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To properly sustain a star-spreading empire's territories, many have to explore the possibilities of superluminal technology. Considered one of the oldest artifacts in the realm, the Starfarer Drones were forged by a primeval cosmic civilization eons ago. Despite their great age, the drones stand as the most powerful form of faster-than-light propulsion to this day. These ancient constructs were initially reactivated by Singularia, yet it took them decades to successfully reprogram one. Following the discovery of hundreds of drones, the state began to look towards their international trade in a warmer light.

Instead of being rooted deeply in the laws of nature, the Starfarer Drones manipulate them in ways not yet replicated in the modern day. Catalyzing a bubble of higher existence, the drones craft a separate section of reality, in which natural laws are replaced by concepts. The aforementioned effect is able to be localized to spacecraft through digital cords, acting as cosmic tow cables. As the flow of time and gravitational forces are tampered with, a spaceship can burn to superluminal velocities with ease.

To this day, the Starfarer Drones have remained under strict militaristic regulation. Nearly all politicians disapprove of private ownership of this technological marvel. Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped a select number of civilians from getting their hands on this technology, sliding under the sight of the government. The Starfarer Drones have made an appearance in black markets across more wealthy regions of space, though none have yet to purchase one.


Power & Supercharging

Wave Emissions

The drones, upon activation, begin to emit a wave which reverberates through the fabric of reality, decaying gradually over time. Every single drone, for technical reasons unknown, produces a slightly divergent ripple. As an outcome, these waves can be picked up and analyzed with specialized scanner technology, eradicating the craft's anonymity. Nonetheless, the wave's intensity can be significantly reduced at the cost of unplugging a ship's shielding systems, the elemental energetic source for their emergence.

Common Limitations


Creation & Development

Discovery by Modern Nations