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"We used to use a very old system back in the day, but this one is much better and updated" - Chancellor of the (Former) Volkania Republic, Circa 70,000 CE


The Standard Classifications of Starship Components, or S.C.S.C, is a system used to describe and classify the statistics, schematics, strengths weaknesses and information about a vessel's components, such as shields, hull, armaments, Magi and other miscellaneous components.

The system was first used by the Volkania Planetary Republic, an old republic that was in power in the Jewel Cluster of the Eulciar Galaxy.


Shielding is a very essential component in many starships, not only protecting ships from various forms of weaponry, but also to protect from radiation and negating air resistance, making craft faster both in atmosphere and in the vacuum of space. there are two main classifications.

Civilian-Grade Shields: These Shields are commonly seen aboard civilian craft, such as freighters and passenger ships, and are meant to protect against small attacks from pirates and enemy factions for some time, allowing the ship to escape. Sustained fire will cause the shield to fail and lead to the destruction of the vessel. A more powerful version is the police shield, used by police forces.

Military-Grade Shields: These Shields are seen aboard military ships, bases, and stations. These shields are far more powerful than their civilian counterparts, and are meant to take a beating against the numerous threats of the galaxy.

there are multiple types of shields, and are broken down in to these catergories

Vehicle Shields: These Shields are typically not very powerful in terms of taking a beating, as it is meant to take hits from personal blasters, artillery and light laser cannon fire. These shields are commonly seen among the following:

  • Tanks
  • Combat Speeders
  • Support vehicles
  • Automated vehicles

Ground Shields: These shields are typically extremely powerful and are meant to take a beating, but also require a large amount of power. To prevent the draining of unnecessary power, these shields typically have their own generator, and are only turned on when absolutely necessary. These can be seen in these areas:

  • Military bases, such as air and naval ports
  • Cities
  • fixed ground defenses, such as the Class 18 Turbolaser.
  • Large, Surface-to-Space cannons, such as the Class 49 Ion Cannon


Hull, or hull integrity is the backbone of pretty much every starship across the Local Cosmos and can be made using many materials such as Fesmoanium, Abralt and Fadrum.