both Human and Kessenski settlers

With the arrival of Humans to the planet, the architecture of Sonoran had to change slightly. While many Humans have since found themselves as parts of Qadans and Ruwans, many Humans still have a preference for housing seen on other worlds. To this end, several cities have been built in accomodation for the two peoples, with smaller buildings more suited to small family accomodation, and Qadans for the larger Kessenski familial structure. Intermingling has seen the type of dwelling any particular resident decides to live in entirely down to personal choice.

The Orbital Fleet

Sonoran Fleet.jpg

The Orbital Fleet is a collection of starships that have been placed into Sonoran's orbit over the course of several centuries. Upon first arriving at Sonoran, the Humans in the ships for a long time, opted to live aboard their ships rather than on the surface of Sonoran. This lead to a unique culture amoung the ships of Sonoran's fleet to grow over time. This eventually became a huge staple of the Sonorani culture, and became embedded in their flag and iconography.

In the modern era, this residential fleet still exists, but is also backed up by military forces and interspaced with defensive networks designed to protect Sonoran. Several construction yards have been built into various ships of the Orbital Fleet, granting them additional uses and benefits.

Some of these ships have been converted to handle different environments, in case a species that is a member of the Union has buissiness on the Capital world, or wishes to reside near the Capital. Some are also heavily armed, in case of an attack. The Orbital Fleets stand as a multi-pourpose defensive barrier against a great number of enemies would would see Sonoran crushed.

Military and Defensive Forces

A Sonorani soldier

Like all worlds within The Sonoran Union, Sonoran dedicates a certain amount of it's armed forces to the broader Sonoran Union Military Forces. there they serve as Desert Warfare experts and in repelling tactics - Using a small number of forces to hold back against larger threats.

Sonorani soldiers are well renowned for their ability to hold back against larger forces, having had this drilled into them since The Grezaran Incident. This became a particular point of focus for the military and the navy of Sonoran, as well as a point of contention and personal pride for the forces. they are dedicated to making sure that any territory that becomes a part of the Sonoran Union remains in the Sonoran Union until notice is given otherwise.

Snipers are often granted respect on Sonoran, as they are conditioned to withstand intensely uncomfortable conditions, and still be the most precice soldier in a battlefield. Sniper skill is often considered intensely valuable within the Sonorani armed forces.

Other defensive forces around Sonoran include a series of Defense bases and the Orbital Fleet, which has many ships armed, prepared to respond to any invasion forces. The moon of Sakhra is also home to a military outpost which is heavily armed and capable of acting as a forward-operating base in the event of a direct invasion of Sonoran. It also doubles as a training ground for low-gravity fighters.