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"The Sparkle Feather has to be one of the most gorgeous creatures to call planet Haven home, and that's saying quite a lot. The brilliant vibrant colors and patterns their feathers can take is truly amazing, as I have so far been unable to find two Sparkle Feathers that look identical to one another. Even despite how common they are, I always find myself entranced by their magnificent colors."-William Tancard's Guide to Haven's Glorious Creatures.


The Sparkle Feather are a common species of bird that are members of the Turdus migratorius (robin) native to several planets across the cosmos. They can be found in many of the temperate forests spread all across planet Haven, and have a global population of around twenty-five million individual Sparkle Feather birds. Despite their large population counts, it is often times hard to find large groups of the bird, as they are solitary species, often times existing on their own for their entire lives, with the exception of breeding season.

They are famed for the vibrant colors their feathers are able to display, making the Sparkle Feather bird a large piece of cultural art and iconography across Haven's many cultures. As a result, many specific cities and other settlements have outlawed the hunting of the Sparkle Feather bird, as well as keeping one as a pet, though the latter is not officially recognized as a global law across Haven.


Sparkle Feather birds baseline physical structure resembles most common species of Turdus migratorius, or more commonly known as "robin" birds. They have a bipedal build, with a long and relatively tall body, standing at a height of around twenty-four inches (sixty centimeters.) All across their bodies, many soft, fur-like feathers are located. These feathers can vary in color widely, and can have a dazzling array of vibrant shades, from seep sapphire-blues, to piercing ruby-reds and emerald greens. Sparkle Feather birds' feathers have such a inquire and vibrant pattern, that the species is sometimes unofficially refereed to as the: "Snowflake Bird," as no two Sparkle Feather birds will share an exact pattern, though this isn't true as they can share a pattern, however it is exceedingly rare.

At the front of their face they have a small, black-colored beak that the Sparkle Feather uses to grab and consume prey. These beaks, while not being very strong, are able to grip prey like a vise, almost akin to that of of opposable thumbs. At the sides of their head, they have two, black-colored eyes that have a texture much alike to that of precious gems, such as rubies. These eyes have a rather unique trait among the many species of birds of Haven, as they function like compound eyes of insects, allowing a Sparkle Feather a three hundred and sixty degree radius around them, as well as a vision range of around half a kilometer.

Strangely, their respective hearing organ are located at the top of the Sparkle Feather's head. This external ear spans the diameter of the head, and is obscured by the Sparkle Feather bird's respective feathers, and due to its dimensions for the size of its body, it is able to hear almost anything near it. These ears are prone to failure however as a Sparkle Feather, with their hearing most likely being the first thing to fail as they reach their elder years, leaving many older Sparkle Feather birds completely deaf.

They are incredibly fast, with an individual Sparkle Feather bird being able to fly to speeds up to fifty kilometers an hour, making an individual Sparkle Feather bird appear like a vibrantly colored blur of light by any species that lack the developed eyes to see them cross the sky. Their are able to achieve such speeds due to the amount of muscles located within their wings, as well as the aerodynamic build of each of their feathers, allowing one to catch wind currents very easily. The speed in which they travel requires an extremely large amount of energy however, causing them to have to often land and catch their breath, as well as refill their caloric energy reserves. This, combined with their impressive senses of sight and sound turn the Sparkle Feather bird into an extremely effective hunter among the species of their weight class.

Their diet consists of the countless energy-rich leaves that are spread across the trees they perch upon in their native forests, as well as the many species of worms and insects on the ground. Thanks to their beaks, as well as their incredible speeds, along with their impressive vision, they are one of the most impressive hunters in the Aves kingdom on Haven, being able to swoop down and instantly grab their prey.


Sparkle Feather birds are often times a very calculated creature, never wasting any amount of energy in even the smallest of actions, as they require a full reserve at all times to traverse the sky at full speed. While perched, the individual Sparkle Feather bird will remain as still as a statue, only slightly moving their head in accordance to noises it hears, and once it locates prey, they will instantly dive down towards said prey, and then capture it in their powerful beaks.

They are very solitary, often times living several kilometers away from many other Sparkle Feather bird, as they do so intentionally in order to not compete with any other birds for prey, making it very rare to see two of them in the same area. However, during their respective mating season, Sparkle Feathers will begin to search for a mate, emitting a loud and: "metal scrapping" sound from their beaks to locate one. Afterwards, the male will return to their respective original area, while the female will then create a nest and incubate her clutch of eggs.