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The Sonoran Union is a Faction within Verpletter. It's name comes from the world it originates from, a desert world called Sonoran. The Union dates back to the first contact between Human refugees in Verpletter, and the native Kessenski species. It is the major power of Eyðimörk cluster.

In the modern age, The Sonoran Union has since expanded throughout it's neighbouring territories, bringing in new species into the Union. In many of the worlds that are now a part of the Union, the word Sonoran means "Whole" or "As one". On Sonoran itself, the name means "Souls within Sand".


The History of the Sonoran Union is centered around the unification of various species, which then go on to serve under a singular banner and for a common goal. As such, a lot of their history can be correlated with their interactions with other alien species.

First Contact

The Sonoran Union can trace it's origins back to the Seal-off of Verpletter, when the galaxy was cut off from the rest of the Universe. A fleet of ships from the Empire of Mankind, seeking territorial claims within the Dwarf Galaxy, found themselves looking for a world to settle after the Seal. Eventually, however, complications with the ships the fleet was using meant that a large chunk had to enter orbit around the nearest inhabitable planet - and this was a desert world which they would later learn was called Sonoran, while the rest of the fleet found the energy reserves and materials that would be needed to fix their downed ships.

As their comrades left to seek repairs and scout out new worlds, the members of what is now referred to as the Orbit Fleet decided to investigate the planet, and see if there were any valuable resources or anything else that the world could be used for. Scans concluded that not only was the world inhabitable, but it also seemed to be home to a fledgling civilization of sentient beings. Hoping to engage in trade, the navy decided to send a First Contact team to meet with the native population.

Upon arriving at the settlement, the First Contact team were greeted by an alien species that identified themselves as the Kessenski, whom were at very primitive levels of technological advancement akin to the typical bronze-age civilization common in the universe.. In spite of this, they appeared to be well aware of the existence of alien life, and did not seem alarmed by the emergence of Humans on their world. Their civil society was of great interest to the Humans, and was considered deeply impressive. The opening of trade and exchange of information was quickly established, as the Humans began to trade technological innovations for food, resources, and local information. Eventually, a series of transit ships was established, allowing for rapid and frequent movement between the Kessenski on the planet, and the Humans living in the Orbital Fleet. This led to more and more integration between the two.

After several months, the rest of the Empire of Mankind's fleet returned to Sonoran, to find that the Orbital Fleet and the Kessenski had formed an integrated society. By Sonorani historians, this is considered the birth of The Sonoran Union.


Several years after establishing a joined society, the Sonoran Union began the effort to colonize their home system, and eventually, thanks to the constant testing of the Orbital Fleet's ships, and the construction of new ships better suited to Verpletter conditions, other star systems. This lead the Union to other species, such as the Zetruiter, and the Ghoz'ek. similar methods of joining the species occurred as did occur with the Kessenski - A series of talks, trade arrangements, integration, and eventually joining into a beneficial Union. Through this method, the Sonoran Union was able to expand peacefully into the wider galaxy.

A particularly valuable world to join the Union was the world Icernia-Klavok-Karren-Izar, which was home to the technologically advanced Agreb-Nakir-Lazen Civilization. The Agreb-Nakir-Lazen provided a huge series of ships, fleet construction yards, orbital facilities, and automatedf systems to benefit the Union. Icernia-Klavok-Karren-Izar became a hub for the construction of new ships and fleets, allowing for even more rapid colonization and expansion.

This lead to the colonization of the Rouge Planet Grezaran-Jijiqe-Blazen, which eventually caused the Sonoran Union to have their first encounter with another Faction in Verpletter - The Ushana Trade Conglomerate

The Grezaran Incident

The Grezaren Incident refers to an armed conflict between the Sonoran Union and the Ushana Trade Conglomerate. The Ushana Trade Conglomerate claimed to have a claim to the world, although they had left no signs and there was no indication of the Faction having ever stepped onto the planet before. The Agreb-Nakir-Lazen, whom founded the settlement, refused to give up their new colony. In response, the Ushana Trade Conglomerate launched an invasion force.

This invasion force attacked the orbital construction yards that were responsible for the artificial lighting and the processing of materials for the colonies on the world. 104 stations were destroyed in the attack, and it is estimated over 150,000 Agreb-Nakir-Lazen, Humans, Kessenski, and other various species were killed in the attack. Bombing runs were then launched on the surface of the planet, targetting in particular facilities and areas that are designed for production and the mining of resources.

