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The Sovereign Provinces of Aylathia is a socialist nation which exists in the reach of the Via Aurum, located in the Holara Hinterlands of Aylothn. It is well known for its impact of the region around Via Aurum, as well as its past and current feats. As of late however, it has been expanding and colonizing, and is now one of the largest and most powerful nations in Holara. The Sovereign Provinces currently holds an extensive array of resources and wealth, which they have recently developed and exploited through Via Aurum. Currently, the capital of the Sovereign Provinces is a megastructure called Taitheia, which is located near the center of Via Aurum. It is the main administrative and governing center of the nation, and is a center for population and industry.

Also known for its tumultuous history, the Sovereign Provinces initially rebelled from a Commonwealth member nation, known as the High Rule of Cenades (HRC). The revolution, caused by a spur of corruption and inequity in the Commonwealth's Eclipse, caused the HRC to lose a large group of their own people. These people migrated far from the HRC and created the Sovereign Provinces in Via Aurum, hoping to avoid conflict. Over time, the Sovereign Provinces has grown into a major power in Holara, and is a significant player on the galactic stage. It has gained prowess in its feats of engineering and its ability to hold a high level of equality for the people. It also holds prominence in its ability of commerce, trade exports, and military.

The population of the Sovereign Provinces is also massive, with 7.5 quintillion people residing in its borders. The highest concentration of people reside near the area of Taitheia. Most notably, there are over 5 quintillion citizens in the central part of the Sovereign Provinces, the area of Via Aurum. This large percentage of the total population of the nation holds an immense amount of industry and economic activity, as well as a majority of military strength. The rest of the people in the Sovereign Provinces live in sparser regions, though they are still populated and remain with notable megastructures, trade lines, and connection to the government.

How the people of the Sovereign Provinces reman connected is through a system of government affiliated identity systems, surveillance, biometric data collection, and public transport systems. In addition to these, there is a major level of social security, welfare, medical care, education, training, and a large network of trade and commercial activities. The transport systems in particular are known to be some of the best in its area, being a collaboration between the Sovereign Provinces and the Thulcandran Federation. It is also a very large contributor to the economy and development of Via Aurum, as goods often make their way through local networks to other nations.

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Initial Rebellion - 41,301 CE

Following years of deep-seeded resentment for the HRC, the original founders of the Sovereign Provinces formed a large group in the nation. The events of the Commonwealth's Eclipse, which scarred the HRC, caused much of the greater Commonwealth to break down. As a result, there was a large push to separate from conflict, and establish a stable nation far away.