In response, the Sonoran Union called up forces from it's various member worlds to launch a counter attack against the Ushana. A fleet of roughly 2000 ships was sent to Grezaran-Jijiqe-Blazen to retake the planet, and was met with a fleet of the same size for the Ushana Trade Conglomerate. This resulted in an immense firefight between the two fleets, while the Sonoran Union also sent ground forces to evacuate civilians and re-establish planetary defensive networks.

For the next several weeks, the world of Grezaran-Jijiqe-Blazen was a warzone, with multiple fleets attacking, counterattacking, reinforcing and flanking one another. It became apparent that the Ushana Trade Conglomerate however, had more resources, and was more willing to maintain the fight. Eventually, the Sonoran Union was forced to pull its forced away from Grezaran-Jijiqe-Blazen, and leave it to the Ushana Trade Conglomerate. This incident is often considered to be the birth of a military expansion that the Union underwent, seeking to not be caught off guard by an external threat again.

It is of note that during this encounter, the Sornoran Union did not learn that they Ushana Trade Conglomerate had a sizable Human population.

Contact with Humanity

Several decades after The Grezaran Incident, the Union continued to expand it's territory and member worlds, eventually reaching to the other side of the Eyðimörk cluster. Not long after the expansion outside of the cluster, the Union ran into a small Human civilization on the planet Reyats-Sinclaire. This lead to the startling realization that there were other Humans throughout the galaxy that the Union had not been aware of. Over the next few centuries, the Union would find many more worlds that had Human civilizations on them.

What became more interesting was the fact that these Humans seemed to come from all corners of the Universe - Survivors and descendent of The Intergalactic Federation, the Confederacy of Borealis, and the Nexus of Humanity. Many of these worlds opted to become a part of the Sonoran Union, feeling a kinship with other Humans. This allowed the Sonoran Union to expand even faster. Several alien species also became members of the Union outside the Eyðimörk cluster.

(History still being added)

Galactic Politics

On a Galactic scale, the Sonoran Union is a major Faction, possessing a sizable amount of territory, valuable resources, a substantial population, and a military capable of defending it's interests. It is able to project power onto it's opponents, and protect it's interests. Other Factions treat the Sonoran Union with the due caution and respect appropriate to the Union, for when it brings its forced to beat, it can be an incredibly dangerous force to contend with.

The Union is in particular, on good relations with The Commune Federation and the Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate, due to similarities in their ideologies, and their great degree of compatibility and ability to co-operate. they have developed something of a collective Left-Libertarian pact, and have been willing to collaborate with one another on projects, and defensive pacts.


The Sonoran Union is made up of hundreds of separate cultures, as many of the worlds joined the Union willingly, and colonized world have developed their own unique cultures alongside the long-lasting worlds. As such, like many Factions, it is impossible to define the Sonoran Union under any one particular culture.

However, much of what defines the Union is the belief on unity, perhaps far more than any other Faction within Verpletter. Unity is an active force and consideration within the Union, with many politicians, planetary governors, and systems all focusing around unity between peoples of varying cultures, different species, and in promoting a common good. the Union supposes that unity is the strongest tool in a galaxy as rife with conflict, and with as many complications as Verpletter, and that the only way anyone will survive in the galaxy is by uniting with their neighbours to face against threats.

This has lead to a great deal of camaraderie between the various worlds, with travel and trade between them being incredibly common. Many worlds focus their exports to assisting worlds which do not have a resource, and helping them to create strong societies, because in the mind of those within the Union, if their neighbours are strong, they are all stronger.

This has also lead to a broad sense of communal responsibility which is similar to that of The Commune Federation. Many people often claim that their actions are influenced by a desire to see various communities grow stronger and more capable. Many see it as a responsibility, as a member of the Union, to contribute to it and ensure it's long term health and success.

Notable Locations

There are many notable locations within the Sonoran Union, and are notable for a wide variety of reasons.


  • Sonoran (Capital)
  • Tathir
  • Alsahri
  • Visiqa
  • Zuuvvun
  • Lloenov
  • Rimal Dhahabia
  • Reyats-Sinclaire


  • Malakbel
  • Sakhra
  • Mojavetar
  • Icernia-Klavok-Karren-Izar
  • Sharaan
  • Ryn


  • Orbital Fleet